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Install Steam login language ) Your Store Your Store. New & Noteworthy. Escape From Tarkov is an interesting mix between arcade-based shooters and punishing survival games. The closest game that replicates the hybrid is Rust. While Tarkov has a large focus on gunfights and resource management, Rust is more focused on player manipulation and griefing. You spawn into the world naked with only a stone in your hand. It doesn’t run through Steam or a similar platform. Instead, the Beattlestate Games Launcher is the game’s provider, and only after purchasing Escape from Tarkov can you download this launcher. ยินดีต้อนรับทุกๆท่านนะครับ ผม NAKLAS GAMER ติดต่องาน / โฆษณา / รีวิว: [email protected]


Escape from Tarkov is a game that not many people may have been aware of a couple of months ago, but it's quickly becoming one of the hottest games in the world. Escape from Tarkov's popularity on Twitch and other streaming platforms has seen the game reach new heights, with more interested in playing the game than ever before.

However, some fans may be confused when they get on Steam and realize that Escape from Tarkov is nowhere to be found. As it so happens, Escape from Tarkov is not currently available on Valve's digital distribution platform. Anyone that wants to play Escape from Tarkov needs to purchase it from the game's website directly, though that doesn't mean a Steam release won't happen eventually.

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In fact, an old interview between WCCFTech and Escape from Tarkov developer Pavel Dyatlov confirms that a Steam release is planned for the game. The Escape from Tarkov Steam release will come once the game reaches version 1.0 (Escape from Tarkov is currently in beta), so an exact release date is unavailable at the time of this writing.


Meanwhile, Escape from Tarkov may also come to consoles at some point in the future as well. While the developers want to focus on the PC version of the game for now, that same interview with Dyatlov confirmed that a console release is possible after Escape from Tarkov is out on PC and Steam. Specific platforms weren't mentioned, but one has to imagine that PlayStation and Xbox systems at least are under consideration.

While some fans may be excited about an Escape from Tarkov Steam release and a possible console port, they may want to keep their expectations in check. Escape from Tarkov studio Battlestate Games recently downplayed Dyatlov's standing in the company, and not only that, but the WCCFTech interview is over three years old at this point.

Battlestate Games said that Dyatlov is 'not a key BSG employee' when responding to criticism about some of his comments in that same interview. While responding to a question about the lack of female characters in Escape from Tarkov, Dyatlov said that women can't handle the stress from war. Dyatlov was reportedly reprimanded for his comments, but it's unclear if that happened when the interview first happened or after the controversy started.

Escape from Tarkov is in beta on PC.

Escape From Tarkov Steam Audio

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Escape From Tarkov Steam Game


Source: WCCFTech

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