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Wet Paint Brush

Storing your paint brushes wet can be an environmentally friendly solution. Rather than having to constantly wash off paint brushes or let harmful chemicals fall into your drain, you can store your paint brush wet and reuse it whenever you need to make a new application of the same paint. 803 Best Wet Paint Free Brush Downloads from the Brusheezy community. Wet Paint Free Brushes licensed under creative commons, open source, and more!

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Over the past few years it has become increasingly harder to find inexpensive hog bristle brushes.

Plastic fiber or nylon brushes now fill the shelves in stores.
The large round hog bristle brush is becoming rare therefore I now use small house painting brushes.
There are some good inexpensive brushes available in stores and soft nylon brushes can be useful.
Artist Brushes for Wet-on-wet Landscape Painting.
Painting students have asked which artist brushes for painting in oils and which brushes for painting in acrylics.
I tell them, brushes for loose, wet-on-wet techniques of painting landscapes in oil or acrylic are the same brush.
Which brushes to buy for oil or acrylic painting?, and where to buy the brushes?
Use the same brushes for oil or acrylic.
I realize my lessons are enjoyed all round the world and some painters cannot afford expensive artist brushes.
My thoughts on brushes come from my experience as a professional landscape painter.

Be aware that some nylon bristles or plastic brush handles will dissolve when cleaned in turpentine.
Different people have different habits with their artists brushes.
I am so messy and lazy when it comes to cleaning brushes that for me to buy expensive brushes would soon find me financially embarrassed.
So if you are an organized person you may wish to invest in expensive brushes, but it is not a priority.
Inexpensive brushes can be just as useful as expensive brushes.
It is the skill of applying paint that matters not the price of the brush.
An itemized list of brushes with images is shown here Full list of Brushes
Artist brushes
The artist brushes we need may be sold in newsagents, general stores, hardware stores, bargain discount stores and department stores.
You do need an art supplies store for the full selection of proper artist’s brushes.
I often go to a hardware store and spend about $4 or $6 on a 2 inch wide house painting brush (Much less when I am in Thailand).
I want to paint a landscape when I invest in a shiny new brush.

The brushes can be broken up into groups,
Hog bristle, nylon or soft hair.
Then the size and shape:- round, flat, large, small and then there is the fan brush.
For me to quote the sizes printed on the brushes is not of use here as different countries and different brands of brush have different size standards.
See in the image my selection of brushes for painting in oil or acrylic.
I imagine you are painting a picture of about 14 x 11 inches or more (350 x 175 mm).
If you are painting smaller paintings you might need to choose smaller brushes.
Much more specific information with images is shown here Full list of Brushes
This is interesting, Check out Google Images Brushes

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The Original Paint Brush Cover™ storage and protection device

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The Original Paint Brush Cover™ storage and protection device, which was featured on ABC’s hit show “Shark Tank”, was designed to fit most everyday paint brushes from 3” and below. It is best suited for 2 1/1” brushes and works very well with most smaller size brushes. It is made from an airtight, durable plastic, which allows you to store paint covered brushes for hours, days, even weeks, without need for washup or for fear of your brush being ruined. Whether you need a lunch break, have to grab the kids from school, or just can’t finish the job in one day. The Original Paint Brush Cover™ storage and protection device solves that problem in a snap! It’s sleek design allows for super easy storage, and keeps your bristles perfectly straight as if they were brand new. The covers are very easy to stack on top of one another, throw in a tool box, on a shelf, hang from a peg board, or just throw in your van. They wash with ease no matter how long paint is in it and they are great for the environment, not only saving water (No need to constantly wash brushes) but also saving harmful waste from being washed down the drain. This cover was meant to make the life of the every day painter, as well as the weekend warrior, much easier and more convenient. It will save you time, money and frustration!

The Paint Brush Cover™ “Pro Edition” storage and protection device
The Paint Brush Cover™ “Pro Edition” storage and protection device is the almost the same exact product as The Original Paint Brush Cover™ storage and protection device with one exception, it was made slightly bigger to accommodate EVERY size standard American brush from 3” and below. This is perfect for the professional painter or for anyone who prefers using larger size brushes. We recommend using the Original Paint Brush Cover™ storage and protection device for anything below 2” due to less air space in that cover even though the “Pro Edition” will still get the job done.
Keeps wet brushes wet for up to 30 days - Independent lab tested!

Wet Paint Art Store

  1. Unique design snaps tight to keep brush wet

  2. Foam neck seal locks brush in place to keep bristles smooth and straight

  3. Chemical resistant polypropylene - Great for most paints (see instructions for proper use with oil based paints and poly)

  4. Durable, stackable and portable