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We are no longer supporting this browser, so you’ll need to switch to one of our supported browsers to keep using Slack. We know this can be a pain, and we’re sorry for asking you to do it. We know this can be a pain, and we’re sorry for asking you to do it. Slack is an internal company chat tool that enables fast-paced collaboration. In essence, it’s an enhanced real-time chatroom that integrates with many third-party apps. Since a web app powers the tool, you can make edits to messages or even delete messages sent by mistakes (unlike email).

Slack Extension

The Slack platform offers several APIs to build apps. Each Slack API delivers part of the capabilities from the platform, so that you can pick just those that fit for your needs. This SDK offers a corresponding package for each of Slack’s APIs. They are small and powerful when used independently, and work seamlessly when used together, too.

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What its for



Send data to or query data from Slack using any of over 200 methods.


Webhooks / response_url

Send a message using Incoming Webhooks or response_url


Socket Mode

Receive and send messages over Socket Mode connections.



Setup the authentication flow using V2 OAuth for Slack apps.


Audit Logs API

Receive audit logs API data.



Utilize the SCIM APIs for provisioning and managing user accounts and groups.



Listen for incoming messages and a limited set of events happening in Slack, using WebSocket.


Request Signature Verification

Verify incoming requests from the Slack API servers.


UI Builders

Construct UI components using easy-to-use builders.



The Python module documents are available at


This package supports Python 3.6 and higher. We recommend using PyPI to install Python Slack SDK

Of course, you can always pull the source code directly into your project:

And then, save a few lines of code as ./

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You can run the code this way.

It’s also good to try on the Python REPL.

Slack Technologies Website

Getting Help¶

If you get stuck, we’re here to help. The following are the best ways to get assistance working through your issue:

Slack Web App

  • GitHub Issue Tracker for questions, feature requests, bug reports and general discussion related to this package.

  • Visit the Slack Developer Community for getting help using Python Slack SDK or just generally bond with your fellow Slack developers.