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Vox San Francisco

Vox: San Francisco’s lonely war against Covid-19

Vox San Francisco

Salesforce Tower in San Francisco will reopen next month to in-person employees, as the city’s largest employer phases in a return to work at its offices in the US and around the world. San Francisco: The city’s official point-in-time homeless count for 2019 is homeless count 8,011, despite various conflicts suggesting that it should be higher. The previous year, the city had. A hotel at the heart of San Francisco’s housing warsBecome a Video Lab member! An explosion of tech companies and startups in rec.

Vox: San Francisco’s lonely war against Covid-19. “On June 25, San Francisco Mayor London Breed was excited the city’s zoo would finally reopen after closing down for months in response to Covid-19. She visited the facilities, posting photos on social media with a mask on and giraffes in the background. ‘I know people are eager to get back to some sense of normalcy, especially families and children,’ she tweeted. And it looked like her city was taking a step toward it. The day after the visit, Breed had to announce the sad news: San Francisco’s reopening plan — for the zoo and various other facilities, including hair salons and indoor museums — would have to be put on hold.”

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