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The campaign generated a massive 500,000 engagements online, and there was a seven-times increase in mentions of @KFC_UKI fries than the previous year. The offline print and display creative really caught the public’s attention, leading to the campaign being featured in mainstream UK news and sparking industry praise.

Josh Benge, Social Media Manager, @KFC said: “We don’t take changes like this lightly, so we knew we had to do something big to launch our new fries. Twitter gave us a unique opportunity to gain the instant impact we were looking for. Promoting negative customer feedback was certainly a risky approach, but it paid off.’

Last month, KFC blew the Internet’s collective mind with an Easter egg hiding in plain site on the fast food chain’s Twitter account. See, KFC is following exactly 11 people on Twitter: all. The latest tweets from @KFCES. KFC Gaming, a Twitter account operated by fast food company Kentucky Friend Chicken, pokes fun at Apex Legends' lack of content updates since its February launch. By Dalton Cooper Published May 15.


The latest tweets from @kfcmexico.

Rachael Swain, account coordinator EMEA at Adaptly, added: 'Twitter is definitely the platform to stir up discussions and was a natural choice for a campaign of this kind. The real-time element makes audiences feel like they are part of the conversation and by promoting negative feedback, we found a way to really cut through the noise for KFC. A bold move, but evidently very effective.'

If you want to be immortalized by your favorite fast food restaurant, you just need to decode their social media presence.

KFC recently sent a gift to Mike Edgette, the man who recently discovered something clever about the fast food chain's twitter account.

Remember this special tweet from last month?

[email protected] follows 11 people.
Those 11 people? 5 Spice Girls and 6 guys named Herb.
11 Herbs & Spices. I need time to process this.

— Edge (@edgette22) October 19, 2017

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Edgette tweeted back in October that KFC’s twitter account followed five spice girls and six random guys named Herb, which adds up to KFC’s famous 11 herbs and spices recipe.

The tweet got a lot of attention, the internet’s mind was blown, and KFC decided to send a painting to commemorate Edgette’s discovery.

Kfc twitter banner

Kfc Twitter Following

Which is probably the most unexpected response possible.

Dreams DO come true. #GiddyUpColonel

— Edge (@edgette22) November 4, 2017

Edgette told Mashable, “I cry a little every time I look at it. Tears of joy.”

Kfc Twitter

In the painting, Colonel Sanders is giving a piggyback ride to Edgette while he bravely wields a fried drumstick. There are mountains in the background along majestic wildlife. It looks like KFC’s interpretation of a classic American landscape, just with two fried chicken fanatics.

Edgette said he got a message from KFC on Twitter Friday night saying that he would be receiving a package the next day. And lo, it came the next day with a special letter from a certain, long-deceased colonel.

“The doorbell rang and a giant package was sitting on my doorstep,” said Edgette. He figured the painting was a gift from KFC for his tweet going viral.

Edgette also acknowledged the theories bubbling up online that he may have been part of a PR stunt.

Huh. So apparently I'm an undercover spy that works for @kfc and/or @WiedenKennedy. Weird. I feel like I would know that. But I guess the Internet is smarter than me.

Spanish Kfc Twitter

— Edge (@edgette22) November 7, 2017

Kfc Twitter Painting

“I know that’s the conspiracy theory going around. But no, never worked with KFC or Yum brands or anything like that and neither has the company I work for, TallGrass PR,” said Edgette.

KFC also sent him 52 gift cards worth $5 each. Edgette explained that the painting is currently hanging in his living room.

Kfc Twitter Sus

There's gotta be something hidden in Taco Bell's Instagram account. We're going to find it and hope they carve a statue depicting us with that chihuahua.