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Paint Brushes By Creatology

Purchase the Natural Bristle Paintbrushes by Creatology™ at Michaels. With a full assortment of sizes, this natural bristle brush set is ideal for painting, crafts, school projects and more. Feb 20, 2021 - Make this celestial pumpkin project it is a cute and unique DIY Halloween pumpkin craft. Gift your children these paintbrushes by Creatology to create beautiful paintings and artwork. These brushes are easy to use and have a comfortable grip, so that your kids can use them for long hours. They are perfect for use with acrylic paint, watercolors and more. Acrylic Paint Brush Set, (20 Packs /200 pcs) Nylon Hair Brushes for Oil and Watercolor, Perfect Suit of Art Painting, Best Gift for Painting Enthusiasts. BOSOBO Paint Brushes Set, 2 Pack 20 Pcs Round Pointed Tip Paintbrushes Nylon Hair Artist Acrylic Paint Brushes for Acrylic Oil Watercolor, Face Nail Art, Miniature Detailing and Rock Painting, Blue.

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… fuel up… find a spot… think… dream… scheme…

… and write, create, innovate !!!

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The Thrill of Making Art

Do you have a story to tell? An image to paint? Ever want to write a book or screenplay?

Then start writing now… today, tonight, as soon as you can acquire a pen or keyboard…

Or launch the voice memo app on your phone. Use voice capture to tell your story, the main plot, key points… a phrase that is just perfect.

It doesn’t matter how you do it or what you write or when you finish, but it is important to write!.

Images: A friend chats with a stranger in the back of an isolated bar (left). Images are blurred by a diaphanous barrier and low light. Their reflected visage appears along the corridor. Above, flamingos adorn the set after a production at Catastrophic Theater in Midtown Houston.

Rainbow Stainless Steel Straws – eco-friendly, high quality, reusable…

Easy to clean and carry. Comes with cleaning brushes and carry bag, with banister brush. Clean straws easily and never worry about hurting them. Soft silicone tips keep your lips from getting too cold or too hot.


Green Reusable BPA Free Silicone Bags – Ditch plastic bags forever.

Set of 4 – Lunch/Snack Bag – Dishwasher/Microwave – Ziplock Bag – Fruit & Veggies – Food Storage – Sandwich Bag – Eco Friendly – Zero Waste – Leakproof. All you need for lunches, storage and snacks! Revitalize your kitchen using silicone bags!

Innovative types need fuel…

A cold brew system offers pure coffee nirvana for iced drink lovers. Clean, fresh, smooth — you can see the difference before you taste the difference. Toddy is still one of the best cold brew systems available.

Working at home reduces carbon footprint but maintaining productivity with pets? Try this…

Kitty condo, cat cave… whatever you call it, invest in a little feline comfort and watch your productivity grow. And get ready to enjoy more uninterrupted think time and creative sessions.

ProductsDiscovery is part of the fun

Writing enriches the soul when discoveries flood the mind. Who knows what you will encounter during your mental journey? But surely it will be a labor of love rather than one of frustration.

Quick Tip: Retain what you learn with simple tricks like reducing titles and long repetitive phrases to 3 to 5 letter code words. Abbreviations help avoid writing/typing fatigue.

Quick Tip: Make a simple outline as soon as you frame a story to capture new thoughts, character details, bits of dialogue, etc.

Quick Tip: Avoid mental roadblocks with ellipses. Keep the text flowing when capturing a new thought and add three-dot ellipses to any sticking point. Ellipses gaps often melt away upon a content review.

Image: Houston streets are rich with artistic endeavors like the guerilla on Washington Ave. near downtown.

Wrist rest pads don’t have to be black – see brilliant color options…

Black, gray or blue wrist rests are common but there are tons of color and pattern options. Especially important because most pads are similarly rated. XCSource rates highest with an ergonomic design, cushy, even sturdy for gamers — a great option.

Creative solutions flow better on colorful writing pads…

And what’s not to like about 100% Recycled Writing Tablet, 5 x 8 Inches, Perforated, Assorted Colors: Orchid, Ivory, Blue, Narrow Rule, 50 Sheets per Pad, 6 Pads per pack . . .

Climate change means ‘climate dislocation’ for Santa Claus and Christmas Village! … Could the solution be an ‘environmental comedy,’ a paradigm-shifting, year-round Christmas story?

Santa Claus falls victim to climate dislocation after sea ice melts at the North Pole. An amusing team of climate scientists including a talking dog and soggy elf search the globe for Santa and battle Mr. Pollutey and his evil robot. Can they find Santa and save Christmas Village from the melting Arctic ice?

Reusable Produce Bags… Eco-Friendly… see-through and washable

Soft premium, lightweight—strong and durable—Nylon Mesh. These see through, lightweight mesh bags are made to last. Unlike cheap tote bags, these mesh bags will hold together under all normal conditions.

DotComsim’s ‘Year of the Webplex’ Project

Presents Bold New Opportunities

  • 400 – premium dot-coms
  • 200 – innovative concepts
  • 16 – e-commerce for: finance; gaming; entertainment; health; wellness; visual art; environmental…
  • 12 – distinct revenue streams: apps, brands, niche services…

Partnering Opportunities

  • Financial: venture capital & advertising
  • Technical: sites, apps & tools
  • Creative: concepts, brands & marketing

Creatology Paint Brushes

the thrill of
making art

Creatology is a creative meeting place.

Creatology Tempera Paint

New writing and artist groups are forming.
Collaborate. Find a muse. Find support:
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