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Lazarbeam Twitter

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The Lazarbeam subreddit is for stupidshit and memes that i will sometimes feature in a video and on my twitter feed - Do your best, have fun, meme from the bottom of your heart. And remember: There's a little LazarBeam in all of us. You're all a bunch of Bloody Legends, as always, cheers Fellas! Biography: Age and more. Regarding age, LazarBeam (born December 14, 1994) is 26 years old as of 2021. With his birthday on December 14, he is a Sagittarius zodiac person belonging to Australian nationality and white ethnicity.

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Lazarbeam Tweet

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Lazarbeam Twitter

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Twitter Lazarbeam Skin

“Breaking” news: Lazarbeam has captured the official Fortnite Twitter account and posted his photos and other things there. Today, on March 5, 2021, a popular streamer Lazarbeam got the access to the official Fortnite Twitter account. Here’s what happened next:

After the news about his Fortnite skin, this post got uploaded:

Lazarbeam Twitter

This post was only the beginning. The next one already had a photo of Lazarbeam himself instead of just some text:

The next posts are even more weird and funny considering that all of that is posted on the official Fortnite account with more than 12 million followers:

Then, Lazarbeam decided to say his mum that he’s in Fortnite and left. Here’s his final words before leaving the account:

This whole situation isn’t the first time the official Fortnite Twitter account posts something strange, but all the previous posts weren’t made by a streamer saying “poggers”. Most likely, the whole situation was planned by the developers and Lazar himself, resulting in a funny advertisement for both the streamer and the Fortnite Twitter account. Something like this happening in the end of the season is also a good way to relax before the upcoming event.