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Virtualbox On M1 Mac

  1. VirtualBox is an x86 virtualization hypervisor. It only runs on an x86 platform. See While Rosetta 2 will run many x86 apps very well on an M1 Mac, virtualization products are not supported per this Apple document.
  2. It doesn't yet support M1 Macs - unlike Parallels and VMware, Oracle has made no commitment as yet to getting the software running on an M1 Mac. VirtualBox still throws a lot of jargon at you.

Currently you CANNOT virtualize Windows on a new M1-based Mac. If you need that feature you will have to purchase an Intel-based Mac. If you need that feature you will have to.

VirtualboxVirtualbox On M1 Mac
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How set up Oracle's VirtualBox on a Mac, then use it to set up a virtual machine running Windows 10.
Some notes: I had to delete the old one and re-upload this new one because I noticed some editing errors in the old one. I also am not certain why the screen gets small during the Win10 setup part.
Additionally, Win 10 is no longer free, but it's not terribly expensive either, and I have updated the link so it now directs to the Microsoft page where you can buy it.
Download Oracle's VirtualBox and extensions:
Buy Windows 10 -
Видео Installing VirtualBox and Windows 10 on a Mac канала - Technology, Society, Culture

Virtualbox On Mac M1 Chip


Virtualbox On M1 Mac