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Create an account in Standuply or sign in to your existing one. Standuply connects your team with company Q&A and experts providing knowledge insights and saves time by automating processes and answering recurrent questions.

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  2. Slack Standup Bot

‘Come on. It’s time to start the standup meeting.’ This is our daily bot texting us every morning at 8 to notify us about our daily meeting. Standuply automates management processes via Slack and brings experienced mentors on board to mentor your team. These agile processes like Standup and retrospective meetings, team motivation Check-up can be automated with Standuply. You might want to know how your team members are feeling, what they are struggling with, what goes well, do a digital 1:1 meeting with your team members, or maybe a simple multiple-choice. This all can be done automatically with Standuply by typing it once, and the bot will take care of the rest as if a real human being is doing the job.

Handy features

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Standuply Alternatives

Features that make Standuply our daily go-to tool:

Slack Standup Bot

  • Receive a notification every morning to remind you about your stand-up meeting.

  • Automated daily standup meetings.

  • Automated questionnaire.

  • Possibility to do a digital 1:1 meeting with your team members.

  • Get insights from your team members.

  • Become a productivity superhero.