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Ddj Sx2 With Rekordbox

The DDJ-400 is the replacement for the DDJ-RB, which is a rekordbox product. Pioneer DDJ-200 Smart 2-channel controller is compact and lightweight, and had a pro-style layout, allowing easy mixing. Hard CASE for Serato DJ skills. View and Download Pioneer Serato DDJ-SX operating instructions manual online. The new Pioneer DDJ-SB3 2-Channel DJ W. On a Mac, the install folder for ver. 6 has been renamed from rekordbox 5 to rekordbox 6. Use Finder to select Applications, click the rekordbox 6 folder, then double-click to start ver. Make sure the icon for ver. 6 is the one on the Dock if you want to start it from there. Is DDJ-SX2 recognized by the computer? The issues of DDJ-SX are explained in the linked page. Please replace DDJ-SX with DDJ-SX2 when you read the explanation in the linked page. Is the MIDI controller setting of DDJ-SX2 set to 'Forcefully use the unit as the general MIDI controller'? 2020 DDJ-SX2/SZ/SRT v6.7.4 – Mapping for Traktor Pro 3+2 - DJ Estrela TO DOWNLOAD: you NEED to register and verify your email in the DJTT site to download this mapping. If it still fails, clear your cookies and use another browser. ABOUT BOME: The Zip file contains two different versions: WITH or WITHOUT bome. The BOME version is much newer, has unique features (jog screens), and is the only.

  1. Ddj Sb3 Rekordbox
  2. Pioneer Serato Ddj Sx2
  3. Ddj Sx
  4. Pioneer Sx2 Rekordbox

About rekordbox 6

  • I bought a piece of Pioneer DJ equipment that included a rekordbox dj license key. Can I use this DJ equipment to control PERFORMANCE mode in rekordbox ver. 6?

    If the equipment isn't a rekordbox ver. 6 Hardware Unlock device, you'll need a subscription plan to control ver. 6 PERFORMANCE mode.

    See a list of ver. 6 Hardware Unlock devices here.

    Using DJ equipment that was bundled with a rekordbox dj license key, you can control ver. 5 PERFORMANCE mode.

  • Is there a trial for rekordbox ver. 6?

    No trial is available for rekordbox ver. 6, but a 30 Day Free Trial of the subscription plan is available.

    One free trial is available per subscriber. See also here.

  • I’ve installed rekordbox ver. 6. Can I use rekordbox ver. 5 on the same computer? /Can I use rekordbox ver. 5 and ver. 6 on the same computer?

    You can use rekordbox ver. 5 on the same computer even after installing ver. 6.

    However, you can't run ver. 5 and ver. 6 at the same time.

    The following restrictions also apply.

    • To use selected functions in ver. 5, you'll need the relevant license.

    Please note: If you already have a ver. 5 license (purchased or bundled), you can continue to use ver. 5. As of April 2020, it will no longer be possible to purchase a new ver. 5 license key.

    • To use selected functions in ver. 6, you'll need to take out the relevant subscription plan. When you run rekordbox ver. 6 for the first time and convert your library from the old version, all information such as cues, beatgrid, and playlists will be copied over. After this, the libraries of ver. 5 and ver. 6 do not sync. So, from then on, imported tracks and information such as cue points in one version won't be reflected in the other version.

  • What are Hardware Unlock devices ?

    When you connect a Hardware Unlock device, you can use it to control PERFORMANCE mode without subscribing to a paid plan.

    The following devices are Hardware Unlock devices for rekordbox ver. 6:

    PERFORMANCE mode control, Recording, Sharing mix, MIDI Learn, MERGE FX*1, SAMPLE SCRATCH

    • CDJ-3000
    • DJM-V10/V10-LF
    • DJM-S11/S7
    • DJM-750MK2/450/250MK2
    • DDJ-1000/800/400/200
    • DDJ-FLX6
    • DDJ-XP1/XP2
    • XDJ-XZ/RX2/RX/RR
    • RB-DMX1


    • DJM-V10/V10-LF
    • DJM-S11/S7
    • DJM-750MK2/450/250MK2
    • DDJ-RZX/RZ
    • DDJ-XP1/XP2


    • DDJ-RZX

    Sampler Sequence Saving


    *1 The external mixer mode is not supported.

    (List correct as of Jan. 2021)

  • Where can I download rekordbox ver. 5?

    You can download latest version of rekordbox ver. 5.

    Older versions, from here.

  • I have a rekordbox ver. 5 subscription. What do I need to do to use ver. 6?

    We've renewed the rekordbox subscription structure and the ver. 5 plans won't work with ver. 6.

    Check the features and prices for each plan and choose a plan for ver. 6.

    If you no longer need your ver. 5 subscription plan, cancel it. Click here to visit the relevant page.

    You can compare the features included in each new plan here.

  • Where can I check the license information for rekordbox ver. 5?

    Visit My Page on the

    rekordbox ver. 5 licenses won't appear until they've been activated.

  • I want to use previous rekordbox.

    You can download it from the following links.

    ver. 6.5.0

    ver. 6.4.2

    ver. 6.4.1

    ver. 6.4.0

    ver. 6.3.0

    ver. 6.2.0

  • Is there a risk I’ll lose all my music by unsubscribing from rekordbox ver. 5 and downloading rekordbox ver. 6?

    No. But you'll first need to convert the library you used with rekordbox ver. 5 to use it with ver. 6.

    If rekordbox ver. 5 (or earlier) is installed on your computer, you'll see a button to begin the library conversion when you start rekordbox ver. 6 for the first time. Follow the on-screen instructions to start converting your library.

  • I’ve updated rekordbox to ver. 6, but I want to return to ver. 5. How can I do that?

    You can use rekordbox ver. 5 by following these steps:


    • Install ver. 5 again.
    • Double-click the rekordbox icon on the desktop.


    • Use Finder to select [Applications], then click the [rekordbox 5] folder.
    • Double-click rekordbox. app.

    Your ver. 5 library will be unchanged since you converted it for use with ver. 6. New cue information or tracks you've imported to ver. 6 won't be included in your ver. 5 library.

  • I have a rekordbox dj license key but I can’t activate rekordbox ver. 6 with it.

    You can't activate rekordbox ver. 6 using a rekordbox dj license key. You'll need to start a subscription plan for ver. 6 if you want to use the latest version of the application.

  • What is the color of the waveform (BLUE/RGB/3Band) that can be displayed on the hardware display?

    The color of the waveform that can be displayed depends on the model.


    • CDJ-3000
    • DDJ-RZX


    • CDJ-TOUR1/2000NXS2
    • XDJ-1000MK2
    • XDJ-XZ/RX2/RR
    • DDJ-1000/800 *1
    • DJM-S11 *1


    • CDJ-2000NXS/900NXS
    • XDJ-1000/700
    • XDJ-RX

    *1 For this DDJ/DJM series, the color of the waveform can be changed in the [Preferences] of rekordbox.When set to 3Band, the color of the waveform is displayed in BLUE.

    (List correct as of Oct. 2020)

  • After I updated rekordbox to ver. 6, [?] is displayed on a track list.

    In rekordbox ver. 6, you can choose the new style of waveform [3Band]. However, tracks analyzed by the older version of rekordbox don't have the 3Band data, so the [?] icon appears.

    Tracks with the [?] icon can't show the 3Band waveform even if you select [3Band] in [Preferences] > [Display] > [Waveform] > [Colors].

    If you export one of these tracks, you won't be able to view the 3Band waveform in [WAVEFORM COLOR] on the CDJ-3000, even if you select [3Band].

    To fix the problem, right-click the track and select [Add New Analysis Data] from the context menu.

  • How can I use [Auto Relocate] and [Relocate] to find missing files?

    If you've changed the location where you saved a track, the message [File is Missing] is displayed, and you may not be able to play or export the track. (The status column is marked with [!].)

    In this case, you can [Auto Relocate] or [Relocate] the track.

    [Auto Relocate] searches and relocates files in the folder specified by you in the [Preferences] > [Advanced] > [Database] > [Auto Relocate Search Folders].

    [Relocate] enables you to manually specify the location of the file and relocate it.

    Follow the instructions in either of the following two ways:

    • From the application menu

    Select [File] > [Display All Missing Files] in the application menu.

    In the [Missing File Manager] window, click either the [Auto Relocate] or [Relocate] button.

    • From the context menu

    After selecting the track with [!], right-click to show the context menu and select [Auto Relocate] or [Relocate].

  • Do I need to reanalyze tracks to view the 3Band waveform ?

    You don't have to reanalyze tracks.

    Right-click the track and select [Add New Analysis Data] from a context menu.

    Follow the steps below to select [Add New Analysis Data] for the all the tracks of the library.

    1. Click Collection
    2. Click a track list to set the cursor on the track list.
    3. Press [Ctrl+A] to select all tracks.
    4. Right-click and select [Add New Analysis Data] from the context menu.

    If the selected track contains a track that already has [3Band] analysis data, the analysis will automatically skip the track.

  • What is Inflyte?

    Inflyte is a music promotion platform.

    Promoters and record labels use it to share tracks with DJs so they can play them in their sets.

  • After updating to ver.6, do I have to set cue points and beatgrid for my tracks again?

    No, you don't have to set them again.

    When you run ver. 6 for the first time, your current library will be converted for use with ver. 6.

    All information in your library, such as cues, beatgrid, and playlists, will be copied over. (Alternatively you can select [File] > [Library] > [Import your library from ver.5 (or earlier)].)

  • Are there Plus Packs that add features to rekordbox ver. 6?

    rekordbox ver. 6 doesn't have Plus Packs (additional features).

    Additional features provided by ver. 5 Plus Packs are included in ver. 6 paid subscription plans.

    Core plan


    Creative plan

    DVS, Video, RMX EFFECTS, and Lyric

    See details of the features included in each plan here.

  • I have multiple Pioneer DJ accounts. Can I switch between them?

    You can switch between accounts on My Page in rekordbox.

    Click [MY PAGE] and select [Switch Account] from the pull-down menu of email addresses in the top right corner of the screen.

  • When I start rekordbox from my Mac’s Dock, ver. 5 starts instead of ver. 6. What should I do?

    On a Mac, the install folder for ver. 6 has been renamed from [rekordbox 5] to [rekordbox 6].

    Use Finder to select [Applications], click the [rekordbox 6] folder, then double-click to start ver. 6.

    Make sure the icon for ver. 6 is the one on the Dock if you want to start it from there.

  • What is My Page?

    There are 2 types of My Page.

    • My Page on the website:
    • My Page in the application: rekordbox ver. 6 (or later)

    My Page on the website:

    After logging into the website, click your name in the top right corner to open My Page. You can edit your profile, check the information of the devices you've activated for your ver. 6 subscription plan, and check details of your license for ver. 5.

    My Page in the application:

    Start rekordbox (Mac/Windows) and click [MY PAGE]. You can activate/deactivate your computer after you've started a ver. 6 subscription plan. [INFORMATION], [Cloud Library Sync ]settings, and information on [KUVO] are all available here.

  • I subscribed Core Plan. What should I do next to use the features of Core Plan?

    You need to activate your computer.

    In rekordbox (Mac/Windows), open [MY PAGE] and turn on the [ON/OFF] button to the right of [Activate this computer] on the [PLAN] tab.

    You do not have to activate your mobile device.

  • I subscribed Creative Plan. What should I do next to use the features of Creative Plan such as Cloud Library Sync?

    You need to activate your computer or mobile device.

    To activate your computer:

    In rekordbox (Mac/Windows), open [MY PAGE] and turn on the [ON/OFF] button to the right of [Activate this computer] on the [PLAN] tab.

    To activate a mobile device:

    In rekordbox (iOS), open [Settings] > [Account Information] > [Subscription Plan] and turn on [Activate].

    You can check the activation status on My Page on the rekordbox website.

Ddj Sb3 Rekordbox

Ddj Sx2 With Rekordbox


Digital DJ Tips reader Beau Preston writes: “So, I’ve been using my MixTrack Pro 3 for just over a year now. Completely got used to it and I know all of the beginner and advanced techniques, so now I think it’s time for an upgrade. I’ve been searching around the internet for ages trying to pick out controllers and I came across the Pioneer DJ XDJ-RX and DDJ-SX2.

“I have used the DDJ-SX2 so I am familiar with the layout and I enjoyed it a lot. I also like the four channels it has (which the XDJ-RX doesn’t have). It is also for Serato DJ, which I have been using with my Mixtrack Pro 3. But I’ve also messed around with and practised on a pair of CDJ-2000NXS decks which I truly love (but which are a little out my price range). Thus, I am also used to the Rekordbox ecosystem and spinning with the CDJ / DJM layout.

“What I like about the XDJ-RX is that it has its own screen and doesn’t need a laptop to work, and I also like how it mimics a lot of the functions of a normal CDJ layout for less money. What I don’t like about it is that it has fewer features than the DDJ-SX2 so i will feel quite restricted. Also, it only has two channels and I would really like to do at least three-channel mixing with my upgrade.

“The DDJ-SX2 uses Serato, which I do like. It has a lot of awesome features and the layout is really nice. My only big concern is that if I use this I won’t be used to playing on a CDJ set-up at a club. Which one should I go for?”

Digital DJ Tips says:

Firstly, even on a Nexus set-up, you’ll feel restricted compared to a four-deck Serato set-up. Digital DJing is still streets ahead of Pioneer laptop-free DJ systems, and that also includes the XDJ-RX.

Secondly, the similarities between the Pioneer XDJ-RX and a club system are not actually that great: certainly you’ll be at no less an advantage playing with a DDJ-SX2 then trying to move to a Nexus set-up in a club than with an XDJ-RX. The feel of the XDJ-RX is very different to the feel of a pair of Nexus CDJs and a pro DJ mixer.

Pioneer Serato Ddj Sx2

There is one thing that you’d miss out on going the Serato route, though: The fact that the XDJ-RX and Pioneer’s pro DJ gear use the same library management software: Rekordbox. If you prep all your music on Rekordbox, you can use the same USB on both the XDJ-RX and the Nexus club system.

Pioneer ddj sx2 compatible with rekordbox

However, as the Pioneer DDJ-SX2 is also compatible with Pioneer’s Rekordbox DJ software, if you wanted to save the library work duplication, there’s your answer: Buy the DDJ-SX2, but use it with Rekordbox / Rekordbox DJ.

Pioneer sx2 rekordbox

The real thing that is likely to trip you up moving from controllers to pro DJ gear is this: A fully networked, properly set up Nexus system will work fine with your Rekordbox library on USB, and if you’ve beatgridded your tunes properly, you can use the pro gear’s “sync” button to hold mixes tight and together. Trouble is, that isn’t often the case in your average club, where the players often aren’t networked, and so sync and even sometimes Rekordbox import isn’t possible. You can get your tunes to play from USB, sure, but not much else.

So apart from having your library really well organised (search is streets behind software systems in the “pro” booth), more than likely, you’ll also need to mix manually when you get into a club’s DJ booth – and so if you’re not adept at manual beatmixing, you may find that “leap” a hard one.

The best way to prep for that is to practise manual beatmixing on your home gear (whatever you choose to go for), so you can do it on pro gear once you’re in a “real” DJ booth. The rest of the learning curve is just working out what buttons do what and getting a few hours’ practice on CDJs – which you’d need to do whether you were coming from an XDJ-RX or a DDJ-SX2.

If it were me, I’d probably go for the XDJ-RX as two decks and no laptop would suit my style of gigs and DJing, and I wouldn’t miss the more advanced features of Serato, much as I love them – but just don’t let your own choice be coloured by a worry about the next leap to the pro DJ booth, as you’ll have the same work to do either way.

Ddj Sx

Any advice you’d like to give our reader? Which do you prefer – the XDJ-RX, or the DDJ-SX2? Share your thoughts below.

Pioneer Sx2 Rekordbox

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