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Take a look at your key competitors’ Twitter feeds. If you weren’t reading the Tweets with their handle attached, would you know who'd sent them?

And what about your Twitter feed? Do your Tweets read like they come from your brand? Or are they a somewhat disjointed collection of communications, reflecting the tone of various authors?

It takes a consistent and engaging brand personality to build community engagement on Twitter. That’s why a well-defined brand voice is an important part of your marketing toolkit.

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Differentiate yourself from competitors

You may not think of mattress companies as being especially differentiated when it comes to branding, but @Casper's Twitter feed is definitely not like any of its competitors. The brand combines an often sassy attitude with content that focuses on demonstrating the science of sleep.

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The latest tweets from @TheVoiceTF1. The latest tweets from @thevoiceUK. Twitter says it bans ads from state-affiliated media outlets. However, US government propaganda organs like Voice of America’s VOA Persian pay the social media corporation huge sums of money to spread disinformation against Iran and other foreign adversaries.

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  • Twitter's diverse, global workforce helps the world connect, debate, learn, and solve problems. Here, your voice matters. Come as you are and together we’ll do.