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Richter Vivaldi

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Can't take another moment of Vivaldi's ubiquitous Four Seasons? Neither could Max Richter, a London-based composer who deftly blurs the lines between the cla. 'VIVALDI THE FOUR SEASONS RECOMPOSED' and 'ELECTRONIC SOUNDSCAPES' by Max Richter is a compact disc with 77 minutes of music. The two compositions are not related to each other. The music is performed by violin solo, Moog synthesizer, and a chamber orchestra (Konzerthaus KammerOrchester Berlin). Cuts 1-13 are the Vivaldi-inspired piece. How do you make Vivaldi's popular masterpiece sound fresh? Composer Max Richter explains the motivation behind his brilliant re-working, 'Recomposed', which enables listeners to hear The Four Seasons with new ears. Composer: Max Richter Piece: The Four Seasons Recomposed Date written: Some time in Winter 2011. Richter’s reworking of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons is sensuous, lyrical and.sonic. He takes a classic motif to new greatness. Vivaldi is not turning over in his grave. He is awakened and elevated out of it. Editors’ Notes Vivaldi’s beloved 1725 masterwork has proved irresistible to extremely broad audiences—the seasonally themed movements are among the most ubiquitous repertoire in classical music. Using the work as inspirational source material, British composer Max Richter offers a brilliant, haunting reconstruction of the concerti.

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Richter Vivaldi

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Max Richter Four Seasons Score

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Max Richter Vivaldi Recomposed

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