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Mac Lip Pencil Soar Liner

Item 4 MAC Lip Pencil Liner: Soar (Nude Pink) 100% Authentic NIB Full Size 1.45 g 3 - MAC Lip Pencil Liner: Soar (Nude Pink) 100% Authentic NIB Full Size 1.45 g. Item 5 MAC Lip Liner Pencil - WHIRL - 0.05oz Full Size / BRAND NEW BOXED 4 - MAC Lip Liner Pencil - WHIRL - 0.05oz Full Size / BRAND NEW BOXED. MAC Lip Pencil is a lip liner that retails for $17.50 and contains 0.05 oz. ($350.00 per ounce). There are 72 shades in our database. Jump to a particular section if you know what information you're looking for! Shop MAC Cosmetics’ Lip Pencil at Sephora. This pencil in a wide range of colors is designed for shaping, lining, or filling in lips.

So this is my first beauty review and it’s for the MAC lip liner in the shade ‘Soar’. The product retails at the reasonable price of £12.50 and you can buy it here but be aware that this shade in particular is one of MAC’s most popular products thanks to Kylie Jenner’s use of it in filling in her infamous lips. As a keen lip liner fan, I have been waiting to get my hands on this lip liner for a while now and only now that I have finished university have I given myself an excuse – a present to me, from me. I feel that everybody deserves a treat every now and then so what better treat to get than a beauty product. Admittedly I added a slight cringe factor and even gave myself a gift message, but this was more to feel like a gift than anything else!

Best mac lip liner colorsMac Lip Pencil Soar LinerMac Lip Pencil Soar Liner

The product itself is perfect to get a deep nude look for your lips and kind of gives off a 90’s look back when lip liner was overdrawn and a couple of years ago we’d look back at photographs and cringe but now we’re doing it again. Funny how trends recycle themselves isn’t it! Most people I know draw their liner around their lips and then fill in with a matte lipstick but I however just fill in the lips with the liner to get that perfect matte pout. I like to ensure that when I do my lip liner, the precision is on point to create that cupid’s bow look. That is the best thing with this lip liner as it gives you the ability to create the exact look that you want without looking unnatural. The liner itself glides on easily and has left me with my lips feeling moisturised and not dry all day long, a tip for making this happen is to apply a thin layer of Vaseline or other lip balm I find Vaseline the best as it is applied with the fingers and won’t discolour your lip balm stick. I personally have well exfoliated and moisturised lips anyway thanks to my obsession with Maybelline’s BabyLips balm, so the moisture levels of the liner may vary from person-to-person but for me, it worked a treat. The liner itself is long lasting and continued to stay on my lips throughout the day even after eating, which for me is often a downfall with lip liners/lipsticks in general as it tends to wear off of my lips when I eat.

Mac Lip Pencil Soar

All in all, this lip liner is definitely a staple in my beauty bag now and I shall be wearing it more often. Kylie Jenner, I salute you for introducing Soar into my life. Let me know your favourite lip liners in the comments below!