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Lionel Messi Twitter

  1. Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are two of the greatest players in history. Over the past 15 years or so, the duo have dominated football, scoring goals and winning trophies for fun.
  2. Lionel Messi isn't exactly immune to criticism. You don't become one of the greatest sportspeople in history without amassing thousands of haters and Messi 's place in the GOAT debate has been the.

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Joan Laporta is working on a three-year contract to offer to Lionel Messi in an attempt to persuade him to stay at Barcelona, sources have confirmed to ESPN.

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The Barca president is aware the club can no longer afford to pay Messi what he is earning at the moment -- around €75 million net annually -- and is exploring different formulas to keep him at the club.

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Sources told ESPN the idea is to offer a longer deal so that Messi is compensated over several years to make up for the immediate reduction to his salary.

Messi, whose contract expires at the end of June, has previously preferred the idea of renewing on a year-to-year based on his own feelings and the sporting project in place at Barca.

Laporta cannot respect the terms of his deal moving forward, though, so he hopes to convince Messi with a two-year deal that includes the option for an additional year.

The Argentina international will turn 34 in June, and he admitted in December that he would like to play in Major League Soccer before ending his career.


'I always had the dream of being able to enjoy and have the experience of living in the United States and experience what the league there is like,' he told La Sexta.

Messi also said that, whatever he does in the future, he would like to return to Barcelona after retiring, and he hasn't changed his mind in terms of his long-term plans since that interview.

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However, in the short term, Laporta knows Messi's priority is to remain at the top of the game.

Lionel Messi Twitter

Therefore, sources have told ESPN, Laporta continues to seek ways to finance a star signing like Erling Haaland or Neymar to convince Messi that Barca will be capable of competing at the top level next season.

Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester City continue to monitor the situation, but a source told ESPN that Laporta is increasingly optimistic -- in public and in private -- that Messi will stay at Barca.

Laporta even said he was 'convinced' Messi would not leave this summer after last Saturday's Copa del Rey final win.

Messi, meanwhile, wants to focus exclusively on events on the pitch between now and the end of the season. If Barca win their final seven league games, they will win the La Liga title.

Jorge Messi, the player's father and agent, arrived in Europe last weekend and will oversee renewal talks, but sources told ESPN no date has yet been set up for a potential meeting with Laporta to begin negotiations.

Lionel Messi is making a mockery of claims that his 2020/21 season has been poor.

Sure, Barcelona haven't been covering themselves in glory throughout the 2020/21 campaign, trailing by ten points in the La Liga title race and losing the Spanish Super Cup final.

But give or take his first red card for the Catalans, Messi has been bucking the trend of his club with a series of superb performances that have undercut the criticism towards him in mid-2020.

Messi's remarkable statistics

Truth be told, Messi's lack of goals from open play after the restart were certainly concerning, but his placement amongst Europe's best for statistics suggested he was still thriving in other departments.

However, now that the non-penalty goals have returned in tandem, Messi has been able to dial down the volume of his haters and remind everybody why he's one of the best players in the world.

But even if Messi's form really did fall off a cliff - I don't know, God forbid, say he suffered a serious injury or completed a botched transfer - it would still do little to tarnish his astonishing legacy.

One of the greatest of all time

In other words, Messi would hang up his boots tomorrow and he would still be kissing the beautiful game goodbye with one of the greatest records that the sport has ever seen.

Now, don't get us wrong, this isn't us nailing our colours to the mast of the GOAT debate because Messi is by no means lightyears clear of, say, Cristiano Ronaldo or Diego Maradona.

However, regardless of whether you consider him to be the undisputed number one or not, it's simply impossible to argue that he's not in the conversation because the evidence speaks for itself.

Brilliant Messi Twitter thread

Sceptical? Well, as someone who has waded through their fair share of Twitter threads about Messi in my time, I can vouch for the fact that one of the very best of them has emerged this week.

Lionel Messi Official Website

That's because Twitter user @MessiCav10i - take from that username what you will - has compiled a fascinating thread outlining: 'Why it’s impossible to replicate Lionel Messi’s career...'

It's a bold premise, I'm sure you'll agree, but we're inclined to think that it sticks the landing, so be sure to check out the full thread down below:

Andres Iniesta Twitter

Just imagine scoring 40 goals every season for a decade and a half and still finishing more than 100 strikes behind Messi's career total. It's beggar belief.

Messi's incredible legacy

Cristiano Ronaldo Twitter

And while it's easy to become numb to Messi's overall goal tallies given how often his statistics are circulated, it's their overall impact on the wider footballing world that really puts them into context.

Leo Messi Twitter Official

As the Twitter thread highlights, Messi has contributed to 10% of every Barcelona goal scored in their 122-year history, while his brilliance is also sending ripples through wider European history.

And those facts alone are enough to make you think that Messi's career will never be replicated because as much as future legends will come and go, it's hard to see there being another Messi.

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