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Chris Evans Twitter

Chris Evans is getting a lot of attention for an interview he had with ACE Universe earlier today (March 23).

2 days ago  Chris Evans knows a little something about Instagram-related faux pas. So when “Truth Hurts” singer Lizzo admitted to sending the Sudbury native an.

The 39-year-old actor virtually reunited with brother Scott Evans and together, they opened up about their childhood, Avengers and more.

  • Chris Evans leaked photos news: It seems that Evans was attempting to post an Instagram video and amidst the string of recognizable photos of himself is a silhouette of an erect penis or, as some on Twitter are calling it, “America’s Dick,” “a welcome new ‘member’ of ‘The Avengers” and “the most fantastic one of.
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However, it wasn't what he said that was getting the most attention, as fans were more concentrated on his chest tattoos peeking out from his shirt.

The tattoos that were visible were the eagle on the right side of Chris's chest, and a quote from Eckhart Tolle on his left.

The quote reads: 'When you lose touch with inner stillness, you lose touch with yourself. When you lose touch with yourself, you lose yourself in the world.'

After checking out the interview, fans across Twitter couldn't help but show their appreciation for Chris's tattoos peeking out.

'show us ur tats bae @ChrisEvans,' one fan wrote, while another added, 'why am i just now finding out that chris evans has chest tattoos??????'

Chris Evans Twitter

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Chris Evans Twitter Page

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This fit was giving me all types of butterflies today 🦋🦋✨ Chris Evans...thank you (:

— lexii 🙃💗 (@AgentLexiRogers) March 24, 2021

the way i didn’t even know chris evans had tattoos

— elven eli🧝🏽‍♀️🌱 (@genderlesshag) March 24, 2021


— mi’asia (got suspended) (@glowinasiaa) March 24, 2021

Please enjoy Chris Evans sighing, soundtrack added.

— dailyL (@dailylaney) March 24, 2021

just found out Chris evans has chest tattoos I’m not okay

— lily ᱬ watching ted lasso (@R0SADI4Z) March 24, 2021

Cool shirt, but he's really testing seams on the sleeves. Did he ask for a medium, but they made him wear a small? Just like at Hooters? Seriously though, I want the shirt.

Sebastian stan

— sam (@SamanthaCat13) March 24, 2021

chris evans in floral shirt with the tattoos peeking and the chain? this is what heaven looks like


Chris Evans Twitter Camera Roll

— siri (@ilysmcevans) March 23, 2021