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Cdj 2000 Rekordbox

Written by: Dexxter Clark
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  2. Cdj 2000 Rekordbox
In this Rekordbox tutorial: how to format your USB thumb drive for Rekordbox the right way?

When a library is created using 'rekordbox', an application included with the CDJ-2000, library browsing with the CDJ-2000 is possible. Library browsing is a function for selecting and searching for tracks by category (ALBUM, ARTIST, TRACK, PLAYLIST, HISTORY, and many others) specified in rekordbox. The software Rekordbox prepares your music for the XDJ and CDJ players by Pioneer, like the CDJ 2000. Rekordbox let’s you do a number of things:. Check and change detected beatgrid and BPM. set cue points, cue point names, (auto) loops. set hot cues and hot cue names. set CDJ or XDJ settings (like wave form color, auto cue. 2x Pioneer CDJ-2000 Nexus & DJM 900-Nexus Mixer. Ending Saturday at 7:02PM BST 2d 23h. Rekordbox license and deck saver. CDJ-2000 NEXUS2. PURE PERFORMANCE. Meet the next generation multi-player that opens doors to performances beyond your wildest dreams. The highly evolved CDJ-2000NXS includes advanced features, including 4-deck Beat Sync, Slip Mode and Hot Cue Auto Load. Use the included rekordbox software or download the rekordbox.

Choosing the wrong settings can lead to unnessary slow exports.
And also lead to usb drive errors in your CDJs.
First, make sure you have a USB drive with a maximum of 32 GB.
Formatting an USB drive or SD card for the CDJ 2000 works the same way as formatting your USB drive or SD card for Rekordbox.
Before we start, make sure that you have closed rekordbox first.
Rekordbox takes the usb drive hostage if it`s running.
Then you can`t format the drive for Rekordbox.
Start the Disk Utilty via the launcher
click: other
then choose: disk utility
In the disk utility, choose your usb drive on the left side of the screen.
Make sure you select the first option, in my case it`s called Kingston DataTraveller.
Do NOT select the option underneath, because you will miss the option to speed up your USB drive for exports from RekordboxCdj
If there is only one drive showing up under: internal, do NOT select that one, that is your internal hard drive and not your USB drive.
If you format that, you WILL erase all the data of your hard disk
If you selected the upper item in the list under: External
goto erase
type in a name, in my case: music
Then choose FAT: File Allocation Table
You could choose to format the OS X Journaled HFS+ , but your most safe bet is FAT
bare in mind that Apple has developed a successor for SSDs and probably will drop the support in the future.
Back to formatting the USB drive for Rekordbox in the disk utility
After we have choosen FAT, choose the scheme: MBR
MBR stands for Master Boot Record.
If you don`t choose MBR, your export from Rekordbox will be much slower.
Now click: erase.
Wait until the format is complete
And click: done

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Cdj 2000 Rekordbox Download

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Cdj 2000 Rekordbox

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The way you format your USB drive determines the speed of your Rekordbox export and if your drive is recognized by DJ controllers and CDJs like the CDJ 2000.
So, choosing the right settings is crucial for convenience and compatibility.
In this article I’ll dive into the right settings and how to format your USB drive for Mac and Windows the right way.

Can CDJs read exFAT / NTFS?

No, CDJs can’t!
They only read FAT32 and HFS+.
Which format is best and step-by-step format instructions you can read in this article.

Best format for CDJ USB

The Pioneer CDJ machines support three types of file system formats:
• Microsoft FAT
• Microsoft FAT32
• Apple HFS+
Below you can find my recommended file system, pros and cons of each file system.
Later in this article I will give you step-by-step instructions to format your USB drive on Mac and Windows the right way.

You probably noticed that the supported standards are replaced by newer more reliable ones with less (storage) limitations.
FAT32 is replaced by NTFS in 1993, HFS+ is replaced by APFS in 2017.
I can only guess to why Pioneer choose to support these older standards instead of the newer standards, probably licensing issues.
For now, we have to work with the limitations.

Formatting USB drive on Mac for Rekordbox

  • Make sure Rekordbox is closed!
  • Insert the USB drive
  • Start “Disk Utility” by pressing Command+Spacebar and type “disk”, select the first item in the list or press Enter.
  • Select the USB drive in the drive list on the left. Make sure you select the drive, not the partition below (otherwise you will miss vital setting later).
  • Click on “Erase” (translation: format) at the top of the screen.
  • The Erasewindow will appear.
  • Choose a name for you dive in Name
  • Format: select “OS X Extended Journaled” for HFS+ or “MS DOS FAT”
    If you choose FAT, you only can use 32GB of your drive if your drive is larger than 32 GB.
  • Scheme: select “Master Boot Record”. IMPORTANT!! (you will miss this option if you selected the partition instead of the drive in the previous step).
  • Now click on the “Erase” button below the formatting options.
Cdj 2000 Rekordbox
  • Wait a few seconds, your drive is now being formatted.
  • Click “Done” and close the Disk Utility.
  • You drive is now ready to use in Rekordbox.

Formatting USB drive on Windows for Rekordbox

We can’t format drives larger than 32GB with the Windows built-in tools.
So we need third party software called “Fat32 Format” (download: )
We can also format smaller drives with Fat32 Format, so this is the method I’m going to use for this tutorial.

  • Before we start, make sure Rekordbox is closed
  • Insert your USB drive
  • Make sure all your Explorer windows are closed, otherwise you can’t format the drive
  • Start Fat32 Format
  • Select the drive letterof your USB drive. NEVER choose C:
  • Select allocation size: 4096
  • choose a name for your USB drive in “Volume label”
  • Click Start
  • Select OK
  • Your drive is being formatted, this takes a few seconds
  • Your drive is now finished formatting
  • select Close

If you want to know how to export tracks from Rekordbox to USB read this article.

If you are serious about Djing and want take it to the next level, check out my CDJ 2000 course or my Rekordbox course.