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FUTDOCTOR: CA$15.00: Hay Nick, I don't know if you saw my bet offer yesterday but I am true to my word. To be honest Leeds deserved the win. I feel as though Leeds hold a special place in a number of premier league fans hearts - love the way they play (similar to Liverpool in a way). Nick28T Stacked Tank Tops-$ 25.00; Nick28T Vertical Shirts-$ 25.00; Nick28T Vertical Tank Tops-$ 25.00; Nick28T Stripe Sweatshirts-$ 44.00; Nick28T Stacked Sweatshirts-$ 44.00; Nick28T Anniversary Bracelet-$ 14.99; N28T Maple Leaf Snapback-$ 34.00; Nick28T Soccer Ball Shirt-$ 25.00; Nick28T Soccer Ball Tank Top-$ 25.00; Nick28T Baseball Tees. Nick28T is estimated to have over 10,000 subscribers, with an average of 2,600 viewers. This means that he earns at least $35,000 USD per month, excluding additional income from sponsorships, tiered subscriptions, tips, Twitch cheer bit donations, merchandise sales and advertisements.

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NAME: Nick28T
AGE: 35 years old
BIRTHDAY: August 18, 1985

Who is Nick28T?

Nick28T is a 35 years old famous twitch star. He was born in Canada on August 18, 1985. FIFA Ultimate Team addict well known for his Twitch account, which has amassed more than 850,000 followers. He also runs a popular YouTube channel which has earned over 600,000 subscribers.

His first name is Nick, and he is from Canada. He and his wife have two children.

In celebration of his first year on Twitch, he did a 12 hour charity stream for the Make-A-Wish Foundation that raised north of $3,600.

On CelebrityPhoneNumbers, Nick28T ranks 6462nd in the ranking that compiles the most desired contact phone numbers. He’s one of the most famous twitch stars at the age of 35, with countless fans worldwide.


Twitch Nick

Nick28t Twitter

What is Nick28T’s real phone number?

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Another ways to get in contact with Nick28T


Instagram is one of the most effective ways to contact Nick28T considering that he truly manages his account. In many cases, celebs may disable private messages, however you still do not lose anything by attempting to send him a direct message. You can like the pictures he has published there and comment on them as long as you have your own Instagram account.

Also, put a tag on the photos you publish with the name of the celeb, or utilize the same tags utilized by him. He takes some time to react to his fans on Instagram even though he’s a really busy person and, we truly admire him for doing that.


Twitter is also a good way to contact Nick28T. To do this, you need to write a tweet with his account’s name, preceded by the @ sign. Also, utilize the tags that Nick28T utilizes regularly. In this way, there will be a higher chance that he will read what you tweet.


If you haven’t done it yet, go on and like his page. After doing so, you can comment his posts on the Facebook timeline and also send him private messages.

In many cases, celebs disable private messages through this platform, however lot of times, you will be able to interact with him anyway by posting on his wall. Send out the message, in a polite way, talk to his about your feelings and tell him why it is very important to you.

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