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Wario 64 Twitter

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Wario64, one of the famous PS5 restock and Xbox Series X restock updater on Twitter was still posting updates on good deals that followers can buy despite the Super Bowl going on. While updating Buy 2 Get 1 free deals from Amazon to his Twitter page, he was met with a comment telling him to watch the Super Bowl.

Wario 64 twittter

Wario64: PS5 restock 2021 notification

Twitter user @antfye Tweeted to Wario64 telling the account to relax and that Wario64 does not have to post anything and just watch the Super Bowl. Wario64 then replied with 'and you don't have to follow me.' Another comment then reacted to Ant telling Wario64 to relax saying that most probably, that person was new to the whole Wario64 experience.


Wario64 has repeatedly been mentioned on Reddit forums and other articles aiming to help those seeking out the PS5 restock or Xbox Series X restock update notifications without having to subscribe for premium services. Wario does not only give PS5 restock or Xbox Series X restock updates but also game and other good deals updates on the Twitter account.

Relax man you don’t have to post anything just watch the Super Bowl

— Ant (@antfye) February 8, 2021

and you don't have to follow me

Twitter— Wario64 (@Wario64) February 8, 2021

PS5 restock update for free

One effective method of getting free notifications if there is a PS5 restock going on anywhere online would be to follow Wario64 on Twitter and allow notifications. This way, whenever Wario64 tweets, there will be a notification on the users' phone which would then allow the user to act fast and place an order before the stock runs out.

Although the PS5 has previously launched back in November of 2020, buying them online has become extremely difficult since the PS5 online stock always runs out. Most options available right now for gamers to purchase the PS5 is through buying the console from third-party resellers who could sell the console at twice or sometimes even thrice the price.

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Xbox Series X restock update and PS5 restock update

This has been a problem that even Sony themselves have acknowledged and this 2021, there might be a change in PS5 restock availability online but that still remains to be seen. With the huge demand for the next-gen consoles, interested buyers can only move as fast as they can whenever they receive notifications from Wario64 or other online tools that can help notify when a specific product is available on a specific website.

Wario 64 Twitter Ps5

The last Xbox Series X restock notification that Wario64 posted on Twitter was dated February 6 noting there was available stock at Sam's club along with a link going directly to the website's page where interested buyers could have easily checked out. The last PS5 restock update that Wario64 posted on Twitter was on February 5 giving followers an hour ahead for them to get ready to buy the next-generation console.

Wario 64 trwitter

Wario On Twitter

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