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  1. Blade Below the Shoulder: Fire Dagwon's Fire Blade, which extends from the ladder on the fire truck that forms his right arm.; Cool Car: En's basic vehicle, the Fire Stratos, is a Lancia Stratos police car.; Dangerous Forbidden Technique: Super Fire Dagwon is horrendously straining to use, so much so that En can only use it for about a minute at a time before falling unconscious.
  2. On all episodes past #16 (or #17, depending on whether you watched the one from Chou-Mendoukusai or Subdivers; both will be available in this playlist), plea.
  3. Combiners - Express Command (Super Liner Dagwon) DagArmor (2) DagTurbo (1) DagWing (3).

They turned into Dagwon by the power of Bravian, and fought against space monsters. At that moment, the patrol car came in front of En. En grew into the car and turned into the Brave Robot Dag Fire, then beaten the enemy. However, the fight between the Brave Dagwon. Today, Bandai officially announced the release details for the next Brave Command Dagwon release within the Super Mini-Pla line. For those unaware, Brave Command Dagwon is seventh installment within the Brave series, which precedes The King of Braves, GaoGaiGar.The series features high school students being recruited to join an intergalactic police force and become the Dagwon.

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This article is about the franchise that uses designs from Transformers. For the Car Robots character, see Emissary (RID).
Like Transformers, except every robot has a face plate, something long sticking out of its head, and a gold chest. And they look likeGundam.

Brave (勇者 Yūsha) is a non-Transformersfranchise that Takara and Sunrise created after the Generation 1 anime ran its course in Japan. The Brave Series consists of eight individual series that were released one after the other from 1990 to 1998 with corresponding TV shows in Japan. The last show in the series received a follow-up OVA beginning in 2000. Although none of the series storylines are connected to one another,[1] the basic format of each series is similar. Usually a kid befriends/creates/becomes a sentient robot, and together they fight a great evil threatening the Earth. The main robots combine with other vehicles and robots to become larger robots, and additional teams of sentient robots combine amongst themselves to form larger robots as well. This structure had been established in Victory and would be reproduced almost beat-for-beat in every Brave series. The Brave franchise has been described as a cross between Transformers and the Super Robot genre of the late '70s and early '80s.


The Brave series consisted of:

  • 1990: Brave Exkaiser
  • 1991: The Brave Fighter of Sun Fighbird
  • 1992: The Brave Fighter of Legend Da-Garn
  • 1993: The Brave Express Might Gaine
  • 1994: Brave Police J-Decker
  • 1995: The Brave of Gold Goldran
  • 1996: Brave Command Dagwon
    • 1997: Brave Command Dagwon - The Boy with Crystal Eyes
  • 1997: The King of Braves GaoGaiGar
    • 1999: The King of Braves GaoGaiGar FINAL
  • The Saint Of The Braves Baan Gaan (cancelled, later made into a video game.)

Toys for these robots were created in two sizes: DX ('deluxe') versions that contained more gimmicks and more complicated transformations, and STD ('standard') versions that contained fewer gimmicks and more limited transformations (often resorting to partsforming), but often also higher accuracy in reproducing the look of the robot from the anime series. Generally, the toys were created by Takara's Takashi Kunihiro and Sunrise's Kunio Okawara, doing engineering and design work respectively. The duo had already collaborated in the creation of Star Saber from the aforementioned Transformers Victory. The toys not engineered by Kunihiro are believed to be engineered by Hisashi Yuki.


  • 3Toys and character designs recycled from Transformers
  • 4Fiction

Relationship to Transformers

The initial concept designs for Brave Exkaiser, the first Brave series, were intended to be Transformers designs. While the Brave robot Ultra Raker was very far along at this stage, the Max team and King Exkaiser bore little resemblance to their final designs.

The Brave toys also have design elements similar to Generation 2 and Beast Wars Transformers, which were released around the same time as the Brave toys. For example, many of the Brave of Legend toys have light-piped eyes thanks to transparent pieces of plastic in their heads, a design element which many Generation 2 Transformers share. The Goldran DX toyline contains many projectile launchers, something Generation 2 shared as well. In particular, the Goldran toy 'Advenger' contains a rotor-launching gimmick identical to that of the Rotor Force from Generation 2, and the 'Captain Shark' figure has a Gatling-gun style launcher, the same as Generation 2Dreadwing. Lastly, the elbows of Leon from DX Leonkyzer contain ball joints, a design element that gained much broader use during Generation 2 and even more so during the Beast Wars toyline. In addition, Might Gunner's shoulders have twin barreled cannons on them, in the same manner that Scorponok does, due to Kunio Okawara co-designing both characters.

And to think, Red Geist's toy doesn't even have any remolding.
The Brave Series also reused character designs and toys from previous Transformers series. It was not uncommon for the recycled designs to appear in a Brave TV show, but not in toy form. These designs were often significantly augmented to distinguish them from their Transformers counterparts. For example, the four Geister henchmen in Exkaiser use character models of four of the five Dinobots (minus Grimlock), but with all-new faces, body detail and color schemes. Of the designs that did appear in toy form, some of them were retooled to reflect these changes, whereas others were simple recolors. (A complete listing of the reuses follows in the section below.)

One striking difference between the Brave and Transformers toy lines is that very few villain robots were released in the Brave series. This is in sharp contrast to most of the Transformers series, in which heroes and villains are released in relatively equal numbers (with the exception of Zone and Return of Convoy). Generally speaking, the lack of villain toys is more the norm for such toylines in Japan, with the various Transformers lines (save for the aforementioned two) being the exception.

Despite the Brave series's reuse of many Transformers molds and character designs, Brave toys have never been reused in a Transformers toy line. This is likely because the characters that the toys represent are owned by Sunrise. That said, a Brave mold was finally reused in 2008, when Might Kaiser's trailer was modified and included in TakaraTomy's Tomica Hero: Rescue Force as part of the toy Zero Fire. Although Hasbro never released Brave toys in the West, they apparently did receive samples from Takara on at least one occasion.

Influence on Transformers

Similar to Brave being influenced by Transformers, subsequent Transformers lines have also been influenced by the Brave Series. The Japanese Mini-ConKingbolt's coloration and characterization are homages to the Brave series Exkaiser. The Cybertron cartoon featured many homages to the Brave series, most notably the way Optimus Prime combines with Leobreaker and Wing Saber, which is similar to the way GaoGaiGar combines with Goldymarg and Stealth Gao respectively. As well, Hot Shot's transformation scheme is almost identical to various car robots from the Brave series, those being Dran, Dag Fire, and Volfogg. The battle between Optimus Prime and Galvatron contains several visual references to the final showdown between Great Exkaiser and Dinogeist from the anime series Brave Exkaiser. The Animated characters Jetfire and Jetstorm are similar to Enryū and Hyōryū from GaoGaiGar, both with respect to their elemental motifs and method of combination. Animated also has a brief cameo appearance by Dagwon's Dag Base. Shattered GlassEsmeral's color scheme is based on Red Geist, a redeco of her Victory counterpart's husband. Brave Police J-Decker mecha Duke Fire and Shadowmaru inspired the Autobot drone Duke Fire and Decepticon Greatsix. Meanwhile, the human police superintendent Juzo Saejima also inspired the Generation 1 human Saejima.

Toys and character designs recycled from Transformers

(Italicized names are non-toy characters.)


  • Green Raker and Blue Raker — Originally designed with Transformers in mind but released under the Brave banner.
  • Armor Geist — Snarl
  • Horn Geist — Slag
  • Ptera Geist — Swoop
  • Thunder Geist — Sludge

Da Garn

  • Red Geist with Red Breaster — Deathsaurus and Tigerbreast (no Eaglebreast)

Might Gaine

  • Atlas Epsilon — Dai Atlas
  • Atlas Mk.II — Dai Atlas
  • Gōryū with Ōwashi — Dai Atlas and Speeder
  • Hiryū with Hayabusa — Sonic Bomber and Sonic
  • Mega Sonic 8823 — Sonic Bomber
One ninja is deadly. A bunch of ninjas are cannonfodder. Two ninjas are... um...


  • Kagerō — Sixshot
  • Shadowmaru — Sixshot (featured a new head, chest, chest fins, beast head, and entirely new set of weaponry to incorporate a ninja motif; also has slightly more articulation since the bar connecting the lower legs to each other was removed)
  • The Micromaster Stations (sans Micromasters and including non-transformable Brave Police figures; never appeared in the show)

It was originally assumed that Duke Fire from Brave Police J-Decker was a homage to New Rodimus. However, following a discussion with Duke Fire's designer, this proved to be a coincidence.[2]


  • Death Garry Gun with Missile Gear — Sky Garry and Shotbomber (cannibalized trailer launchers)
  • Revibaron — Sonic Bomber with parts from Deathsaurus and Dai Atlas
  • Zazorigun — Scorponok


  • Dag Base — Grandus (significant retooling, cannot combine with Star Convoy)
  • Thunder Dagwon — Galaxy Shuttle (significant retooling, including an additional motorcycle/robot that combines for the shuttle's robot mode)


Ask Vector Prime

Vector Prime was asked whether or not Brave was a part of the Transformersmultiverse. Unfortunately, the Prime seemed to have misinterpreted the question. He did, however, express a fondness for the adventures of Princess Merida and Queen Elinor.

The events of the Brave anime were later established to take place in the Cymond Cluster, which bordered the Megaverse and only possessed a tangential connection to the goings-on elsewhere in the Transformers multiverse. Ask Vector Prime


Saikyō Yūsha Robo Gundan!
  • Transformers: Bravemasters was an unrealized proposal by Hayato Sakamoto. Art of it shown at BotCon 2015 revealed that it would have utilized several offscreen toys from the Movie-related toyline (such as Breacher, whose toy would have been used for the main character) and would have been strongly influenced by the Brave franchise.[3]


  1. ↑ There are some small connections between the series. For example, the reason Fighbird joined the Space Guards is that he admires Exkaiser. (This connection is stated in the Encyclopedia of Fighbird, published by Keibunsha.) Also, there are some small cameos of human characters between shows, and some character models, such as Draias and Guard Diver, are reused in subsequent series. Lastly, the Brave Saga video games retcon the storylines of the shows so that they link up.

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Brave Command Dagwon

The main protagonist and the fire warrior.

  • Blade Below the Shoulder: Fire Dagwon's Fire Blade, which extends from the ladder on the fire truck that forms his right arm.
  • Cool Car: En's basic vehicle, the Fire Stratos, is a Lancia Stratos police car.
  • Dangerous Forbidden Technique: Super Fire Dagwon is horrendously straining to use, so much so that En can only use it for about a minute at a time before falling unconscious. The result is that while it's billed in the opening credits as a Mid-Season Upgrade like other Brave final forms, instead it only gets used as a weapon of last resort, appearing a grand total of three times.
  • Elemental Punch: Both Fire En and DagFire use burning punch attacks called Fire Knuckle.
  • Meaningful Name: 'En' is written with the kanji for 'flame'.
  • Tank-Tread Mecha: Power Dagwon transforms from an excavation vehicle, with the lower frame and treads becoming its legs. It can also assume a Partial Transformation where the legs remain untransformed.
Voiced by:Takehito Koyasu

The speed warrior.

  • Catchphrase: 'Don't say four or five!' It's a literal English translation of a Japanese idiom that essentially means 'Don't grumble.'
  • Leader Forms the Head: As the leader of the Liner Team, DagTurbo forms the head and torso of (Super) Liner Dagwon and has primary control over those forms.

The weapon warrior.

  • Chest Blaster: Armor Shin has a Gatling gun built into the torso of his armor, called the Breast Motor Cannon.
Voiced by:Hiro Yuki

The sky warrior.

  • Meaningful Name: 'Yoku' is written with the kanji for 'wing'.

The shadow warrior.

  • Blade Below the Shoulder: Shadow Ryu has a pair of giant Shadow Kunai attached to his elbows.
Voiced by:Hisao Egawa

The ground warrior.

  • Drill Tank: Geki's Drill Liner, in its Attack Mode, is a steam train with a drill attached to the front.

The thunder warrior.

  • Chick Magnet: When Rai arrives on Earth to blend in as a normal student, the female students immediately start going after him to the point it starts to terrify him. And then Maria forces him to reveal he's a textbook psychic to the public.
  • Reused Character Design: Though some details are altered (including a new head, a new chest plate, and sticking DagThunder on the back) Thunder Dagwon's basic design is based on Galaxy Shuttle from Transformers Victory.
  • Sixth Ranger: Even more so than Geki, as Rai only joins in episode 35.

Brave Command Dagwon

En's Childhood Friend who he often butts heads with.

Voiced by: Naomi Nagasawa

Maria's little brother.

An alien who comes to assist the Dagwon team later in the series.

  • Laser Blade: Galaxy Luna has one of these, called the Lunatic Rapier.
Voiced by:Joji Nakata

The alien responsible for giving the Dagwon team their powers.

Sargasso Prison

Dagwon Opening

The initial antagonist who destroyed the Alien Kens a long time ago.

Voiced by: Masahito Yabe

One of a trio of brothers who take over the antagonist position later in the series.

One of the trio of brothers who take over the antagonist position later in the series.

Voiced by:Kouji Ishii

Leader of the trio of brothers who take over the antagonist position later in the series.

Dagwon Team

A being with an asteroid-like body that crashed into Sargossa long ago. Able to possess both machines and organisms, he is the root of the prison break leading to the events of the series.

Thunder Dagwon