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Figma To Wordpress

In last week’s live office hours, we talked about our Figma to WordPress Process.

Figma to WordPress We convert Figma designs into dynamic, easy-to-manage WordPress websites at a reasonable price. Since 2007, our team of 100+ professional developers, have helped thousands of clients, build over 6000 WordPress websites. Let's partner with you! Fiverr freelancer will provide WordPress services and convert figma to wordpress including Number of Pages within 2 days.

Here’s what we talked about:

  • How we plan new projects.
  • How to design so it’s easier to code.
  • How to plan your page sections, colors, and typography.
  • How to start your Figma design to WordPress development process.
  • How to make custom content sections editable in WordPress admin.

Some key takeaways from our discussion last week:

  1. Start the design project by discussing all sections and content elements with the developer. Make sure your design plan goes along with the existing content structure and WordPress possibilities.
  2. Break your design down into repeatable sections with easy to define content elements like subtitle, title, paragraph, image, etc.
  3. Avoid having too many custom sections that would be expensive to code and hard to manage with the content management system.
  4. Organize your colors, typography, and UI elements into easy to use style guides (see DesignKit, my ready to use template for Figma) that have all the styles described and ready to use for developers.
  5. Make sure all design assets like images and icons can be easily exported and are in good quality.
  6. Use your icons as SVG or font, so you can easily control their colors, size, and even animate with CSS. (Read more: Beginner’s Guide to Creating and Animating SVGs)
  7. Use ACF Blocks to easily create your own custom Gutenberg blocks.

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Responsive, Fast Loading, SEO Friendly. Figma to WordPress

We convert Figma designs into dynamic, easy-to-manage WordPress websites at a reasonable price. Since 2007, our team of 100+ professional developers, have helped thousands of clients, build over 6000 WordPress websites. Let's partner with you!

  • Tech Savvy Project Managers

    Your own dedicated manager that also has experience in WordPress and perfectly understands the specifications of any WordPress conversion.

  • 5-Star WordPress Developers

    With 100+ highly experienced developers in different fields, we always have the right person/team to handle your WordPress project, no matter its size or complexity.

  • Pilot Project Test

    Evaluate our work via a pilot run and see if we are a match. Get an idea of the code quality, communication, and everything that is essential to you.

  • WordPress Support & Maintenance

    If anything stops working properly on your WordPress website, contact us. We'll be happy to fix it for you, even if it’s years after the project completion.

  • Smooooth Workflow

    We know the ins and outs of Figma to WordPress conversions. As a result, we've developed an efficient and smooth workflow that saves you time.

  • 6,000+ Completed Projects

    We are proud to be behind more than 6,000 websites since 2007. We are now successfully releasing almost 3 websites each day of the year.

Not Just Clients. Partners & Friends.

Working with the htmlBurger team has been a huge success! They're good people who care deeply about our business!

Working with htmlBurger has been a great experience for us! htmlBurger has enabled us to move quickly and expand our portfolio.

Our business relies on fast and reliable talent and support. htmlBurger gives us that and much more, while freeing us to do what we do best: great digital design.

Working with htmlBurger is like having a whole team of highly skilled colleagues. A winning team, definitely.

Htmlburger has been very open to us and all of our crazy ideas. They made it very easy for someone that has no idea how to code, develop a functional & welcoming E-commerce site.


Having worked with the HTMLBurger team previously, we were confident that Nate and the team would be able to ensure they used best-practice coding standards and the results speak for themselves.

We've consistently received the best support, account management, and expert insight you would hope to have from a great web partner.

htmlBurger team goes beyond our expectations by suggesting or implementing things in ways we didn’t realize were even possible.

Great team to work with! Always on time, always pixel perfect, always awesome.

  • No Unnecessary Plugins

    We don't use plugins for every small simple task. We build bespoke functionality and only use plugins when it's really necessary - Yoast, WooCommerce, etc.

  • Server Installation

    Count on us to install your WordPress website on a staging or live server of your preference. No additional costs involved. We've got you covered!

  • Responsive by Default

    Optimization for tablets and mobile devices comes by default. No responsive designs? That's okay. Our developers will handle it.

  • Intuitive Admin Panels

    Creating simple admin panel is not a simple task. We develop easy-to-use admin panels, so the end user is not overwhelmed by tons of confusing options.

  • Bespoke Theme Development

    We build custom themes without using premade templates. Everything is crafted based on your specifics and includes only what you need. No unnecessary extras.

  • Builder of Your Preference

    Elementor, DiVi, Beaver Builder, Visual Composer, Themify Builder. We have experience with all modern builders and can use one if you prefer.

  • Our Own Staging Servers

    Before we go live, we will first setup your project on our staging servers, so you can test, add your own content and make sure everything is perfect.

  • Fast Loading Optimization

    We use tools to measure and optimize all aspects of the website: page size, load time, render time. We take care of everything: from sprites to server tuning.

  • Carbon Fields

    Say Hi, to Carbon Fields our most advanced WordPress custom fields library developed by our team. Completely free alternative to ACF.

  • CSS Framework Usage

    Bootstrap, Foundation, Bulma, Materialize, Skeleton. Just let us know which framework you need and we will use it. It doesn't cost extra.

  • Commented Markup

    It's worth mentioning you don't have to ever again pay extra for commented markup. Get HTML and CSS so well commented, even a child can understand.


    Using CSS preprocessors is part of our coding standards. We use them for all our projects. Just let us know which one is your favorite and we'll use it.

Selected Samples

Kasra Design - WordPress Website

With just 3 responsive page templates and a unique section builder, we created over 15 pages. We implemented several animations and parallax effects throughout the site. It was also carefully optimized to reach 88 points in Google PageSpeed Insights!

  • 15+ pages
  • HTML5 / CSS3
  • Responsive
  • Custom JavaScript
  • Custom Animations
  • Parallax Animations

Sofa Lab - WordPress Project

We handled a project of 10+ pages, using HTML5 and CSS3. Besides making everything responsive, which today is the standard, we dazzled the project with some custom made JavaScript. Even more, the client enjoyed our custom animations.

  • 10+ pages
  • HTML5 / CSS3
  • Responsive
  • Custom JavaScript
  • Custom Animations

Figma to WordPress Services

Figma To Wordpress

Here is a list of WordPress services we've designed for you.

  • Figma to WordPress

    Send your Figma design mock-ups and we will convert them to a fully functional and responsive WordPress site with a custom theme.

  • WordPress eCommerce

    With its advance capabilities WordPress is a prefered platform for eCommerce. Let's help you build a new eCommerce website or update your existing one.

  • Custom WordPress Plugins

    We've compiled a team of seasoned developers that can build nearly everything you can imagine on the WordPress platform.

  • WordPress Speed Optimization

    You have a sluggish WordPress site? Let us have a look and we'll find the bottlenecks, and then propose a plan for the optimization.

  • Security Hardening

    Due to the popularity of WordPress, sites built on it are often a target of hacker attacks. We'll make sure that your site follows the best security practices so it's safe.

  • Migration to WordPress

    We take your existing site and make it WordPress CMS driven. We will take care of your content migration and map old URLs to the new ones.

  • Content Transfer

    Transferring content is tedious and error-prone work. We've developed tools for automating the process and checklists for verification of the results.

  • Plugins Installation and Customization

    Do you need a feature added to a free or premium plugin (e.g. Gravity Forms)? Or possibly need a bug fixed? We can take care of that.

  • WordPress Maintenance

    We are part of your team and we'll never leave you on your own. If you have issues or questions - just let us know. We'll be glad to help you ASAP.

  • WordPress CMS on a Static Site

    If you have an existing HTML website and need it to become a fully functional WordPress site with a user-friendly admin panel, just say the word.

  • WordPress Headless CMS

    Thanks to the WordPress REST API, we can help you use WordPress as a headless CMS and build complex web apps with APIs that count on the WordPress core.

1. Clearing Up Expectations

The first step after you submit your request is for us to assign you a dedicated manager that will be the best fit for you. They will then take care of everything else - review the design files and project specs, make sure we are on the same page, and clear up your expectations from us.

Convert Figma To Wordpress

2. Development & Testing

After we agree on everything, it's time for us to assign you the perfect developer/s for your project. Your manager keeps an eye on the progress, provides feedback to the dev, and gives you regular updates. After the coding phase is done, a QA also checks it for the 3rd time.

3. Delivery & Champagne

When the green light is given from the QA, we will send you previews to see for yourself. This is the time to tell us if anything needs to be altered. Once you are completely happy with the result, it's time for the champagne! Let's celebrate the success of the project.

Figma To WordpressFigma to wordpress editor

4. Ongoing Support

We know that after we’ve completed the development, your work is just starting and we're here to help. We will do the installation on the live server, and provide assistance when you need new features, some corrections, maintenance, security checks, etc. You name it, we will do it.

Reasonable Pricing, Unbeatable Value

Every project is different and that's why you will always get our best price, based on the $68-$78 USD hourly rate we have for Figma to WordPress development. Below are pricing examples for better understaning.


Figma To Wordpress

  • Small Projects ( 1-5 simple short pages )

    UP TO $1,500

  • Standard Projects( 5-8 standard pages )

    $1,500 - $3,500

  • Medium Projects( 8-12 midsize unique pages )

    $3,500 - $6,000

  • Large Projects( 10+ long and heavy pages )

    $6,000 +

Figma To Wordpress Login

We Take Care About Server Installation

Count on us to install your WordPress website on a server. No additional costs, we've got you covered for free!

Need your fancy new WordPress website installed on a server, so you can start using its full functionality right away? Sure! We'll gladly take care of this process and we'll do it for free. We'll also make sure everything works properly, so you can fully enjoy all the possibilities this user-friendly CMS provides you with. No additional cost. No worries. Be our guest.

  • Will you sign a NDA (non-disclosure agreement)? Yes
  • Do you offer unlimited revisions?Yes
  • Do you offer rush delivery?Yes
  • Do you accept Ai, Adobe XD, PNG, Indd, Sketch, JPG, EPS design files?Yes
  • Can you build single page applications on the WordPress platform?Yes
  • Do you use a version control system for maintaining your projects?Yes
  • Can you install the site on my server once you are done?Yes
  • Can you just clean up my code or make some fixes?Yes
  • Will my WordPress site load fast?Yes
  • Will you add essential WordPress plugins at no additional charge?Yes

Figma To Wordpress Conversion

Have unanswered questions? Let's discuss your needs.

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