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Question Symbol

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¿U+00BF, ¿
Latin-1 SupplementÀ

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?U+003F, ?
Basic Latin@



Punctuation mark[edit]

  1. Encloses a question in some languages.

Usage notes[edit]


The symbols are called, in English:

  • ¿ = inverted question mark
  • ? = question mark

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Punctuation mark[edit]

  1. Occasionally encloses a question in modern Catalan. At other times, a lone question mark is used at the end with nothing at the beginning of the question.

Usage notes[edit]

¿ is used at the beginning of a question, with ? at the end; however, it is not mandatory to use ¿.

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Fortnite Question Symbol


Punctuation mark[edit]

  1. encloses a question in Spanish; equivalent in English and many other languages: ?
    ¿Cómo estás?How are you?
    Si tú fuiste, ¿a qué hora llegaste?If you went, at what time did you arrive?

Coordinate terms[edit]

Usage notes[edit]

In written Spanish, the ¿ symbol is placed at the beginning of an interrogative phrase, with the ? at the end of the phrase. As SMS messaging and other forms of electronic communication have become more common, many speakers only use ? for questions and ! for exclamations, leaving out the initial typographical mark. This is considered non-standard usage.

Question symbol emoji

Question Symbol Picture

Further reading[edit]

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Question Symbol Before Or After Quotation

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