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Evernote To Do List

I love Evernote.

I’ve written about how much Evernote means to my every day life in the past. From clipping things across the internet to storing files I want to be able to access anywhere, Evernote is the swiss army knife of productivity and my workflow.

Evernote To Do List 2019

It does everything for me.

Evernote To Do List

Evernote is excellent for organizing your life, but by using Evernote templates, you can make the organizing process itself even easier. To us, the templates available are easily one of the platform’s most powerful features. We have trawled through some of the best Evernote templates to give you a list of the best available. Use the Evernote audio recording feature to document your meetings, so details aren’t lost in translation. Party Planning Party Planning Checklist. Food & drink list: check. Invite list: check. Where to have it: check. List your budgetary needs and guidelines so you don’t spend too much—or too. With Evernote, there are many different ways to create custom to-do lists, grocery lists, or any other kind of list that you want to create on a regular basis, and keep a record of information. When you create the first note - you can use a numbered list, bullets, or a checklist which allows you to mark items as done. Create powerful integrations between Evernote and other apps, so you don't have to do it manually all over again. Evernote Integration for Confluence Copy notes from Evernote to Atlassian Confluence pages quickly and easily.

Evernote To Do List Template

It’s my digital brain. For personal stuff, we have a family notebook that Melissa and I share. For work stuff and anything else, there’s a notebook in my Evernote for it.

I use tags some. For a few things here and there that I know will have notes across the many notebooks I have (I probably need to skim that down some), I use tags. Templates for different things, my wife, and reference materials all have a tag (along with a few more).

The one thing that you won’t find in my Evernote notebook? A to do list.

Evernote To Do Lists

You got it. Evernote is not a to do list. I know they’ve tried with check box integration and reminders. There’s a secret weapon people have tried to use to make it a good to-do system. They’ve tried to make it a little more friendly toward housing project management and to-do’s, but it’s just not for that. There’s no quick access or quick dump or action step lists or even sub projects or tasks. Does Evernote integrate well with a project manager like ToDoist? Sure. It’s great to house longer notes and ideas that can then be linked in ToDoist.

I’ve tried rolling to-do’s into Evernote and I lost so much of what a true to-do list offers.

The danger is that when we go to mind dump a task into a task manager, it takes too much time to find the right notebook and note. I’m afraid we’ll lose a lot of the easy access that a true inbox in a to-do list provides. It’s a small, but truly important thing that we lose seeing the task disappear after we complete it as well. There’s something motivating about checking off a task and watching it go away. Evernote it too robust to be a true getting things done system.

Sure, you can try Evernote for your project manager/to-do list. You may get it to work with an IFTTT hack or something, but for me, I don’t mind having 2 hubs of productivity that can communicate easily with one another.

Evernote To Do List

What are your thoughts?

Evernote To Do List Template

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