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Saints Row The Third Remastered Steam

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Saints Row: The Third was the last SR title that I truly got to play for a long time.

And it still brings back some fantastic memories of the good old days that I spent in my old room playing on my PS3. I never got to try it out on PC until now, and I must say that I’m pleasantly surprised with most mods and not surprised at all with others. Like the nudity mods that one always has to expect for these games.

In any case, there are some fantastic mods for SR3 that are sure to improve the in-game experience by a bunch.

If you’re keen to play SR: The Third once more, or if you’ve never tried it out and you’re looking to have some fun, this list of mods is going to help you kick things off big.

  1. Saints Row The Third: Remastered - Nostalgia Sexily Reinvigorated Remasters in 2020 continue to be a popular theme, as newer IPs have been baking in the oven waiting for the right moment to be served on the next-generation of gaming platforms, it’s never a bad time to revisit some of gaming's biggest hitters.
  2. Saints Row: The Third is a 2011 action-adventure game developed by Volition and published by THQ. It is the sequel to 2008's Saints Row 2 and the third installment in the Saints Row series. It was released on November 15, 2011 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360, and May 10, 2019 for the Nintendo Switch.

Most of these mods directly affect gameplay too. I know many people look for mods exactly because of large additions so there’s a decent variety here.

The full package - remastered. Steelport, the original city of sin, has never looked so good as it drowns in sex, drugs and guns. The Third Street Saints are at the height of power and they are yours to control. This is your city. These are your rules. Includes all three mission packs and more than 30 DLC items. Available now on Xbox One, PS4 & PC. There is nude mod for original SR3 and SR4 but not the Remastered. Apparently its not a simple remastered with only higher resolution like some other game but all the model, texture, effect have been remake with much better quality.Currently the game only available on Epic store unfortunately but I think it will come to Steam at some point.

Let’s put it this way: I think there’s a little something here for everyone.

12. Black0ut’s Better Bras (NSFW)

Yep, you guessed what this mod is all about.

It basically changes the way women’s bras look in the game. There’s nothing else to add.

If you’re into stuff like this in your game, check out this mod.

11. SR3 Nude Mod (NSFW)

Much like the previous mod, this one also modifies women’s looks in the game.

I’m assuming you can already guess what it does by simply reading the title, so I won’t go into details with this one either.

You know what to expect if you decide to follow the link, right?

10. Shitface’s Weapon Rebalance Mod

Our dear friend known by the eloquent name of Shitface has produced one of the best mods in the SR3 community.

This one does a complete rebalance of the weapons system in the game, changing things that range from basic modifications to others that go as far as changing the traces of certain types of ammunition in the game.

In any case, this is a great mod to install regardless of where you are in the game.

If you’ve been playing for a while the changes will be more noticeable. If you haven’t, you’ll get used to the changes quickly.

Especially considering all the fun weapons we have in SR: The Third.

9. NPC Behavior and Spawn Mod

Another mod brought to us by the SR legend known as Shitface, this one does a fantastic job at overhauling the way the AI works and spawns.

It makes spawns way more natural and tweaks the way the AI interacts with the player as well as with the game environment.

Notoriety has been heavily modified and improved to make it work even better than it does in the vanilla game.

The cops are much more fun to run from after you’ve installed this mod. Thanks, Shitface.

8. Things To Do in Steelport

So this is more of a mod pack than a mod per se. But I think it’s important to check it out anyway.

It comes with a family-friendly version as well, which is hilarious to read something like that in a title as violent as Saints Row.

But that just means that there are no nudity mods included.

In any case, this one adds the best mods from this list (plus a couple of other useful ones) that’ll help you get the best out of your time in Steelport.

7. Rare Vehicle Cheats

As simple as this sounds, I like this mod because it gave me access to plenty of rides that were difficult to come by before.

It basically adds new cheats that will allow you to spawn rare vehicles in the game.

And this goes beyond all the really fun cars you can already get in vanilla.

Killbane’s Jet, for example, can be spawned with this mod installed. It lets you access a plenty of unique rides and have a lot more fun.

6. New Customization

So this mod brings us a ton of customization options to the table, allowing you to make many more changes to your homies and the way your character looks.

The only downside of it is that the description is in Polish (I think?).

But worry not – since I downloaded it, I can tell you that you can expect lots of good out of it!

5. Unofficial Patch v1

This is one of the many community patches that modders have taken the time to create.

And I have to say, they are very good additions to the game world.

The Unofficial Patch 1 has the main objective of making the game environment feel more realistic, which some might say is a bit of a bummer, but it does grant you a different SR: The Third experience.

I would only recommend this mod to readers that have completed the game already, though.

4. SR4 Hairstyles for SR3

A basic mod, but it adds a ton of new customization options to the game. So it gets a good spot on my list for sure.

It simply transfers the hair assets from SR4 to SR3, which gives you the option to put any hairstyle from the newest game into one of your characters in The Third.

Saints Row The Third Remastered Xbox

It’s a fantastic mod, although quite a simple one. Still worth checking out.

3. Saints Row: The Third Overhaul

This one is an even better modification of the game than the last mod pack on my list, as it only adds some minor changes that improve certain key aspects of Saints Row.

Game improvements are a crucial part of this Overhaul.

But it also comes with a ton of graphic improvements that will enhance the way the game looks by a ton.

All in all, although it’s just a compilation, this mod makes the game look far better than in the vanilla version. And the changes make gameplay even more fun.

2. Sandbox Mod

If you’ve finished the game already then don’t waste any more time time and download this mod now.

Sandbox mode will give you hours of fun that you can’t even imagine till you check it out.

It lets you tweak almost every single aspect of the game.

Imagine having control of when you want your character to get drunk or dizzy; upgrading weapons in an instant; controlling how much cash you really have without needing to input any codes.

This mod basically allows you to do that and much, much more.

There are just too many new features to include them on a single article. I really want you to check this out to surprise yourself along the way.


1. Ultimate Immersion and Gameplay Overhaul

So what tops a sandbox mode, you may wonder?

Well, this mod.

It comes with a sandbox mod plus a first-person mod, better textures, the chance for female officers to spawn, better damage, HD guns, and the list goes on.

It’s basically the last overhaul mod that I told you about… but on steroids.

There are just so many additions that make the game great that you’ll love this mod just by reading its description.

Give it a go – first-person SR3 is more fun than you’d imagine.

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The Remaster Dilemma

Saints row the third remastered steam release Remasters are tough cookies to review. Odds are, if a game is popular enough to be getting remastered, most people already “get” what it's all about. It’s likely a good game, and there’s probably already been hundreds of reviews talking about the quality of the base title. So, how do I review the remaster? Do I spend my time going through every detail and fine point of the main game as if playing for the first time (I’ve put quite a few hours into the original Saints Row: The Third)? Do I do a deep-dive into the technological improvements and rate the game based on how much of an improvement it is over the original? Both seem flawed, so I’m going to hodgepodge them together and give you a little bit of both.
If you somehow aren't familiar with the Saints Row franchise by now, it’s actually a fairly interesting story how it got to where it is now. Way back in 2006, the original Saints Row launched as a relatively grounded knock-off of the Grand Theft Auto franchise. You had your gangs, your city, your cars, and all the other good stuff that GTA is known for. The problem was that it just didn’t really do much that it’s bigger brother didn’t, and it didn’t do any of those things better. So, as

Saints Row 3 Remastered Steam Free

GTA IV came out and showed a grayer, more dreary GTA experience, Saints Row found its niche by going the other direction. Saints Row 2 was a little brighter and a little more light hearted. Saints Row: The Third cranked the wackiness up, turning the whole thing into the beautiful, raunchy comedy that the series is known for today. The fourth game may have taken things a bit too far in that direction, leaving the third in many people’s eyes to be the series’ peak. Now, 9 years later, number three is showing some of its age, and this remaster aims to bring the experience to 2020.

What is My Purpose?

Saints Row The Third Remastered Steam Codes

It’s important to understand that this game is absolutely a remaster and in no way a remake. The game plays exactly the same. There isn’t new content, voice acting, or anything else. It’s the same game with a new coat of paint and better performance. If you’ve already played and enjoyed the original Saints Row: The Third, I don’t really see a huge reason to jump into the remaster. If you haven’t yet experienced the mayhem and have been interested in checking it out, this remaster is absolutely the definitive way to play. In that regard, it succeeds in its objectives, and for that it’s hard to give it too hard of a time.
Things are definitely improved visually, most notably the lighting. More contrast results in a less muddied look, and colors have a much more satisfying pop. Faces look better, too, with more depth and clarity. Driving at night is perhaps the biggest improvement, with darker darks and the presence of better light reflections on shiny surfaces. It’s nothing groundbreaking and, even on ultra, isn’t what I’d call gorgeous, but it’s certainly not hard to look at. The thing is, the original has aged well enough that, while the difference is noticeable, it still doesn’t look bad. Given that this overhaul is largely the only reason this remaster exists, it becomes a bit harder to recommend. While it’s definitely the best way to play, and newcomers to the title should pick it up over the original, I’m not sure it’s enough draw for anyone that’s been on this ride before.

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While I find the game absolutely hilarious, your mileage is going to depend almost solely on if this brand of middle school humor works for you. To me, most everything works, from the ridiculous self-ragdolling side games to the giant purple dildo bats, but if that kind of thing seems unappealing to you there isn’t really any way around it. That humor is the game. It’s its essence. Its raison d’être. If you don’t dig it, no amount of solid gameplay or customization is going to win you over. If it is your bag, the laughs start early and don’t stop. Of course, humor isn’t all the game has to offer. Controls are tight and the game runs well (barring some so-bad-they’re funny environmental glitches), and the willingness of the title to keep one foot on the ground and one in the absurd makes for some breathtakingly beautiful action segments. In the opening two missions alone you’ll be hanging from a giant bank safe suspended from a helicopter as you mow down other helicopters, then you’ll blast your way out of a corner by raining hell down with drone-fired missiles. It’s beautiful mayhem, and the whole time the same words will be running through your head: damn, I feel like a badass.
Overall there isn’t much more to say about Saints Row: The Third Remastered because, all in all, it’s the same game I loved back in 2011. Underneath a fairly fresh coat of paint is the same adrenaline pumping, juvenile story of a gang-turned-media-sensation trying to rebuild itself. In that regard, assessed purely in a vacuum, this game is a smash hit. In context, though, I can’t help but feel this release is a bit premature. With the original Saints Row: The Third still being recent enough that it looks alright and plays well, I can’t shake the feeling that letting it nap for another few years may have resulted in a more impressive remaster.