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Vox Media is an online liberal media company owned by NBCUniversal, comprised of Communist, socialist and SJW activist 'journalists' who use the media to further their own liberal agenda while passing off their creative fiction as 'news'.

The newly expanded Vox Media will be positioned in a category of its own — home to the industry’s most relevant media brands, influential journalists and creators, innovative technology, and strategic advertising solutions as well as the fastest-growing studios business By Vox Media September 24, 2019.

Vox is a general interest news site for the 21st century. Its mission is simple: Explain the news. Politics, public policy, world affairs, pop culture, science, business, food, sports,. Vox Media and New York Media merge to create the leading independent modern media company The newly expanded Vox Media will be positioned in a category of its own — home to the industry’s most relevant media brands, influential journalists and creators, innovative technology, and strategic advertising solutions as well as the fastest. Vox Media reported a profit last year and had been aiming for another year of profitability in 2020. But Vox anticipates it will miss its full-year target by 25%, according to CNBC.

One of Vox's most notorious 'journalists' was whiny beta male and open homosexual Carlos Maza, who had notoriously called for conservatives and supporters of Donald Trump to be 'milkshaked'[1] and also used his position to instigate the YouTube 'Adpocalypse' as part of a petty vendetta against conservative commentator Steven Crowder after Crowder commented about Maza's own self-claimed Twitter status as a 'gay wonk' on his Louder with Crowder YouTube show in 2019 (which Maza claimed was 'homophobic' and 'racist'), but when Vox began to see Maza as a liability after he was not satisfied with Crowder simply getting demonetized by YouTube in an attempt to illegally silence him (in violation of the First Amendment) for speaking the truth about Maza[2] and began demanding that YouTube censor all opposing opinions which he did not like and also engaged in childish attacks on his critics on Twitter while refusing to take responsibility for ruining the livelihoods of many independent online content creators[3] (which led to a massive online backlash against both YouTube and Maza in response[2]), the company fired Maza in August 2019 while Crowder's YouTube channel was eventually remonetized one year later.[4]

Vox Media has promoted the party switch myth narrative and falsely implied that the early Republican Party began to stray away from fighting for civil rights several decades after its foundation.[5]


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Vox journalism
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“ A moving…documentary”
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Harry vox bio

When a 12-year-old Palestinian boy was killed in the West Bank city of Jenin by Israeli soldiers who mistook his toy gun for the real thing, it could have been just one more blip on the news: one more war, one more child, one more human tragedy that ripped the heart out of a family and a community, but rippled no further into the world’s consciousness.

But something extraordinary happened that turned Ahmed Khatib’s tragic 2005 death into a gift of hope for six Israelis whose lives were on the line: while overwhelmed with grief, Ahmed’s parents consented to donating their son’s organs. Suddenly, amid the violence and entrenched hatred surrounding an intractable conflict, a simple act of humanity rose above the clamor and captured worldwide attention.

Heart of Jenin tells the story of Ahmed’s tragic death and his father Ismael Khatib’s journey to visit three of the organ recipients two years later. One of Ahmed’s kidneys went to an Orthodox Jewish girl and his other kidney went to a Bedouin boy. While his parents hesitated to donate Ahmed’s heart, it now beats in the chest of a Druze girl.

Vox Journalism

“I see my son in these children,” Khatib says.

Vox News Journalists

Vox journalism

Vox Journalist Liz Plank

Crossing from northern Israel to the Negev desert and ending up in Jerusalem, Khatib encounters every complexity of the conflict: deep-seated animosity, hardened judgments, and heartfelt generosity. While laying bare the deep divisions between Israelis and Palestinians, Heart of Jenin offers a rare vision of common humanity and hope.