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Traktor S2 Rekordbox

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  4. Traktor Kontrol S2 Rekordbox
  1. The full Traktor version is priced at 99 bucks as of 2020, while Rekordbox is priced at 129 dollars instead, and so if you are on a tight budget it might be wise to choose Traktor, especially considering the fact that it's a full version with no upsell or any hidden charges.
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Traktor S2 Rekordbox Mapping

1,053,129 likes 596 talking about this. Welcome to the official Traktor page on Facebook! Traktor Kontrol S2. Digital DJ Tips. Traktor S4MK3 Screen Mods by Joe Easton. Techno Live Sets. TRAKTOR KONTROL S2 MK2. The TRAKTOR KONTROL S2 MK2 is the latest version Native Instruments' flagship line of DJ controllers. With exciting new updates including upgraded faders and jog wheels, new support for iOS device control, and a totally redefined user interface, the S2 MK2 is a step-up for the professional controllerist.

  • Hi Guys,

    I play both bars and clubs, and in general I’ve used CDJ1000s for the club or if playing house in a bar, and I use Traktor with a Kontrol S2 the rest of the time (and for making mix tapes at home). Have started using CDJ2000s more often now and would like to use just USB sticks with them. So I’m wondering if installing Rekordbox will affect how all my music files are handled with Traktor. e.g will it mess up the track grids/tags and other data?

    Maybe I would have to copy some tracks to the USB (I wouldn’t need ALL my music on Rekordbox) and just manage that with Rekordbox?

    Cheers in advance!


    You have just hit the proverbial nail on the head. I have stated a few times that I consider this to become the biggest problem with digital DJ-in the upcoming decade, unless something is done to correct it (and you never know what is happening behind the scenes already, right?).

    I believe that all your information (at least the common stuff that has no bearing on program specific features) should travel with the track, not stay behind in a (proprietary) database. So if you set cue points, loops, beat markers and such for a track on whatever platform you use (Traktor, Serato, VDJ, RekordBox, Engine, any of the iPad apps) it should be stored with the track and be available when you load the track in any of the other programs.

    Doesn’t work that way (yet?!).

    How it does work though:

    • You do your thing in Traktor
    • I actually think you can then load your tracks into RekordBox as well (since they both don’t move tracks someplace different (like iTunes always wants to do) and run RekordBox. So no need to copy actual music files to another place for use in RekordBox.
    • You can set playlists in RekordBox and just export whatever tracks/playlists and even CDJ setting to USB sticks.

    You will however NOT be able to use the cues, loops and such you set in Traktor in RekordBox or the other way around.
    So, keeping things in sync could be a bit tricky and at least a lot of manual labor.
    Major point for you again: I think you can let both Traktor and RekordBox use the same folder for their music files. They will just both make databases of the added info elsewhere. If I am wrong about that I hope another reader can correct me here.
    It may be wise to set the analysis features of RekordBox so that stuff that you already did in Traktor (BPM and Key info for example) are not re-analyzed in RekordBox. You’d want RB to use just the info that is already in the tags right.

    If you are useing a Mac there is a program called Rekord Buddy that lets you sync your Traktor and Rekordbox liberary. So as I asume you have all your songs already beatgrided set hotcues in Traktor with Rekord Buddy you can sync them to Rekordbox and get all the cue points and info synched in one go. I’ve used it for some time now and it’s realy a good program for this.

    sorry to deter an old thread, Im a traktor user (S4mk2), and starting to want to set loop points and hot cues, and also using rekordbox for CDJ gigs. I first put all my tracks in itunes and organize it in playlists there. Im trying to get the best workflow from there on (only to have the same playlists on my ipod for backup when computer crashes).
    I have been very unhappy in the amount of work that i need to get my tracks from my itunes library (on an external HD) into my traktor collection on a USB stick. i might be doing it wrong though.
    the process from itunes to rekordbox seems way easier.
    my question before i start the hard work on all my tracks: is it better/ faster to do traktor to rekordbox or rekordbox to traktor for setting up cues/ loops (via rekord buddy- gosh 4 bloody softwares to go thru…)
    im sure im not the only one in this situation. what worked best for youz?

    Seriously, this is my main reason for not wanting more than one kind of software. It is easy enough to use iTunes in both platforms, but as soon as cue points and loops and such are involved, it becomes a whole new ball game with only an external tool like RekordBuddy helping out.

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This is mapping from forum member Eguerr731 huge thanks for creating and sharing this mapping to everyone!

To read more and share your feedback please see the original Forum Thread in RekordboxDJ sub-forum:


If you don't already know, with the Z2 you have to mix internally in rekordbox software because of how the Z2 soundcard only outputs to the 'monitor' and 'master' channels. Not a bad thing as you get post fader effects this way but it has a couple of quirks in the mapping. I have included in the Controller Editor Template you may have to load to Z2 first.

So, in this mapping all the mixer controls obviously do what you'd expect them to.

-one quirk is the mixer headphone cue buttons, volume, and mix/cue knobs are not midi. the volume and mix/cue knobs work still as the control the sound between the monitor/master channels within the mixer, but when you start up rekordbox you have to manually set within the software, mix knob all the way to the left (cue) and headphone level knob up to get good volume out to the monitor channel. it seems to reset everytime rekordbox is restarted. (I have mapped shift+low eq knobs to control this just to more easly adjust at start up but then you can forget about it).

-Headphone cue buttons are mapped to the S and Q buttons above the 'Browse encoder. 'S' button for channel 1, and 'Q' button for channel 2.

-Browse/load work as expected with shift+load being Instant Doubles.

-Int/Rel buttons do what they're labeled

-I have only 4 hotcues mapped per channel to the pads, with shift and hotcue being delete. You could Map the other hotcues to shift function instead.

Traktor Kontrol S2 Software Download

-Shift+effect on button toggles up through different effects. I use effects in 'single' mode and ave the knob under wet/dry control effects knob 2, and deck C and D knobs mapped to effects knob 3.

-The A,C and B,D buttons above the hotcues change the effects beat sizes

Traktor Kontrol S2 Mk3 Rekordbox

Shift+A,C and B,D scroll through Memory Cue points set in track.

Traktor Kontrol S2 Rekordbox