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Oval Chalk Paint Brush

Many people like to paint their furniture on their own. Also, it is excellent thinking, and by doing this, you can enhance the look of your furniture. And maximum people like to use the chalk paint for this. We all know that chalk paint is developed around 25 years ago by Annie Sloan. It is a fantastic paint because to apply this you don’t need to do any preparations like sanding the furniture or priming the furniture. Just open the box of chalk paint and paint wherever you want to do. With this type of color, you can apply it on any surface.

Another excellent quality brush is the Bartsh Chalk Paint Brush that is nearly as good about not shedding as the Chapab. However, this brush features bristles made of boar hair that were only boiled once. Still, with its smaller profile and tapered shape, this is by far the best brush chalk paint to do fine detail work with. Chalk and Wax Paint Brush Furniture - Painting or Waxing - Milk Paint - Dark or Clear Soft Wax - Home Decor Cabinets Stencils Woods - Natural Bristles 1 Small Round and 1 Large Oval Brushes $29.99 $13.57 in stock 1 new from $13.57 3 used from $15.61 Free shipping Buy Now as of.

But before applying this chalk paint, you need a fine paintbrush for it. Many people don’t recommend synthetic brushes for this task. Because if you want to paint your furniture with chalk paint, and also you wish to do this task very smoothly and without any mess, then do not purchase the synthetic paintbrush. The most common advice from the regular users and the experts is that use a natural bristle paintbrush instead of a synthetic bristle paintbrush. And also we recommend you invest your money to buy a natural bristle paintbrush because it works pretty well and smoothly. And because in synthetic brushes, you will generally get a synthetic fiber material. But in the Natural bristle, there is nothing artificial stuff. And because of this, the synthetic brushes have a lower tendency to shed as compared to the natural bristle paintbrushes.

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  • Best Buy Chalk Paint Brush Reviews

Best Buy Chalk Paint Brush Reviews

And to suggest you the best paintbrushes, we have included ten best choices by the regular users and experts in this post. There are lots of confusion when you are going to purchase a paintbrush for chalk paint. To remove this confusion, we have something special for you at the end of this post. At the end of this post, we have provided an ultimate and brief buying guide that you should need to read before making any buying decision about the brush for chalk paint.

1. Brossum Large 2-in-1 Round Chalk and Wax Brush

It is a round head paintbrush. And not only an ordinary paintbrush, here you will get natural bristles. Because of these natural bristles, you can do the furniture enhancements in your style and very entirely.

We all have always owned this piece of furniture that required some revitalization for years. Perhaps this is a retro item that you would like to restore, maybe spruce up. For doing this, the Brossum brush is necessary. You can make beautiful stuff by the brush of Brossum and enhance the look and feel of the furniture. Seriously You’ll be aware of yourself with every quick and perfect brushstroke. You’ve accomplished it. Now your neighbors are going to love your furniture. Everyone who comes over your house will know what an incredible job you have done. It’s all because of your imagination.

Here are no synthetic bristles. You need a natural bristle brush for this rustic, chic look. There are thousands of natural hair bristles in this brush that are ready for use with wax or color and designed for maximum bristle retention with ridiculously high-grade epoxy glue hours of easy painting. With a smooth ring, the brush Brossum holds a breeze all over the wood. The design of this brush is excellent that can fit effortlessly into your palm, and each brushstroke feels so comfortable. It has an ergonomic handle.

And you can easily use this brush for two primary purposes. The first one is, you can use it with the wax and the second is with paint. And because there are tons of bristle present in this brush, that is why it will ensure the full coverage of color.

2. 1st Place Chalk & Wax Brush

And if you are looking for a perfect set of brushes, then this one perfectly fulfills all your requirements. Because here you will get three paintbrushes with natural bristles. But every brush’s work is slightly different from each other.

Because the shape of the brush head varies in every piece of brush, the first brush is a normal one, where you will get the round head, and it is full of natural bristles. While in the second one, you will get a flat head, and the third one comes with the pointed-head. And as per the shape of the brush head, the purpose of use also vary.

Where you can use the round head for standard paintwork, and on the other hand, the flat-headed paintbrush is helpful in a thin coating of chalk paint. And if you want to do some excellent paintwork, then the third paintbrush is only for you. With this pointed paintbrush, you can use it for filling the breaks of the furniture with wax, and also you can use it to draw something on your furniture as well.

So, if we tell you in one line, then the quality is excellent. And you don’t need to worry about the looseness of the natural bristle in these chalk paint brushes because here you will get a dedicated metal cover for this situation. And this metal cover works pretty well. It is a guarantee that after the long term uses, these brushes will never disappoint you.

3. MODERN ART SUPPLIES – Chalk & Wax Paint Brush

If you are looking for a paintbrush for milk paint of clear wax to paint or wax your furniture, then these two sets of brush will help you in this situation. Here you will get good quality brushes that come with natural white bristles.

The first one is a round-headed paintbrush with a small size. But don’t worry about the bristle’s tendency because the manufacturers did there job very correctly. And you will not be going to get any problem with this small-sized brush.

There is one more paintbrush present in the box. But this one is in an oval shape (Not round-headed). And because of its oval shape, you can cover more area as compared to the round-headed paintbrushes. With these paintbrushes, no matter what kind of work you are doing, it will help you to complete that work correctly. But furniture painting also depends upon the person as well.

Here you will get the excellent quality’s wooden handles that are correctly joint with the head of the brush. And if you want to use it for a long term use then here you will get a metal cover on natural bristles. This metal cover works as a protector for brush bristles. And because of this cover, you don’t need to worry about the falling of hairs. It can easily hold the bunch of bristles that are attached to these paintbrushes.

The company claims that you can use these brushes on any surface even without sanding the furniture. Because these brushes are very lightweight, so you can easily hold these brushes without any problems. The design of the brush is specifically for some purposes, like painting the doors, chairs, and tables. And after you are complete your painting or waxing work, now its time to clean the brush. Seriously, if you have a synthetic bristle paintbrush, then this process is going to be stringent for you than painting and waxing. But here you don’t need to worry about it because here you will get the natural bristles. And the cleaning process is also as more comfortable as the painting.

4. Chalk & Wax Paint Brush by Tatler & Tatum

On the next spot, we have included a round-headed and average-sized chalk paintbrush. If you don’t want to purchase any kit of the paintbrush, and also you don’t have enough money to buy a piece of equipment, then this brush is only for you. This chalk paintbrush is very inexpensive. So, everyone can easily buy this round-headed paintbrush because you need to spend only half money as compare to expensive paintbrushes.


And don’t underestimate this chalk paintbrush. Because it is inexpensive, but it will do the paint job done excellently. And for your batter painting experience here, you will get a bunch of natural bristles. The bristles are very densely present on the head of the paintbrush.

Along with the natural bristles, you will get here an excellent build quality that will never be going to disappoint you. The material of the handle is wood. So, it will last longer than any other plastic handles. If you don’t want to invest too much time in painting the furniture, then you need to buy a perfect brush for this task. And this chalk paintbrush can help you a lot in this case. Because of its round head and natural bristle, it can cover more area as compared to other synthetic paintbrushes. And also, you will not be going to be disappointed in the case of cleaning this chalk paintbrush. Because here you will get natural bristles, that is why the paint can’t stick on them. And this can make the cleaning or washing process more comfortable as you thought.

Along with all the features, This chalk paintbrush has higher ratings on online stores. So, we can say that it is quite a popular paintbrush in the market. And the company giving you a 30 days moneyback guarantee also. So, go with this paintbrush without any hesitation.

5. MAXMAN Chalk & Wax Paint Brush

And if you don’t want to get bothered with heavy and large chalk paint brushes, then this kit of two paintbrushes is only for you. The primary and most important feature of these brushes is lightweight and small size. If we are right, then these are the smallest paintbrushes on our list.

Because of the small size of these brushes, you can reach and paint the tiny spaces of your furniture where the large chalk paint brushes can’t do the painting and waxing in small areas. But these small paint brushes allow you to paint and wax in a perfectly and very finely. The overall size of both paintbrushes is around 5.7 inches. Because these paintbrushes are small-sized, that is why you can’t cover or paint a large area. To paint a large area with these brushes, you need to spend a lot of time to do it. But for excellent work, these are perfect. The first brush comes with a round-headed design that allows you to paint a thick layer, and on the other side, there is a flat-headed brush also present that can help in painting of thin-layer.

Also, you don’t need to compromise with the bristles in these small-sized chalk paintbrushes. Here you will get an above-average density of natural white hairs. And with this type of tendency, you can efficiently work fast and correctly. And at the time of the cleaning of these bristles, also you don’t need to compromise with anything. Cleaning of these bristles of these brushes is also the same as other premium brushes.

Other than these features, you will get the wooden handle with these chalk paintbrushes. That is tightly attached to the bristles. And there you will get a metallic cover also to protect the natural bristles of the paintbrush.

6. Vintage Tonality Pro Chalk & Wax Brush

Again on the next spot, we have a kit of chalk paintbrushes. In this kit, you will get three different types of chalk paint paintbrush. The first paintbrush is oval. With this oval headed chalk paintbrush, you can efficiently complete large projects because it can cover a large area of furniture in very little time. That is why it is suitable for long and large projects.

On the other hand, in the box, you will get a round-headed paintbrush also. With this paintbrush, you can paint in a thicker layer. Because there are many times, we need to wax on over furniture in very thick layers. For this, you can use this round-headed paintbrush, and it will be going to do the job correctly.

And there you will get a point-headed chalk paintbrush also in the box. With this type of brush, you can do some detailing work. For detailing work like filling the tiny cracks with wax, painting some letters or design on the furniture, and much more.

Other the shape and size, here you will get good quality bristles with these paintbrushes. These bristles are present very densely in the head of the brush. So don’t worry about the fall of the brush-bristles. And for more protection to the bristle, the company provided a metallic protecting cover on hairs.

Also, here you will get the premium quality handles on all chalk paint brushes. And the weight of the paintbrush is not too heavy as compared to other paintbrushes. And with this type of paintbrush, you can paint on any kind of surface. Overall it is an excellent kit of paintbrushes, and also this kit has very high ratings on the online store.

7. US Art Supply 2-Piece Multi-Use Chalk Paint Brushes

Again we have the small-sized paintbrushes on our list. These are very lightweight and premium looking chalk paintbrushes. So, in terms of holding them for a long time, you are not going to disappoint with these brushes. Here you will get two chalk paint brushes with different shapes. Where the first one is round, and the second one comes in the oval shape. Because of the forms of these chalk paintbrushes, you can use them for various purposes.

The round-headed paintbrush is perfect for paint in thick layers or for waxing on furniture. And the oval-shaped chalk paintbrush is ideal for covering large areas and for general cleaning. But it depends upon you that what purposes you are going to use it.

It will be better if you use these brushes for wooden furniture like chairs, doors, and tables. And because here you will get the 100% natural bristles, that is why this painting stuff is going to be more exciting and very easy as well. The natural bristles allow you to make every coat very smooth and perfect. And the width of the brush head is quite impressive. And because of the high amplitude of the brush head, you will get more natural bristles on its head. Also, the hairs are very tightly present on the head. So, you can expect a long term use from this type of chalk paintbrushes.

Along with all the main features of these brushes, the cleaning process is also going to be very easy for you because of natural bristles.

8. Brietis Premium Chalk Brush

If you want a chalk paintbrush with that, you can cover a larger area as compared to other chalk paintbrushes, and then this one is only for you. Here you will be going to get a large brush head. Because of this enormous head, you can easily paint or wax in a vast area in minimal time.

Here you will get 2 inches of bristles on the head of this paintbrush. Because of 2 inches of hair, it can hold more paint or wax on it. So, you don’t need to dip it after one or two coats of paint. This feature will help you to complete your painting work in very less time as compared to other paintbrushes.

Not only this, here you will get 100% pure and natural bristles on the head of the paintbrush. These bristles are very densely present on the head of the chalk paintbrush. And also, for protection purposes there, you will get a metallic cover. And this metallic cover is capable of holding all the bristles for a long time even after regular uses.

Now let us talk about the durability and washing process. Because the full body of the brush is wood-based, so here you will going to get excellent durability. So, the strength is top-notch, and you are not going to complain about it. And the washing or cleaning process is also straightforward and easy to do. Because of natural bristles, this can’t hold the paint for a long time. After you complete your furniture painting work, just wash it through water, and the color will washout after this.

9. Abimars Chalk Paint And Wax Brush

Here you will get one inch and a two inches chalk paintbrush in the kit. Both paintbrushes are round-headed. So, you can easily use these paintbrushes to cover large areas. The round shape is here to provide better paint experience to the users. Because everyone knows that several benefits are present to using the round-headed paintbrush, in the round-headed paintbrush, you will get more hairs as compared to other shaped paintbrushes.

The bristles are also 100% pure and natural. And the bristle part tightly fulfilled, so you don’t need to worry about the paint holding or bristle falling. And to give extra protection here, you will get the metallic cover as well.

The only two down points are here. You will get ergonomic handles. The ergonomic handles are not as good as compare to wooden handles. But they can just work for you. And the second down point is here you will get the metallic plate is a bad quality that is here to protect the natural bristle.

Overall the product is right according to the price point. You can buy this paintbrush, which is very cheap as compared to the expensive chalk paintbrushes.

10. 4 pieces of Chalk Paint And Wax Brush By Abimars


Again we have chalk paintbrush by Abimars on our list. Everything is going to be the same, but here you will get four pice of chalk paints. The difference between these four chalk paint is only some millimeters. The first one has around 20 mm wide. And with this type of brush, you can do beautiful works like filling the small cracks and writing letters on furniture.

The second one is 30 mm wider from the head. And with this, you can approach the tiny parts of the furniture. The third and fourth are 40 and 50mm more full from the head. And you can use these brushes for painting or waxing a large area. And these brushes are not going to disappoint you in the painting work.

As we said, the only down points are the ergonomic handle and average quality metallic cover for natural bristle.

So there we 10 Best Brush For Chalk Paint of the year, and now it is time to share a quick and ultimate guide that will give you complete knowledge of chalk paint brushes.

Chalk Pain Brush Buying Guide: What To Look for it?

Several points are present that everyone should need to keep in mind before purchasing any chalk paintbrush.

Size of Brush

It is upon you that what size of chalk paintbrush you want to buy. But before making any decision related to the chalk paintbrush, take a look at your requirements.

There are many purposes present to choose a perfect sized paintbrush. Like if you want to paint a table of a plain door, then you should need to consider the large paintbrushes. And if you are painting the chairs of other medium size furniture, then choose a medium-sized brush for this task.

And if you want to put some creative designs and want to write some letters on the furniture, then you should need to consider the smaller paintbrushes for it.

Shape of Brush

There are different shapes present in the brushes. So, the question is how you came to know that which one should perfect for you?

If you are working on a large project, then we and all regular users will recommend you to use round-headed or oval-headed chalk paintbrushes because these types of brushes can cover a large area in one coat as compared to a pointed paintbrush.

And if you want to do some creative work on the furniture while painting, then you need to consider the pointed paintbrush for this task. And with these types of brush, you can fill the tiny cracks with wax as well.

Chalk Paint Brush Review

Synthetic vs. Natural Bristles


If you are going to purchase the synthetic bristle paintbrush, then this is our duty to warn you. Because when you are buying the artificial chalk paintbrush, then you need to put extra effort into cleaning them. Because of the synthetic bristle, the paint stuck in it. That is why it is difficult to wash it.

But on the other side, if you are going to purchase the natural bristle chalk paintbrush, then you don’t need to mess up with cleaning stuff. Just clean the paintbrush with the water, and it will remove all the available paint inside the natural bristle easily.

Also, the density of the bristle matters a lot in this case. But we will suggest you go with a broader paintbrush because on a broader paintbrush you will get extra natural bristles.

Handle part

We suggest you do stay away from the plastic and the ergonomic brush handles. Because after painting there, you need to put more effort into cleaning the available paint on the handle of the brush.

Other then this, the plastic and ergonomic brush handles are not durable are compared to the wooden paintbrush handles. So, if you want to use your chalk paintbrush for a long time, then go with only wooden handles. And if you are working on a large of the extended project where you need to hold the paintbrush for a long time, then go with a lightweight option. Because maintaining a heavy handle for a long time can cause some pain in your wrist. So, always choose a premium looking, comfortable, and lightweight handle.

Final Words

In this post, you can see ten recommended choices chalk paintbrush. These are the top recommendations from regular users and experts. And at the end of this post. And for your convenience, we have provided a brief guide upon the chalk paintbrush.

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This post contains affiliate links, which means I make a small commission at no extra cost to you.See my full disclosure.

Swedish Country Style Color Palette

If you love the Swedish Country / Gustavian style, one of the best ways to get it is to use typical Swedish paint colors on your furniture. In this video I give a little background on how the Gustavian style developed from the 18th century French Neoclassical Style King Gustav III of Sweden fell in love with at the court of King Louis XVI of France.

It’s pretty easy to find second hand furniture at thrift shops and yard sales with Neoclassical shapes like fluted legs that is just waiting for the right paint job to transform into Gustavian furniture . I’ll show you a Gustavian Swedish paint palette from Annie Sloan Chalk Paint to use to get the Gustavian / Swedish Country look with paint color by transforming an old, beat-up table into a cheerful, light-catching Swedish antique with ASCP Duck Egg Blue and Paris Grey. Other ASCP paint colors for a Gustavian/Swedish Country palette look include: Aubusson Blue, Svenska Blue, Swedish Pink, Old White, Pure, Original, Arles, Chicago Grey, Antibes, French Linen, and Chateau Grey.

Oval Chalk Paint Brush

Oval Chalk Paint Brush

Check out my YouTube video, linked right below here, for a brief history of the Gustavian Style and a guide for getting the look with chalk paint.

If you don’t want to watch the video, the transcript follows right here below.


Hey this is Kathleen from and today I’m going to show you how to get a Swedish Gustavian, Swedish Country, Scandi country look with chalk paint. So let’s get started.

What is the Swedish/Gustavian Look?

The Swedish look, if you’re not familiar with it, or the Gustavian Style,
what does that mean exactly. So King Gustav III of Sweden, he was king in like seven, in the 1770s kind of when we were having a revolution here and he went over to France and visited Louis XVI over at Versailles and he just fell in love with that French neoclassical style and when he went back home he wanted the same kind of furniture and the same kind of look. But he didn’t have as much cash as the French so he didn’t gild everything the way they did.

Um, they ended up using a lot of paint and in Sweden, they used a lot of light colored paint because it’s so dark there for so much of the year that a lot of their interior decorating is is designed to catch as much light as possible. And um, so that was how they refined that French neoclassical style. Lighter colors, and more paint and less gilding, um some even cleaner and more paired back lines.

And also um when it got out into you know wider circulation in Sweden, not these fancy, uh fabrics as much as like, a simple check. And so, putting like a checked homespun fabric style, something like this, with um a gilded or painted chair sort of, it gives the Swedish country style or Gustavian style, uh, this high / low look which really fits so well with how we like to decorate today, how we live.

Get Furniture with the Right Shape

So I had this old set, it was actually my great-grandmother’s. The shape – if you can find furniture, old furniture that, you know, obviously this is really beat up. I do not want to refinish it. It’s got all kinds of water stains and marks, and the veneer is chipping in spots, but the shape is great. It’s got this neoclassical shape.

What does Neoclassical Style Mean?

They would make the legs like this to imitate, you know, the Grecian columns. What is the neoclassical style? The neoclassical style got started in France and then spread out. It was because
they had discovered Pompeii and then other place in Italy, um, buried under that volcanic ash and so the world just went -people just went crazy, and they wanted to imitate everything that they saw,
from furniture to fresco to you – just that look – the neo- the classical look, hence neoclassical style.

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Colors for Swedish Country Style

Um today what I’m going to show you is duck egg blue. This is the color, it’s a green blue, exactly like a duck egg. This would have been a very typical color that they would have used, um in the Gustavian period. And then I’m also going to be adding some highlights with Annie’s Paris Grey. Right here, um, to this table, which is exactly how I did the chairs.
These are all of Annie’s colors and her other sort of Swedish colors would be Aubusson Blue right there, and Scandinavian pink, which is a great pink because it doesn’t have any of that baby pink in it. It’s a real earthy pink. Primer Red – no girly pink – Old Ochre, and then of course Pure, Original or Old White, maybe especially Old White. A lot of Scandinavian furniture is simply painted white. And she also has this new color which is close to Duck Egg but it’s bluer, whereas duck egg is greener, and that’s Svenska Blue.

How to paint with Chalk Paint

Alright the first thing I’m going to do is paint this entire table in a coat of duck egg blue and then I’m going to highlight, go over and brush on, dry brush some highlights with Paris Grey.
I’ve got here Waverly Inspirations chalk paint brush and I got it because I really want Annie Sloan’s oval brush, but I just don’t want to spend that much money. This is about half the cost and it works pretty well if you want to see brush marks in your paint work. I’ve got a big one and then I’ve got this smaller one as well. They’re both fine really.
And then if you want a smoother finish, then I would use these Purdy brushes. This is a two and a half inch and this is a two inch and these are some of my favorites.
Purdy brushes are outstanding. They’re a little more expensive than the cheap brushes, but they give a really nice finish and I think I’m planning on using these for the legs because I want a very smooth look, so we’re going to get started with that.

Normally if I painted a chair or something I would turn the thing upside down. I just don’t want to turn this table upside down.
It’s too big and heavy so I’m just going to paint it from the legs up. Just
a little bit and I want to – I’m just going to cover the whole thing in a solid coat like so just brush it on. This paint has very good coverage. I don’t think it’s going to take more than a coat, especially since I’m going to go back and brush in some gray highlights.

This brush is really really great for getting into all of these
carved areas and just making sure the paint gets in there nice into the rosette and into these channels.

Oval chalk paint brush vs. 2-in Brush

I want to show you the difference in how it’s going to look. This is the oval Waverly chalk paint brush and you can see I’m brushing it on and I’m just going to paint in every which direction and you can see that you get a lot of texture. With my two-inch Purdy brush, painting in all directions, it’s a little bit smoother, there’s not as much chunk to it,
so it’s just going to be, I guess the word would be more refined.

I’ve linked some paint brushes here that I’ve found to be great tools for furniture painting (affiliate links).

More DIY resources for Swedish Country Style

f you’d like more on getting the Swedish Country look, I’ve made a video on how to add character and layers to your furniture pieces by dry brushing highlights and lowlights here. I’ve also got a video on how to get the perfect thin layer of wax over your chalk paint for that charming handmade look.

If you find yourself starting to be obsessed with all things Scandinavian, go even farther toward the Gustavian Swedish Country Style by going to my tutorial for making some gingham slipcovers for your dining room chairs.