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Geekbot Slack

Welcome to the geekier side of Slack! Learn how to use commands to streamline your workflows with your trusty sidekick, Geekbot 🤖

Reporting commands

Let Geekbot remind you when it's time to report, or don't wait to be told — you can report on demand by typing report directly to Geekbot in Slack.

If you’re not ready to report or you need to skip a standup entirely, simply type cancel. Geekbot will scrap your latest update, but beware: the cancel command will effectively cancel all current communications with Geekbot.

Geekbot is a handy helper that integrates seamlessly into Slack. You can use it to create standup reports, team surveys, and general updates that run asynchronously. Meaning your team can stay up-to-date and in-sync, even across timezones— all without breaking a sweat. Geekbot enables a streamlined workflow that never impinges on daily tasks. Geekbot automates recurring tasks. It runs daily standups, collects surveys, shares responses, and posts updates to your slack channels at a time and pace that suits. Geekbot offers paid-only daily stand-ups in Slack. DailyBot is building a whole ecosystem to help remote teams excel — and have a great time at it. Enjoy the right mix of technology, tools and native integrations for asynchronous work. Free forever, now in Slack, Google Chat and Microsoft Teams.

If a question comes up and you have nothing to say, simply type nothing, none , nope, no or (-) — a handy tip to reduce the noise as you read reports.

Time off commands

Let Geekbot know when not to ping you by typing out of office or just ooo. Then, say how long you want to stay out the reporting loop (you can even write that to Geekbot after it has popped the first question).

GeekbotGeekbot Slack

Ready to resume reporting? Type out of office or ooo — to manage any registered OOO periods ✍️

Slack Geekbot 使い方

For more information on how to settle your vacation period, please take a look here 😉


Engagement commands

There are a couple of engagement commands to choose from. Just pick the one that works for you:

  • To get a weekly engagement status of your team’s reporting progress, type engagement, and Geekbot will send you a list;

  • To view your team’s daily engagement status, type engagement today, and let Geekbot work its magic.

Geekbot Slack

Each engagement command includes all the standups and surveys your team has reported on, so you'll have a complete overview in no time at all.

If you want to specify a standup to look into, just add the name (say, you want to look at a standup called 'Daily standup': for a weekly update, type engagement Daily standup — for a daily overview, type engagement today Daily standup.

Slack Standup Bot

Access command

To access your dashboard right away, type the command dashboard or login, and Geekbot will give you a link.

Help command


If your memory starts playing games and one of the commands slips your mind, ask Geekbot for help, and it will deliver a list with all the commands it knows 🧘‍♂️