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Werewolf The Apocalypse Earthblood Steam

Werewolf the apocalypse earthblood download

Unleash your rage

Gaia - Mother Earth - is dying. Ravaged by mankind’s endless hunger, she is losing the struggle against the Wyrm, a cosmic force of decay and destruction. Made manifest in the corporation Endron, the servants of the Wyrm stand poised to feast on the corpse of nature herself.
The Wyrm, a corrupting entity, is winning the war against Gaia, Mother Earth. Pentex, a multinational corporation that serves the Wyrm, is controlling the world through its subsidiaries.

A former protector of Gaia, born under a full moon, and proud werewolf Warrior of the Fianna Tribe. However, after losing control of his devastating rage, Cahal chose a life of exile. Years later, while searching for his missing daughter. Cahal discovers that his old pack is in danger, and he must come to its aid.

Each form has its advantages: the wolf can sneak around undetected, Cahal as a human can interact with other people, and the half-wolf Crinos can unleash its inhuman Rage to tear enemies apart.

Your worst enemy is yourself: if you don't contain your Rage, it can destroy you once again by letting the Wyrm enthrall consume your soul.

Will Werewolf The Apocalypse Earthblood Be On Steam

Jun 11, 2020 That means no Werewolf: The Apocalypse — Earthblood Steam release date just yet. Werewolf: The Apocalypse is confirmed for PC already, though it’ll be hitting the Epic Games Store (EGS) as an. Browse 1 mods for Werewolf: The Apocalypse - Earthblood at Nexus Mods.