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Rosemary & Co Paint Brushes

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Many of you will know that I’ve long been a fan of the brushes made by Rosemary & Co, and I’ve always been happy to buy from them, and to freely publicise their brushes because I think they hold the paint really well, keep a wonderful tip, and represent great value (plus they take quite a beating)!

Well, they have recently launched an affiliate programme and have accepted me as an affiliate, which means that if you purchase anything from them after following a link that has my affiliate code in (like the banner at the bottom of this page) then I will receive a small commission (which I’ve selected to keep as store credit to fund my brush needs!).


So if you want to buy, say, the brush that I use for just about everything – the wonderful Series 8 – and help me out at the same time, then you can simply CLICK HERE and make your purchase! (I use the Size 2 personally, and the “short handle”, and yes – they ship internationally!)

Official channel of Rosemary & Co Artist' Brushes. A Rosemary & Co Ultimate Long Flat size 12 hog bristle oil paintbrush – very tough and keeps its shape beautifully None of the Egbert brushes match up to the Utrecht 103 X. Tips I wish I knew when I first became an emerging artist – & Co Paint Brushes Review (The Best Brus. A Rosemary & Co. Brush with an interesting NATURAL hair with distinctive markings and a semi-stiff firmness of stroke, each tip having the softness of velvet. This hair is responsive and firm, yet delicate to touch. Traditionally artists brushes used with oil and acrylic.

So i have some cheap brushes for oil painting just from hobby lobby. Then i have a set of untouched Rosemary and Co brushes. It’s cesar santos portrait set. I don’t want to use these nice brushes i have yet because i feel like i need to improve first. But how much do you think my cheap brushes would be affecting my progress??

Thank you!


EDIT Unfortunately it appears that Rosemary & Co are no longer able to ship kolinsky sable brushes to the US. The good news is that Rosemary & Co are sending me some alternatives to try out, including brushes from their new “Red Dot Collection” which they have been developing over the last three years with the aim of getting as close to replicating the feel of sable hairs but at a much lower price. I’ll give the brushes a try and let you know what I think!

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Rosemary & Co Oil Paint Brushes

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