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Marcus Rashford Katie Hopkins Twitter

Katie Hopkins permanently banned from Twitter over 'hateful content'. It did come after remarks made to Manchester United footballer Marcus Rashford. Mr Rashford recently forced the Government. The latest tweets from @marcusrashford. Watch the full #TyskySour here: Subscribe to Novara Media on YouTube ⇛ Support our work ⇛ htt. Katie Hopkins was permanently suspended from Twitter as of yesterday, Friday 19 June. (Picture: Joshua Blanchard/Getty Images for Politicon) Katie Hopkins has now been permanently banned from. The latest tweets from @MarcusRashford.

Marcus Rashford Katie Hopkins Twitter© Provided by Evening Standard

Katie Hopkins has sparked fury over her criticism of Marcus Rashford's campaign to extend free school meals for children over the summer holidays.

Footballer Patrick van Aanholt told Ms Hopkins to 'bow before a king' after she publicly criticised Rashford on Twitter.

The Government made a U-turn over its decision not to provide meal vouchers to vulnerable children over the summer following a high-profile campaign from the 22-year-old Manchester United player.

'Marcus Rashford vows to keep campaigning after forcing school meals U-turn'

Rashford had urged Boris Johnson and MPs to find their 'humanity”.

Reversing its decision, the Prime Minister’s office announced on Tuesday that a new Covid Summer Food Fund will be launched to pay for lunches for all 1.3 million children on free meals in term for the whole of the summer holidays.

© Provided by Evening Standard Boris Johnson announced a Government U-turn as a result of Mr Rashford's campaign (AFP/Reuters)

Making her thoughts clear on the matter, Ms Hopkins asked Rashford on Twitter: 'Do you think women should think about how they are going to feed a child before they decide to have it?

'I do not want to pay to feed other people’s kids. You are welcome to.'

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Her remarks sparked a furious response, with Crystal Palace defender Van Aanholt telling her: 'He's done more for this country in 24 hours than you have your entire life. Bow before a king.'

Rashford did not reply to the comments from Ms Hopkins but others leapt to his defence.

One replied to Ms Hopkins: 'We don't want to have to teach other people's children to be decent human beings, but here we are with you because your parents clearly failed in that area.'

Another said: 'What about children who weren't planned? What about single parents? Even if parents weren't originally in a position to have kids, do you expect those children to just starve to death?'

A third wrote: 'Dear Katie Hopkins, I don't mind helping other people's kids as I am a decent human being like most people are.'

A petition to remove Ms Hopkins from Twitter has gained traction in the last 24 hours as a result of her comments to Rashford, picking up thousands of new signatures.

Marcus Rashford Katie Hopkins Twitter Account

Following the U-turn on Tuesday, Downing Street said it would spend an extra £120 million on the vouchers, expected to be worth around £15 a week. They will go to the families of the 15 per cent of children who are eligible for free meals.

The cost is in addition to a £63million scheme announced last week by Mr Johnson to target help only at the most needy cases.

Writing in the Times before the Government announced its intention to implement his proposal, Rashford said 'I don’t claim to have the education of an MP in parliament, but I do have a social education.'

'I am clued up on the difference a U-turn decision would make on the 1.3 million vulnerable children across the UK who are registered for free school meals because ten years ago I was one of them.'

After the Government's decision, Rashford wrote on Twitter: “Just at look at what we can do when we come together.'

Marcus Rashford Katie Hopkins Twitter

In a statement addressed “to all MPs”, he thanked them for giving families “one less thing to worry about”.