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Crosby KemperDirector
Katherine MaasProject Specialist/Scheduling Requests[email protected]202-653-4798

Office of General Counsel


Nancy E. WeissGeneral Counsel[email protected]202-653-4640
Calvin D. Trowbridge IIIDeputy General Counsel[email protected]202-653-4675
Susan B. GersonAssociate General Counsel[email protected]202-653-4712
Amanda BakaleAssistant General Counsel[email protected]202-653-4653
Mae RidgesLegal Policy/ Management Officer[email protected]202-653-4642
Gladstone PaytonCongressional Affairs Officer[email protected]202-653-4628
Brianna IngramParalegal Specialist[email protected]
Chris CatignaniChief Operating Officer - Acting[email protected]202-653-4672

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Antoine DotsonDirector of Human Resources[email protected]202-653-4728
Samatha WalkesSenior Human Resources Specialist[email protected]202-653-4632
Elizabeth LyonsHuman Resources Specialist[email protected]202-653-4676
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Chris CatignaniChief Financial Officer[email protected]202-653-4672
Dawn EvansSenior Accountant[email protected]202-653-4658
Christopher MetteeContracting Officer[email protected]202-653-4696
Steven WhiteOperations Specialist[email protected]202-653-4796
Donald Delauter, CGMPAdministrative Support Specialist[email protected]202-653-4777
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Connie Cox Bodner, PhDDirector of Grants Policy and Management[email protected]202-653-4636
Sandra NarvaSenior Grants Management Specialist Team Lead[email protected]202-653-4634
Kim A. MillerSenior Grants Management Specialist[email protected]202-653-4762
Elizabeth HoltanCommunications Manager[email protected]202-653-4630
Erica JarosCommunications Specialist[email protected]202-653-4701
Talitha ParkerWeb Content Manager[email protected]202-653-4754

Office of the Chief Information Officer

Scott CareyChief Information Officer[email protected]202-653-4690
Sridhar KesirajuOCIO Program Manager[email protected]202-653-4638
Sara ArjmandiInformation Technology Specialist[email protected]202-653-4694
Bixa KurianInformation Technology Specialist[email protected]202-653-4643
Damishia R. KingRecords and Information Management Specialist[email protected]202-653-4686
Matt Birnbaum, PhDSupervising Social Scientist[email protected]202-653-4760
Marisa Pelczar, PhDProgram Analyst[email protected]202-653-4647
VacantSocial Science Research Analyst

Office of Museum Services


Christopher J. ReichDeputy Director of Museum Services - Acting[email protected]202-653-4685
Daniel LeunigAdministrative/Project Specialist[email protected]202-653-4702

Office of Museum Services, Discretionary Programs


Christopher J. ReichChief Administrator[email protected]202-653-4685
Helen WechslerSupervisory Grants Management Specialist[email protected]202-653-4779
Mark IsaksenSupervisory Grants Management Specialist[email protected]202-653-4667
Steven ShwartzmanSenior Museum Program Officer[email protected]202-653-4641
Mark FeitlSenior Museum Program Officer[email protected]202-653-4635
Reagan MooreSenior Museum Program Officer[email protected]202-653-4637
Ashley JonesMuseum Program Specialist[email protected]202-653-4782
Laura ZamarripaMuseum Program Specialist[email protected]202-653-4753
Katrina DixonOffice Automation Assistant[email protected]202-653-4709
Cyndee LandrumDeputy Director for Library Services[email protected]202-653-4650
Lisa SolomsonAdministrative Specialist[email protected]

Office of Library Services, Discretionary Programs


Anthony SmithAssociate Deputy Director[email protected]202-653-4716
Jill Connors-JoynerSenior Program Officer[email protected]202-653-4791
James NealSenior Program Officer[email protected]202-653-4740
Ashley Sands, PhDSenior Program Officer[email protected]202-653-4730
Sarah FullerSenior Program Officer[email protected]202-653-4783
Maeve CoudrelleProgram Specialist[email protected]202-653-4715
Sarah BoonieProgram Specialist[email protected]202-653-4761

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Teresa DeVoeAssociate Deputy Director - State Programs[email protected]202-653-4778
Madison BollsSenior Program Officer[email protected]202-653-4786
Michele FarrellSenior Program Officer[email protected]202-653-4656
Dennis NangleSenior Program Officer[email protected]202-653-4661
Laura McKenzieProgram Specialist[email protected]202-653-4644

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March 18, 2021

K-State librarian receives $100,000 IMLS grant to improve environmental research

When most students and researchers log into a database and begin their research, they typically search by keyword, subject, author or possibly a specific journal title. But now, a new grant-funded project will help create the capability for researchers to search for articles by location or environment.

Imls Twitter

K-State Libraries academic services librarian Livia Olsen, in partnership with the University of Idaho, was awarded nearly $100,000 from the Institute of Museum and Library Services to plan for a web application that will offer researchers a portable and flexible way to improve the ability to search and discover agricultural and environmental information.

'Changes to JournalMap, the web application we are developing further, will help improve finding articles by geographic region,' Olsen said. 'For example, a researcher could easily find articles that were published in a specific country or region. The tool even allows for searching by type of environment, altitude and biome, among several other classifications.'

K-State Libraries IT staff designed and created the Croplands Research Database, and have maintained it for nearly 10 years. Once the new version of JournalMap, along with its application programming interface has been fleshed out, IT staff will update the Croplands Research Database to include features such as automated article importation and assignment of a controlled vocabulary using crop system spatial data layers and geotagging.

'The addition of filters like climate and soil type can help searchers find other parts of the world with similar circumstances so the research might also be relevant,' Olsen said. 'While the focus is on the ecological literature, location is important to many other disciplines. It basically makes searching for relevant research much easier.'

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The Institute of Museum and Library Services is the primary source of federal support for the nation's libraries and museums. It advances, supports and empowers America’s museums, libraries and related organizations through grantmaking, research and policy development. Its vision is a nation where museums and libraries work together to transform the lives of individuals and communities. To learn more, visit and follow IMLS on Facebook and Twitter.