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You’d probably be horrified if you knew how much effort goes into getting your edition of Walden Pond to print nicely every month. The experience of reading is the thing we’re really focused on. If you’ve got a PDF edition how can you make your experience of reading it great?


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Twitter Drags Thoreau, Whose Mom Brought Him Sandwiches to Walden Pond Noted author, transcendentalist, and now exposed literary sadboi Henry David Thoreau was recently called out for his less-than-honest portrayal of his time at Walden Pond. In a Twitter thread, writer Zoe Whittall observes. The Deepest Natural Pond In Massachusetts, Walden Pond, Is A Wonder Worth Seeing While there are endless nature spots in Massachusetts worth noting, Walden Pond in Concord might just top the list. This pond is the deepest natural pond in our state, and because of that, it offers cool water to take a dip in when it’s warm out.

If you’re reading it on a tablet, you’re probably all good. Single page view will make it look good, and the text should be plenty readable as the physical edition is about the same size as a normal-size iPad.

One of the benefits of a paper copy is that it doesn’t have notifications. You can get some way to emulating this by putting your tablet into flight mode while you’re reading.

When I’m reading on a giant screen, I use Acrobat like this

Which takes a little bit of tweaking. Adobe says:

If a document has more than two pages, you can ensure that the first page appears alone on the right side of the document pane. Select either Two Page View or Two Page Scrolling. Also select View > Page Display > Show Cover Page In Two Page View.

While I’m in that menu, I turn off Show gaps between pages for that authentic double-spread feel.


Walden ponds medical

If you’ve got a printer that can print double-sided, then you’re in the same situation I was in when I started WP. You can use Acrobat’s booklet printing to make a nice start.

This is how I set up my print settings. There’s one thing that might trip you up: if you have a 2 or 4 hour edition, it might come out too thick to fold. If you’ve got more than about 70 pages, then split the print into two jobs. You’ll need to split at a page number that’s a multiple of 4.

You can then fold the booklets and staple them on the spine. This is what printers euphemistically call “saddle stitch”. (I’d be pretty sad if I bought a saddle that had been stapled!) From bitter experience of stabbing myself in the finger, staple from the outside of the book into the middle, or you’ll have spikey staple legs poking you while you read.

If you are lucky enough to have some kind of baller document station printer, don’t use the acrobat booklet settings, but the settings on your printer. These will usually need several PhDs to understand, but once you do get it you can print everything this way and look cool with your automatically folded and stapled documents.

Walden pond state twitter

You could also print it at a print shop and get them to handle it I guess!

You can really get crafty and bind it all in vintage fabrics, or fallen leaves, or, well, you could do anything. If you do make a DIY edition, take a picture, tweet it and mention @waldenpondzine, I’d like to see what you make.

Noted author, transcendentalist, and now exposed literary sadboi Henry David Thoreau was recently called out for his less-than-honest portrayal of his time at Walden Pond.

In a Twitter thread, writer Zoe Whittall observes:

Walden pond twitter today

A thing I wish I knew about Thoreau as a teenager was that his mother brought him sandwiches and Walden Pond was on her property. I think I might have made some different life choices had I understood that.

— Zoe Whittall (@zoewhittall) August 28, 2019

This set off a wave of replies, with many quick to point out Thoreau’s whole hypocritical deal.



Walden Pond Twitter Today

Even Jesus, the son of God himself, wasn't immune from the call-outs!


Of course, this isn't necessarily breaking news. In a 2015 New Yorker profile, Kathryn Shultz writes:

'In reality, Walden Pond in 1845 was scarcely more off the grid, relative to contemporaneous society, than Prospect Park is today. The commuter train to Boston ran along its southwest side; in summer the place swarmed with picnickers and swimmers, while in winter it was frequented by ice cutters and skaters. Thoreau could stroll from his cabin to his family home, in Concord, in twenty minutes, about as long as it takes to walk the fifteen blocks from Carnegie Hall to Grand Central Terminal. He made that walk several times a week, lured by his mother’s cookies or the chance to dine with friends.'


The thread also highlights how many MANY other “genius” men in history lived successful lives built off the invisible labor of the women in their lives. In a memoir about her grandfather Pablo Picasso, Marina Picasso writes about her grandfather's many muses and mistresses: “He submitted them to his animal sexuality, tamed them, bewitched them, ingested them, and crushed them onto his canvas. After he had spent many nights extracting their essence, once they were bled dry, he would dispose of them.”

Albert Einstein’s requirements for his wife, Mileva, were cruel, telling her in a written list of demands that: 'You will renounce all personal relations with me insofar as they are not completely necessary for social reasons' and 'you will not expect any intimacy from me, nor will you reproach me in any way' as well as making sure that his laundry and three hot meals a day from her were always taken care of.

Anyways, this is just a PSA about any Thoreaus in your life. That artsy creative type who leaves you on read while simultaneously trying to Manic Pixie Dream Girl you? He's not all that.

Header image: Benjamin D Maxham/Wikimedia Commons

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