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Evernote 10

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I have been trying to find out how Evernote is stored on my computer. My basic interest is that I am trying to go paperless (as much as possible) and Im wondering if the file and file structure live on the computer or at Evernote. The new Evernote for iOS is a major milestone in our journey to rebuild our apps, our infrastructure, and how we ship software. But it's only the beginning. Evernote News Introducing the New Evernote for iOS. We’ve rebuilt our app for iPhone and iPad from the ground up to be more intuitive, more stable, and ever more useful.


Evernote is a complex but easy-to-use application for taking notes in various formats, including text, photos, media files, documents and web clippings.
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The app has a feature for using the camera to scan and comment on documents, even handwritten ones. You can also attach docs, PDF files and photos to notes and it has all the tools for organizing files in an intuitive way.Moreover, you can sync files across multiple devices and share projects with friends, so you can complete them faster. It also comes with the option to create craft presentations and add comments to documents.It comes with Google Drive integration which allows you to preview links in Evernote. Notebooks and notes can be accessed even if you don’t have an Internet connection and the app allows you to lock files to protect your privacy.


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  • Create notes, notebooks, checklists and to-do lists
  • Attach pictures, videos, documents to your notes
  • Sync notes and lists across multiple devices
  • Access notes even without an Internet connection

What's new in Evernote APK 10.0:

Evernote 10 Android

Evernote 10.1

For more information on downloading Evernote to your phone, check out our guide: how to install APK files.

Other Evernote APK versions (32):

  • Evernote 10.8.22021-04-19
  • Evernote 10.8.12021-04-16
  • Evernote 10.72021-04-12
  • Evernote 10.62021-04-01
  • Evernote 10.5.12021-03-10
  • Evernote 10.52021-03-01
  • Evernote 10.42021-02-18
  • Evernote 8.13.32020-06-30
  • Evernote 8.13.22020-05-13
  • Evernote 8.132020-03-20
  • Evernote 8.12.52020-01-27
  • Evernote 8.12.42020-01-21
  • Evernote 8.112019-07-03
  • Evernote 8.102019-06-17
  • Evernote 8.9.12019-05-16
  • Evernote 8.92019-03-26
  • Evernote 8.8.12019-01-25
  • Evernote 8.82019-01-17
  • Evernote 8.7.02019-01-17
  • Evernote 9.2.52018-12-18
  • Evernote 8.7.0_beta12018-12-18
  • Evernote 8.6.12018-11-29
  • Evernote 8.62018-11-22
  • Evernote 8.5.22018-11-15
  • Evernote 8.5.12018-11-05
  • Evernote 8.52018-10-31
  • Evernote 8.4.12018-10-06
  • Evernote 8.42018-09-27
  • Evernote 8.32018-08-23
  • Evernote 7.162018-01-05
  • Evernote 7.152017-11-30
  • Evernote 7.9.7 beta12016-11-08

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New in Evernote 10.0:
  • Fixed:
  • We came; we saw; we conquered bugs.

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Evernote 10 For Android

Evernote - stay organized.
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API Minimum:
23 - Android 6.0 (Marshmallow)
API Target:
29 - Android 10