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Excel Mail

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Creating Your Excel Mailing List: Open a new Excel workbook and set up field names for your list in. Create your Excel Spreadsheet. The most important step in the mail merge process is to set up.

Excel Mail
Learning has never been so easy!

When needing to convert a column of email addresses in Excel to a usable list in Outlook.

Excel mailing

Notes: These instructions work for both PC and Mac computers, Using Outlook or Outlook Web Access. The email addresses must be complete ([email protected]) and listed in a single Excel column to use these instructions successfully.


6 Steps total

Step 1: Copy and Paste


Copy and paste the column of email addresses into a blank Microsoft Word document.

Step 2: Clipboard

A small clipboard appears to the right of the data. Click on this once and select 'Keep Text Only'.

Step 3: Replace

Click the 'REPLACE' button on the Home tab (sometimes found under Edit > Replace).

Step 4: FIND

Click inside the 'Find what' box and enter ^p (Hint: The carat symbol '^' is typed using Shift+6).

Step 5: Replace

Excel Mail Merge Envelopes

Click inside the 'Replace with' box and type in a semi-colon.

Step 6: Replace All

Click the 'Replace All' button. When the process is finished, hit OK and close the Find/Replace window.

You now have a list that can be copied and pasted into the TO, CC or BCC sections of an Outlook email message.

Excel Mail Login

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