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Excel Consulting

  1. Microsoft Excel Consulting Services for Business. Since 1994 we have offered our professional Microsoft Programming, Consulting, and Training Services. Much of that work involves programming in Microsoft Excel for a wide variety of clients from the major market sectors.
  2. We are a mid sized consulting group that focuses on real time risk and analytics in the retail, finance, insurance and defense sectors. What our clients have to say 'I get to work with large datasets to solve problems ranging from realtime fraud detection to predicting market conditions.'
  3. Microsoft Excel Consulting Process As more and more businesses leverage Microsoft applications, the demand for Microsoft's consulting services has increased significantly in recent years. Excel is a high-demand application for business and it’s getting more complex, so collaborating and consulting with Excel experts becomes a necessity.
  4. As expert Excel consultants we provide professional Excel consulting services to business as remote Excel contractors. Our clients are small businesses, large businesses, and everything in between.
We maximize your return on investment
There are many improvements that can be made to a spreadsheet, but often these don’t yield a return – either in saved labor or increased accuracy. If we don’t think that a proposed project will deliver a tangible benefit to you, we will recommend against it. Visit the Sample Projects page to learn how we have helped dozens of clients.
We focus on results, not our technical skill
Many Excel consultants and Excel programmers focus on all of the technical experience they have with Excel, such as with charting, PivotTables, writing VBA code and creating formulas. While we have over 25 years of experience in all of those areas and more, we think this focus misses the point. We focus on one thing – delivering solutions that save you time and money. If we can’t do that, then all of the technical experience in the world won't matter to you.
We bring a balanced approach to your project
We maximize the return on investment to our clients because we bring a balance of business and technical expertise to our Excel consulting services. We leverage that balance to find the right solution for each unique problem, using the most effective tools that Excel has to offer. Sometimes that solution is a very sophisticated spreadsheet, other times it is a simple spreadsheet. It is always the most cost effective solution available.
We leverage our vast knowledge
Building real world Excel solutions for over 25 years has taught us a lot - taught us a lot about how best to do things and taught us which approaches to avoid. We leverage that accumulation of knowledge with each new client to help us deliver the best solution in the shortest time possible. We are Excel consultants; we are also tireless students of Excel.
We continuously add to our toolkit of solutions
We develop new solutions and devise new approaches with every project. This includes leveraging tools outside of Excel where appropriate, such as integrating with Microsoft Access to manage and analyze large data sets, or accessing Adobe Acrobat and Microsoft Outlook to streamline workbook and report distribution. The experience we gain from every past client helps us to develop the best possible solution for every future client.
We won't waste your time
If you aren't sure whether we can help, take a couple of minutes to describe your business needs to us. (Visit the Contact Us page.) We will be able to tell very quickly whether or not we can help, at no cost or obligation. If we don't think we can help or if we think a solution is not cost effective, we'll tell you so. If we think we can help, we'll describe how.
Trust us to be your go-to solution for Excel consulting.
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EXCEL Consulting Company Considering the economic decline, the need for businesses to receive assistance in improving various aspects of their organization is great. Moreover, with such a high unemployment rate, business professionals and consultants are looking for work.

Since our founding nearly 25 years ago, we have made New York home. New York is where we got our big start and still today many of our largest clients are in New York, such as Ralph Lauren. Wanting to be local to business, we opened our New York office right in the heart of Manhattan’s Financial District. We meet clients there or we go to the client’s location, or if remote works, we can do that as well.

With with our New York based Microsoft Excel, Access, VBA, Office developers, trainers and Microsoft Certified Microsoft Excel MVP’s

Since 1994 We Have Worked With Corporations in New York’s Financial District, Manhattan

In one week alone one of our legendary Microsoft Excel MVP’s went onsite in Manhattan and New Jersey to provide onsite group training in Microsoft Excel to both Ralph Lauren’s CFO and his finance team as well as Verizon. Both training opportunities quickly lead to a series of Microsoft Excel programming projects for each firm, spreading out over years. This is just one example of what our senior Microsoft Excel MVP’s bring to the client, their advanced data visualization techniques, their exceptional Excel skills paired with business communication skills. What more can you ask for, the best of the best.

The Microsoft applications listed below are the ones our New York clients most frequently work with.

  1. Excel
  2. Access
  3. Microsoft Office (Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, etc.)
  4. Microsoft Office for the Mac
  5. SQL Server
  6. Azure
  7. Power BI
  8. VB.Net

Our Microsoft Excel, Access, and Power BI Experts’ Role In Manhattan New York

ExpertExcelConsultants is a provider of professional Microsoft Excel, Access and Power BI Solutions, custom solutions. Since our founding in 1994 we have worked with hundreds of the businesses that call New York home. We have worked on over 5,000 projects globally.

Having a large presence on both the west and the east coast for almost 25 years, has allowed us to have a local office in New York, thus putting us in a position to provide better service to our clients in New York and surrounding areas, such as Verizon in New Jersey.

Excel Consulting

Helen Feddema is probably our most known Microsoft solutions provider that works locally in New York. Helen is one of the world’s top Microsoft Access developers, and she is equally talented in Excel, Word, and Outlook. Helen has written over a dozen books on the various Microsoft applications. That is why we say we wrote the book on Excel and Access programming and training services. Helen, Dennis, Zack, Chris, Marilyn, etc., have written the books that the younger generations of programmers read to learn these very same applications.

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Having a formal programming education from one of the world’s top colleges gave Helen her start. Then working with the series of databases and other desktop productivity tools eventually replaced by Microsoft Excel, Access, SQL Server and Office is why Helen is one of the best persons in New York to assist your business, government office, educational institution or non-profit.

Monday through Friday you can reach our Lower Manhattan office by dialing 646-205-3261. Or you can use the contact form to reach out.

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If you are you local to Manhattan’s Financial District and you need to work locally, give us a call at 646-205-3261.