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Sea Of Thieves To Steam

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Sea of Thieves is now available to purchase and play on Steam. The game was previously exclusively available on PC through the Microsoft Store, but after two years and the introduction of microtransactions, Rare and Microsoft decided it was time. While bringing Sea of Thieves to Steam hasn't stopped Rare from maintaining cross-play across all platforms and storefronts, there is one limitation. Rare's confirmed that no, current Sea of Thieves players will not be getting a free copy of the game on Steam.

You can add Sea of Thieves to your Steam Wishlist today so you're alerted when the game goes on sale. Along with the Steam launch will come yet another update with new features, enemies, challenges, achievements, cosmetics, islands, and a new player tutorial featuring the Pirate Lord himself. Sea of thieves won't update on steam. Posted by just now. Sea of thieves won't update on steam. Sea of Thieves is an action-adventure free-roaming pirate video game developed by Rare and published by Microsoft Studios for Windows 10, Xbox Series S/X, and Xbox One.

Rare decided to cover it in a recently released FAQ detailing how the Steam release connects to the other versions of Sea of Thieves. To repeat, regardless of whether Sea of Thieves purchased a copy of the game on Xbox One or through the Microsoft Store, a Steam key will not be provided. Steam also does not support Xbox Game Pass for PC, so Game Pass subscribers will have to stick with the Xbox app.

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There is some good news, however. While Sea of Thieves players aren't being gifted a free copy of the game, if they purchase the game themselves their progress will carry over. Since playing Sea of Thieves requires an Xbox Live account, regardless of whether a user is playing on Steam, Xbox One, or wherever, all progress is saved to that account. An Xbox One user can simply buy the game on Steam and then login like normal.

And by 'progress carries over' Rare means everything will carry over. All of a Sea of Thieves player's cosmetics will carry over, all of their ranks with the respective trade companies will carry over, and all of a player's earned currency will absolutely carry over, too.

Other information offered in the FAQ includes some more specific details, but nothing very surprising or urgent. Sea of Thieves still requires Windows 10 to play, even on Steam. It's also confirmed that Sea of Thieves will be available in all regions and countries where Steam is available. Rare is even adding more languages for the Steam release.

Perhaps the bigger issue at hand is that some gamers would prefer if Sea of Thieves was a free-to-play game. That would allow Sea of Thieves players to play it through whatever storefront they wanted, but it would also mean Sea of Thieves would have much more intrusive microtransactions. This is what works for Sea of Thieves now.

Sea of Thieves is available now on PC and Xbox One.

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Steam Trading Cards were added to Sea of Thieves on the game's June 3rd, 2020 release to Steam. These cards will automatically be awarded while playing the game, assuming you bought the Steam version of the game. You will receive up to 5 cards while playing. After that it is possible to obtain more cards from booster packs, which are randomly given or by buying them from other players. There is also the special Foil variant, which are rarer, but have no other benefit.

Steam Trading Cards can be used to craft badges (and Foil badges), which show on your Steam profile and increase your Steam level. You can also craft emoticons which you can use in Steam chat. Last of all you can use them to craft backgrounds, which you can display on your profile. You can also directly trade the crafted items.

For more information about Steam Trading Cards visit the steam website and the faq.

Trading Cards[editedit source]

There are a total of 15 trading cards:

1Gold HoarderOne of the most powerful of the dreaded Skeleton Lords - undead pirates whose cursed misfortune or sheer force of will has allowed their spirit to linger within their body after death - the Gold Hoarder continues an endless obsession with treasure that began when he was alive.

His crazed desire has led him to replace parts of his body with the gold and jewels that he so desperately craves, making him one of the deadliest treasures waiting to be discovered by foolhardy pirates. It is rumoured that in life, he was the leader of the Gold Hoarders, who took their name from his.

2DeMarco SinghDeMarco is Lesedi’s twin brother, and the son and heir apparent to the greatest pirate ever to sail the Sea of Thieves.

When it comes to privacy, DeMarco loves the spoils and pageantry. He’s always well-dressed, with a roguish smile on his lips.

Charming, handsome and skilled with people, DeMarco lacks the drive to succeed that pushes his sister… unless there’s a very large sum of money involved!

3Captain BriggsyCaptain Briggsy was a young maverick in the first days of the Sea of Thieves; a wild and impulsive pirate who cared more about thrill-seeking and exploring than hoarding treasure. Like Grace Morrow before her, Briggsy was able to locate the Shroudbreaker and used it to reach The Shores of Gold.

Once there, however, she succumbed to the cursed treasure found below the island and was transformed into a Skeleton Lord. She then encountered the Gold Hoarder, who promised her a cure if she agreed to do his bidding.

Fearful that she was now an outcast, Briggsy reluctantly agreed to serve the Gold Hoarder, though she defied his orders and merely hid the Shroudbreaker’s pieces rather than utterly destroy it.

4Chief Trader MollieAs a representative of The Merchant Alliance, the stuffy and officious Chief Trader Mollie stands out from the pirate crowds that surround her. The Alliance are a well-regarded organisation elsewhere in the wider world and have only recently established a Trading Company in the Sea of Thieves, wishing to exploit its potential as a new market.

The Company initially struggled to survive in a world devoid of law and order, until an exasperated Mollie risked asking pirates for help. She reasoned that their knowledge and experience would make them ideal candidates to procure and ferry commodities that, while of little use to them, would see them well paid in gold if the cargo reached its destination. This arrangement has proven mutually beneficial, and the Alliance is beginning to flourish.

5Captain GraymarrowIn life, Graymarrow was a stern and pitiless man who treated his crew more like his slaves. Having since been transformed into a fearsome Skeleton Lord by a powerful curse, he has learned to wield dark magic of his own.

Graymarrow is fond of ‘marooning’ his victims, binding their spirits to the place where he defeated them. Souls trapped in this way cannot reach the Ferry of the Damned, and this prevents Graymarrow’s enemies from returning to the living world and taking revenge. Needless to say, few pirates are willing to confront Graymarrow, lest they find themselves trapped in limbo forever.

6Humphrey the HoarderHumphrey the Hoarder is a representative of a Trading Company known as the Gold Hoarders, and his avaricious, cunning personality perfectly encapsulates that group’s ideals. Like his fellow Gold Hoarders, Humphrey possesses one of several Skeleton Keys capable of opening the many Sealed Chests hidden around the world. He will, somewhat reluctantly, offer a cut of what’s inside any chest a pirate brings his way.

Some of the chests the Company seeks are cursed, making them dangerous to handle, and Humphrey is not immune to their ill effects. His many years as one of the Gold Hoarders have left much of his body covered in a distinctive golden sheen, which he views as a badge of honour and sign of prosperity.

7Lesedi SinghLesedi is the daughter of the greatest pirate ever to sail the Sea of Thieves and strives to live up to that.

She’s dreamt of adventure on the high sea since she was very young, and makes it a point to test her mettle against anyone who doubts her. This drive to succeed has made her sharp, but it has also cost her an eye.

Always the pirate, Lesedi is prone to using the missing eye to her advantage, blaming it for running into people whose pockets she wishes to pick.

8Madame OliviaMadame Olivia is descended from a long line of conjurers and fortune-tellers who were united in their wish to harness the ancient magic of the Sea of Thieves for themselves. This group, known as the Order of Souls, knows that only those who can master this mysterious power can truly control the region’s waters.

The Order has developed incantations and rituals to extract secrets and knowledge from the bones and artefacts of those who came before; specifically, the locations of long-lost treasure hoards.

Olivia is able to use her unique talents to extract knowledge from skulls and encode it onto parchment as maps or riddles using magical ink, which she trades to the Gold Hoarders. As a performer, she enjoys hamming up the occult elements of her work.

9'Merry' Merrick'Merry' Merrick was once a great bard, a talented drummer and storyteller. He’s lost his edge somewhat after a tragic turn; he pieced together the lore of ancient tribes who worshipped a great beast, and sure enough, the music he created had the same effect. Having lost his ship and both his legs, he went into a groggy exile.

Merrick is a little shifty and nobody ever really believes him, leaving him a little sardonic and bitter, but he's a romantic at heart. Most recently, he and his brother Derrick have set up The Hunter's Call Trading Company, taking advantage of a new trend sweeping the seas – “fishing”.

10Mysterious StrangerThis fearsome-looking individual can be found lurking in the shadows of taverns across the Sea of Thieves. While he may seem the sort of hardened rogue who's best left alone, the Mysterious Stranger is actually an envoy of the legendary Pirate Lord. He greets new arrivals and makes sure they understand the basics of the pirate life before sending them on their way.

Any pirates who flourish on the seas should return to speak with the Mysterious Stranger, as he has many more secrets to share with those who are worthy...

11Sir Arthur PendragonCaptain Sir Arthur Pendragon, to use his full title, once brought honour and justice to the Sea of Thieves courtesy of his mythical Sword of Souls... until he had a run-in with a tyrannical Skeleton Lord and wound up trapped within his own portrait, that is.

Having recently been released from his ethereal prison, Pendragon is eager to make amends for his mistakes and return to ridding the Sea of Thieves of any undead menace. Pirates willing to hear his story need only travel to Shipwreck Bay and explore the remains of a very famous galleon...

12Stitcher JimConsiderably older than he looks, Stitcher Jim has lied and cheated his way through life since before the Sea of Thieves even had a name of its own. He rarely acts under his own volition, preferring to follow the orders of anyone more powerful or greedy than he.

It is not known what strange affliction or potent elixir has allowed Jim to retain his youthful appearance, but he often allows history to swallow up his misdeeds before returning to commit some new treachery in his master’s name. This was the case when he betrayed the Forsaken Shores Alliance, seeking to see them perish in the ash-filled air of the Devil’s Roar.

13The FerrymanThe Ferryman is the gaunt and terrifying spectre who commands a ship - known by most as the “Ferry of the Damned” - on its endless journey. Only he can open the doorway capable of returning pirates to the living world, and the calculating Captain holds that power over pirates who displease or disrespect him.

The ship’s crew are forbidden to use the door and must remain in service while the Ferryman scours the Sea of the Damned, rescuing wayward pirates. Some say he’s really in search of his secret obsession – which, depending on who you believe, might be a lost love, ancient enemy or something far more sinister…

14The Pirate LordIn life, Ramsey the Pirate Lord was one of the first fortune-seekers to make it safely to the Sea of Thieves. It’s said that he amassed an incredible fortune and discovered many powerful artefacts before finally retiring to enjoy his spoils in a self-built tavern fashioned from the hull of a mighty galleon.

No-one’s sure what circumstances led to the death of the Pirate Lord, but rumour has it that his spirit still resides in that same tavern, a place where only true Pirate Legends are permitted to tread. Few know if this is true, but no self-respecting sailor would pass up an opportunity to share a drink with the Pirate Lord himself.

15DukeDuke is the unofficial leader and spokesperson for a gang of veteran pirates who call themselves the Bilge Rats, established in opposition to the Trading Companies that are slowly gaining influence in the region.

Duke despises the companies, believing that the voyages they offer are antithetical to real pirate values, and should focus on the thrills of discovery and danger rather than gold and commendations. He’s fond of creating challenges and contests that push pirates towards the unknown, and is usually the first to know when anything new and exciting is happening somewhere in the Sea of Thieves.

Sea Of Thieves Download Free

Badges[editedit source]

There are 5 levels of badges. Each time you craft it the level will increase by 1. There is also a Foil badge, which can only be obtained by using Foil Trading Cards.


Booster Pack[editedit source]

Add Sea Of Thieves To Steam

When opening the booster pack, you receive 3 random cards.

Will Sea Of Thieves Come To Steam

Emoticons[editedit source]

There are 10 Emoticons that can be crafted with Trading Cards to be used in Steam Chat.

:sotanchor:CommonDropping your anchor while sailing is a great way to pull off sharp turns. Just be sure to warn your crew first.
:sotchest:CommonChests come in all shapes and sizes – some of them have even been cursed, so be wary before you bring them aboard.
:sotfood:CommonEven a humble banana can restore some health to a pirate, but a hearty dish of chicken or pork will be a more effective snack.
:sotgrog:CommonAs a way of keeping water from going stale, grog’s okay. As a way of celebrating, making friends or having fun, grog's GREAT.
:sothappy:CommonThe Sea of Thieves is full of things to make pirates happy, from gorgeous sunrises to the glint of treasure on the horizon.
:sotsad:CommonNot every adventure has a happy ending. Pick yourself up, find your ship and set sail for the next one!
:sotshark:CommonSharks can sniff out pirates almost anywhere. Swim too far from your ship and you’re bound to be on the menu before long.
:sotxbones:CommonThe skull and crossbones design is a classic symbol of piracy. Any ship flying this flag should be considered armed and dangerous!
:sotpistol:UncommonThe flintlock pistol is a jack-of-all-trades firearm – decently powerful over medium distances. It must be reloaded after each shot.
:sotship:RareWhat’s a pirate without a ship? Bored, probably. Raise the anchor, unfurl the sails and set out on an adventure or two!

Profile Backgrounds[editedit source]

There are 10 different profile backgrounds, which can be crafted with Trading Cards. These can be used on a user's Steam profile.

Sea Of Thieves Steam To Microsoft

Bilge RatsCommonRepresented by Duke, the Bilge Rats are a fun-loving group who are always looking to craft chaotic adventures on the seas.
Forsaken AllianceCommonThis ill-fated band of pirates sought to uncover the secrets of the volcanic Devil’s Roar, little knowing they would soon be betrayed…
Gold HoardersCommonThe Gold Hoarders adore gold and treasure of all kinds, and they alone possess keys to open the sealed chests they long for.
Merchant AllianceCommonThey may be stuffy and officious, but it’s thanks to the Merchant Alliance that barrels and taverns are well-stocked with supplies.
Order of SoulsCommonThe enigmatic Order of Souls know many arcane rituals and can extract memories from the skulls of the dead…
Pets EmporiumCommonThe Pirate Emporium imports many pets to the Sea of Thieves, ensuring that even “lone wolf” pirates have some company to keep.
Plundering PiratesCommonEveryone is equal on the Sea of Thieves; a realm where your decisions will forge your reputation. What will your legend be?
The Hunter's CallCommonFor the pirates of the Hunter’s Call, the greatest dinner of all is a slab of sizzling meat or fish done to a turn – the weirder, the better!
Athena's FortuneUncommonAthena's Fortune is a group of truly legendary pirates whose reputation has impressed the Pirate Lord himself.
Skeleton LordsRareSkeleton Lords (and their various minions) retain much of their personality and ambition, which drives them onwards even after death.

How To Add Sea Of Thieves To Steam Library

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