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Virtualbox For Apple Silicon

  1. Vagrant works great on Macs with M1, the issue is finding a compatible 'provider' (VirtualBox, VMWare etc). For my personal projects I've been able to switch from using VirtualBox to Docker as a Vagrant provider, and it works well enough for what I need it to do.
  2. In 2020 Apple announced that it would be moving away from Intel to its own Apple Silicon processors and this transition began with the arrival of the M1 Chip in November 2020.

Welcome to XPforever, a community support wiki for Windows XP.

16 articles. Started in June 2020.

VirtualBox – QEMU – GNOME Boxes – PCem and 86box – HyperV – VMWare – Parallels – Bochs – Virtual PC – Apple Silicon Macs – Extended Kernel. Software challenges. Apache OpenOffice – The Document Foundation LibreOffice – Text Editors – pdf.

Virtualbox apple silicon support

Microsoft doesn't support Windows XP anymore, but we (the users) do. XP forever is a guide that aims to keep Windows XP going for decades to come. By encouraging writing new software and drivers for it. As XP is out of support be sure to read about precautions for using Windows XP.

Our other wikis : Apple silicon Macs – Windows 7 forever – Encycloplex
The source code for Windows XP has been leaked. Expect exploits for unpatched security holes to be developed. Be sure to follow the precautions more diligently.
Important Notice: Microsoft has discontinued all update servers for Windows XP (along with Windows 2000 and Vista) as of 3rd August 2020. Either use the Microsoft Update Catalogue while it still exists, or use an unofficial collection such as the UO-SP4 pack. A customisable 'update rollup' pack would be nice in the future.


  • No links to pirated versions of Windows, product keys or illegal leaked source code. If you want a free alternative, check out ReactOS
  • Visitors are welcome to edit this wiki to add more information about Windows XP. It is intended to be a community knowledge base providing self support to the userbase of Windows XP.
  • This wiki is primarily Windows XP/Server 2003 and its derivatives (not including Longhorn).
  • Windows 7 and Vista have their own wiki.
  • Windows 98 and Windows 2000 have pages here too.
  • Anyone with a Miraheze account (or unregistered) can contribute here, the userbox template is available for user pages.


Driver challenges – SATA – SSD – USB – UEFI – NVME – SSE2 – x64 – GPU – Internet Access.

Virtual machines and emulators[edit]

VirtualBox – QEMU – GNOME Boxes – PCem and 86box – HyperV – VMWare – Parallels – Bochs – Virtual PC – Apple Silicon Macs – Extended Kernel



Apache OpenOffice – The Document Foundation LibreOffice – Text Editors – pdf


Gaming Challenges – Steam – Origin – Epic Games Store – Games included with Windows XP -- Age of Empires


Communication challenges – Discord – Zoom – Slack – IRC – Email – Skype – YouTube


Graphics challenges – PicPick – ShareX


Backup – Defragmenting – Partitioning – NirSoft – List of current antivirus programs


Supports XP[edit]


Mypal – 360 Extreme Explorer – MiniChrome – New Moon – Arctic Fox – TS Browser – K-meleon – Otter Browser – Centaury – Serpent – 2345 Explorer – More

No longer supports XP[edit]

Internet Explorer – Firefox – Safari – Chrome – Opera – Vivaldi – More

Browser help[edit]


Updates and security[edit]

Virtualbox For Apple Silicon

POSReady (EOL) – SP4 – Backups – Windows Update (shut down) – List of current antivirus programs

Apple M1 Virtualbox


Virtualbox Apple Silicon Support

XP culture[edit]

Why we use XP – 20th Anniversary – Bliss – Yes you can – Like Humans Do – Setup Music – Rover (dog) – Luna – Usage of Windows XP – Windows XP related websites

Vmware Fusion Apple Silicon


  • August 3, 2020. Microsoft discontinued the update servers for Windows XP, Vista and 2000. Meaning it is no longer safe to use online.
  • October 25, 2021. 20th Anniversary. Possible retro revival and interest at this time. (Like Windows 98 20th Anniversary).
  • January 10, 2023. Windows 8.1 end of life. End of paid extended support updates for Windows 7.
  • 19 January 2038 End of 32-bit Unix/Linux time.
  • 31st December 2099. End of BIOS time. Will XP still run in any form by then?

Virtualbox Arm Mac

(Copied directly from the XPforever old page)

Virtualbox For M1 Mac

XP Forever is 100% Possible[edit]

Virtualbox For M1

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