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Our official grand opening is here! Starting on April 20th and running through May 1st, we will be actively inviting new players to our server, running contests, adding new features, and much more. We are also offering 25% off our shop during this grand opening ONLY. Welcome to Realmcraft and we hope you enjoy yourself!

Magic is here! You can now craft wands and unlock spells on your way through several tiers of knowledge until you become a master wizard! We have a basic tutorial setup in the mage tower, but will be giving more info soon as Magic allows for a ton of new items and mobs. Have fun!

RealmcraftRealmcraft with skins export to minecraft

Realmcraft With Skins Export To Minecraft

We are working on a new website with lots of features. We have outgrown the old Enjin system and instead of going Xenforo boards like every other server, we thought of doing something unique that would allow us a great deal of customization. Let me know your feedback and what types of features you would… Read more »


Realmcraft Mod

For many years of my life I had the pleasure of hosting one of the greatest and most popular Minecraft servers ever, Realmcraft! Through our nearly 4 years of being online we had over 1 million players come through our doors and try our server out. Unlike some of the mega servers out there, we… Read more »

Realmcraft is a game that's openly inspired by universe of Minecraft. In fact, you'll find it has a ton of elements in common with the iconic original game. That includes your main aim. Once again you'll be set to build a limitless world block by block as you explore. RealmCraft with Skins Export to Minecraft uses 3d graphics in many modes. The graphics are not the best but better than many online simulation and crafting games. In RealmCraft, you can export Skins to Minecraft, which gives you a unique experience. You can change the skins, which means you can control and manage your character. RealmCraft is a mobile 3D app that was created to mimic the Minecraft universe, acting as a standalone virtual sandbox construction game, though unofficially. RealmCraft with Skins Export to Minecraft is free PC game download that works well with any computer! You can enjoy the game in 2 different game modes. That’s Survival Mode and Creative Mode. In Survival Mode, the goal is to really survive the 3D world of RealmCraft! You need to gather resources, hunt, craft items, and fight dangerous enemies. RealmCraft is a multicraft game for adults and kids, it will entertain you for a long time and earn an unforgettable experience while building and crafting. Use custom skins (export to minecraft is available) to make your character unique! Mine block and resources to craft block and survive. Get ready for the best one among explore games!