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Mac Matte Eyeliner

MAC matte lipsticks are a staple for most lipstick lovers for obvious reasons. The colors are well pigmented, the formulas are soft and long-lasting, and the finish is always ideal. They have a long list of beautiful matte lipstick shades to choose from, but we have compiled the top 17.

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The following are the best MAC matte lipstick shades that work beautifully on various skin tones. Most of these matte lipsticks are less than $20 per tube, making them a reasonably priced addition to any makeup bag or collection. Check them out below!

1. MAC Retro Matte Lipstick in Ruby Woo

Mac matte liquid eyeliner

Shop the collection of makeup at Macy's and get free shipping on all beauty purchases. Narrow by Makeup Category. A Kiss Of Ruby Woo Matte Lip Set A $38.00 value. MAC Matte Lipstick comes in all shades and colors. Shop the best selection of MAC Matte lipsticks at Macy's. Find the perfect matte lipstick, nude lipstick, red lipstick, and more!

Achieve any eye look with MAC eyeliners and eye pencils, formulated for long wear, rich colour, and flawless finishes. Free shipping on all eye liner types. MAC Cosmetics Matte Lipstick Color: PLEASE ME Rouge A' Le'vres BNIB Fast/Free. Trending at $19.24. MAC Cosmetics Retro Matte Lipstick FLAT OUT FABULOUS BNIB Fast/Free Shipping. Trending at $24.95. MAC Powder Kiss Lipstick 314 MULL IT OVER Full Size Matte. Full Description. A mattifying cream that acts like a powder, MAC Matte adds a sheer, no-shine matte texture in one smooth layer. May be used on bare or made-up skin. Use a latex sponge or a 252 Large Shader Brush to apply over the entire face or in the T-zone.

One of the best known and most universally flattering MAC matte lipstick shades is Ruby Woo. We were all obsessed with this lipstick when it initially came out and for good reason. Also one of the best MAC lipsticks of all time, this is the perfect red shade – a dark, blue-red that creates a flawlessly pigmented, velvety smooth finish. You can pick up a tube for from MAC Cosmetics or Nordstrom.

2. MAC Matte Lipstick in Lazy Lullaby

Described as a light white lavender pink blend, Lazy Lullaby comes off as an impossibly soft shade of pink lipstick rather than lavender. The color lasts all day without wearing down or off throughout the day. Pick up your own tube of this MAC matte lipstick from MAC Cosmetics and enjoy the rich and creamy formula with a perfect no-shine matte finish.

3. MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour in High Drama

Deep, dark plum is a sultry and sensual MAC matte lipstick color to have on hand, and High Drama delivers in more ways than one. Not only is the color amazing, but also the liquid suede finish lasts incredibly long. The applicator allows for precise application and smooth, even swipes. Order your own from MAC Cosmetics or Nordstrom!

4. MAC Matte Lipstick in Viva Glam III

MAC’s Viva Glam Lipstick line is perfect for the philanthropic beauty. Every penny of the selling price for these MAC matte lipsticks is donated to the MAC AIDS fund. With Viva Glam III – a matte brown-based plum, you can be big-hearted and beautiful inside and out. The solid lipstick bullet applies smooth, even matte color effortlessly for all day wear. You can buy Viva Glam III from MAC Cosmetics or Nordstrom.

5. MAC Retro Matte Lipcolour Metallics in Metallic Rose

MAC’s Retro Matte Lipcolour Metallics line has several incredible shades, but a deep rose gold is one of the best MAC matte lipstick shades to try. The liquid is thoroughly pigmented and dries to a soft suede finish that only serves to boost the color. This lipstick delivers on the promise of 8-hour lasting wear and even application. Get one for yourself at MAC Cosmetics or Ulta Beauty!

6. MAC Retro Matte Lipstick in Flat Out Fabulous

One of the best MAC matte lipsticks is Flat Out Fabulous from the Retro Matte Lipstick collection. The color is unmistakably bright, a nearly indictable shade of bright plum in a traditional lipstick bullet. Every opaque swipe deposits smooth, rich color and long-lasting wear. Get yours online at MAC Cosmetics or Nordstrom!

7. MAC Matte Lipstick in Pink Plaid

MAC described Pink Plaid as a dirty blue-based pink shade, with a no-shine matte finish. The original MAC matte lipstick was known for its rich and creamy formula that puts a great amount of opaque color on with each swipe. The blue base for this pink lipstick gives it another hue that differentiates this lipstick from all other pinks. You can get yours from MAC Cosmetics and Ulta Beauty.

8. MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour in Burnt Spice

Matte Eyeliner Mac

This MAC matte lipstick uses a soft applicator to apply a smooth, highly pigmented and opaque lipstick with each swipe. The color is long-lasting and doesn’t take long to dry and set. Burnt Spice is a softer color than the name would imply, described as a creamy, dirty shade of rose that you can purchase online at MAC Cosmetics or Nordstrom.

9. MAC Retro Matte Lipstick in Runway Hit

Runway Hit is a matte rosy nude from the MAC Retro Matte Lipstick collection. The color payoff is smooth, and the perfect no-shine matte allows the color to be appreciated from all angles. The formula is not only opaque but also smooth and long-wearing. You can pick this cheerful shade of MAC matte lipstick at MAC Cosmetics or Nordstrom.

10. MAC Matte Lipstick in Heroine

Heroine is the bright purple lipstick shade of any purple lover’s dream. This MAC matte lipstick color is exactly as bright and visible as you could ever want. The color swipes on smoothly directly or you can apply it with a lipstick brush, with full color deposits from a single swipe. Get yours from MAC Cosmetics directly or Nordstrom!

11. MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour in Carnivorous

One of the best MAC matte lipstick shades, this one is another phenomenal color known as Carnivorous. Carnivorous is a deep, blackened red that can be applied with the greatest precision due to the applicator and liquid formula working together. This beautiful red color lasts a guaranteed 8 hours without bleeding or wearing thin. Grab one for yourself from MAC Cosmetics or Nordstrom!


12. MAC Matte Lipstick in Tropic Tonic


Mac Lipstick Colors Matte

Described as “full power coral”, the brightness of MAC’s Tropic Tonic is undeniably interesting. As one of the hottest MAC matte lipsticks, Tropic Tonic can reliably be used as a long-lasting and comfortable-to-wear color. Each of these bullet lipsticks can be purchased online at MAC Cosmetics or Nordstrom.

13. MAC Retro Matte Lipcolour Metallics in Buzzed Out

If you’re looking for a bright pink lipstick with just the right metallic sheen, then Buzzed Out is the perfect color for you. The bright metallic fuchsia pink of this MAC matte lipstick is the long-lasting liquid color of any brave makeup wearer’s dream. Buzzed Out is one of the bolder colors on this list, and you can pick it up at MAC Cosmetics.

14. MAC Matte Lipstick in Stone

Stone is a matte-finished greyish brown nude in the line of MAC matte lipsticks that looks amazing on most skin tones. While it is not exactly a nude, it is a very natural-looking taupe color that looks subtle on darker skin tones and slightly bolder on fair skin tones. You can purchase one at MAC Cosmetics or Nordstrom.

15. MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour in Rich & Restless

Rich & Restless is the mid-toned salmon colored MAC matte lipstick that you want when you are going for an obvious but not overbearing pink color. This liquid lipstick is easy to apply in brightly colored opaque layers with every swipe. The formula is ultra-smooth by design and can be purchased online at MAC Cosmetics or Nordstrom.

16. MAC Matte Lipstick in Really Me

MAC’s Really Me is a neutral, muted pink color that comes in a solid bullet tube. The color and formula are soft, smooth and comfortable. This MAC matte lipstick color lasts a good length of time and doesn’t dry out your lips. As Really Me is one of the colors in the original Matte Lipstick line, you can expect the color to be reliably wonderful for hours. Get yours from MAC Cosmetics or Nordstrom!

17. MAC Matte Lipstick in Studded Kiss

Mac Matte Eyeshadow

Studded Kiss is another of the best MAC matte lipstick colors that are groundbreakingly beautiful. The color, a deep oxblood red, is perfect for any pout. The smoothness of the formula allows for soft, heavily pigmented application every time that will not wear down or thin out as the day progresses. Get your dark oxblood Studded Kiss MAC lipstick at MAC Cosmetics or Nordstrom!

Mac Matte Eyeshadow Palette

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Mac Matte Liquid Eyeliner

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Mac Red Matte Lipstick

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