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Mac Fling Brow Pencil

A dual-ended brow tool designed to define and set brows with ease by fusing the power of liquid and powder in one product. MAC Fling has a matte finish. It is a permanent brow that retails for $15.00 and contains 0.03 oz. It is a permanent brow that retails for $15.00 and contains 0.03 oz. Jump to a particular section if you know what information you're looking for! MAC Brow Pencil in Fling Well hello again Mr Draft Post I’d forgotten about. I bought this eyebrow pencil back in August when I was on the hunt for a shade that would work with my blonde hair without making me look like Madonna circa 1990. I went everywhere and this was the best I found. MAC Eye Brows Pencil Fling Adds shape and colour to your eye brows. It defines your look.

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Swatch taken in natural day light
After feeling quite let down by Sleek's eyebrow stylist last month (review here) I decided it was time to head back to the higher end brands for my brow product problems. That sentence was a bit of a tongue twister there, but basically I ended up in Mac a few weeks ago in the hunt for my holy grail eyebrow product. I had researched my options and had decide on Fling but just for a second opinion asked one of the MUA working that day what brow pencil what she recommend me and she pointed me in the direction of Fling too.
What I liked about Fling is that the colour is much, much more appropriate for me compared to the Sleek pencil. There is none of that funny coppery colour going on with Fling and it goes really well with the natural colours of my eyebrow hairs. If the colour isn't right I find that I just can't bear to even use the product anymore as it makes me so self conscious. I also quite like that the nib is very fine so you can be really precise with this if you want to be. The price of this is not so shocking compared to some higher end products, currently retailing at £13.50 which I would say is right in between a drugstore price and a high end price.
What I don't like on the other hand is the way that this product is designed: you have to twist it up rather precariously and it feels really stiff and like its about to break at any second, and then you can't twist the product back down once you're finished. This really annoys me because this also means you have no way of telling when this is going to finish so you could be mid-brow and this could run out on you. Also after not even a week of using this I noticed that all the writing had begun to wear off the pencil which I think is a bit poor quality for something that is over £13 to be honest, it just looks a bit tacky and like it could be a year old not a month old. Plus there is no spooile brush which is again not really ideal considering the Sleek one has a spooile and a better design for half the price.
Mac brow set
My overall conclusion? Not worth the money at all. I would rather spend out a bit more and invest in a better product because although the colour works for me, everything else about this I think is a bit disappointing to be perfectly honest. I've never been let down with a Mac product so far, but this wasn't really the standard I would have expected for the price you pay and for that reason I couldn't recommend this product.
Mac brow pencil fling

Mac Fling Brow Sculpt Brow Pencil

QOTD: Have you tried any Mac Eyebrow pencils? What did you think?

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