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Milo Moiré in 2016
Born7 May 1986 (age 34)[1]
Known forPerformance

Milo Moiré (French pronunciation: ​[milo mwaʁe] (born 7 May 1983)[2] is a Swiss conceptual artist and model known for her nude performances and the use of her body in her art. She breaks the boundaries between art and porn. Moiré was born in Switzerland, of Slovak and Spanish origin. She has an Art Academy background and a master's degree in psychology from University of Bern in Switzerland (magna cum laude).[3] Moiré is known for performance art pieces include PlopEgg, The Script System No.2, and Mirror Box. Currently, she does daily live pornography that can be viewed for a fee through her website and social networks.

Source: Milo Moire. July 14 Let me tell you this: Women who think nudity is cheap either have too little self-confidence or are caught morally. I prefer it pure rather than covered in purchasable luxury. After all, there is nothing more valuable than the mental strength and creativity of my brain. The latest tweets from @MiloMoire. July 14 Let me tell you this: Women who think nudity is cheap either have too little self-confidence or are caught morally. I prefer it pure rather.



Moiré's PlopEgg No. 1, performed at Art Cologne 2014, was a work of action painting that involved the expelling of paint filled eggs from her vagina on to a canvas, thus creating an abstract work of art.[4] The eggs contained ink and acrylic paint.[5] A video description of the work states 'At the end of this almost meditative art birth performance the stained canvas is folded up, smoothed and unfolded to a symmetrically reflected picture, astonishingly coloured and full of [strength].'[6] The folding of the resulting canvas created a work which has been compared to a Rorschach test[7] and a womb.[5] Moiré writes: 'To create art, I use the original source of femininity – my vagina.'[5]

The Script System No. 2[edit]

In June 2014, for The Script System No. 2, Moiré travelled to Art Basel naked with the names of items of clothing marked on her body in paint; she was refused entry, forcing her to dress to enter the exhibition. Of The Script System, she has said '[it] is inspired by the script theory of cognitive psychology. Each of us knows these scripts (e.g. restaurant script), recurrent, stereotyped action sequences, after which we work every day. Especially early in the morning on the way to work, we work almost automatically, often without awareness of our environment. These everyday blindness I wanted to break through my performance.'[8] Moiré claims that lacking an outer shell of clothes, the human body regains its ability to communicate without the distractions of money, fashion, ideology or even time. The experience of the art viewer is also transformed with the reaction or non-reaction of the public an integral part of the performance. Her first nude performance was in 2007 and she has performed nude ever since in order to provide an authentic and unmediated experience.[9]

In July 2015, Moiré was arrested while posing for naked selfies with tourists in front of the Eiffel Tower.

Milo Moire Twitter

In 2016 she performed naked to protest the 2015 New Year Eve sexual attacks[10] in Germany.

Mirror Box[edit]

The project, titled “Mirror Box”, saw the artist walk around various European cities with a large mirrored structure covering her body. Using a megaphone to attract attention, she would then invite strangers to stick their hands in the box, and fondle either her breasts or vulva for a 30-second period.[11]

In her performance in summer of 2016, which took place in several major cities: Düsseldorf, Amsterdam, and London, Moiré invited the public (people over the age of 18) to touch and fondle her genitals and breasts inside a mirror box, for 30 seconds per person. The performance resembles the work 'Touch and Tap Cinema' by Valie Export, performed from 1968 to 1971.

Art or pornography[edit]

Moiré has deliberately placed herself on the interface between art and pornography with videos on her website described as 'uncensored' that are available to view for a fee, and the naked performance of her works inviting the act of censorship by media outlets.[12] Moiré has said that there should be no limit to art and that death is the only limit she accepts. She has cited Marina Abramović and Joseph Beuys as particular influences.[9]

Milo Moire Twitter Account


Writing about PlopEgg in The Guardian in a piece entitled, 'The artist who lays eggs with her vagina – or why performance art is so silly', Jonathan Jones commented, 'And yet it's not a strong statement at all. It is absurd, gratuitous, trite and desperate. Anywhere but an art gathering, this would be regarded as a satire on modern cultural emptiness.'[4] Jess Denham in The Independent commented, 'Not long ago there was Lady Gaga's 'vomit artist', but now Milo Moiré is making her look tame', adding, 'the latest desperate effort to shock in the name of art.'[5]


In 2015, Moiré was arrested by French police, and spent the night in the cells, after posing for naked 'selfies' with tourists in front of the Eiffel Tower.[13] The following year, she was arrested again in London for allowing members of the public to touch her vulva while placing their hands into a mirrored box around her waist.[14]

Personal life[edit]

Moiré lives in Düsseldorf with her partner, the photographer Peter Palm.[2]

Selected works[edit]

  • The Script System No. 1, performance video, 2013.
  • The Split Brain, video, 2013.
  • The Script System No. 2, performance video, Art Basel, 2014.
  • PlopEgg No. 1 – A Birth of a Picture, performance work, 2014.

Milo Moire Twitter Images

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Milo Moire Twitter Profile

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