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Cass Art Paint Brushes

If you’re an oil painter, or use acrylics as your favoured medium, then you’ll know just how important getting the right brush is. Acrylic painters will usually be forced to paint quickly due to acrylic paint drying out quickly, whereas oil painters will require a longer time to paint due to oil paint taking a lot longer to dry, so it’s worth taking all of this into consideration before. 12 Colors Watercolor Paint Set Bulk, Pack of 30, Shuttle Art Watercolor Paint Set with Paint Brushes for Kids and Adults, Washable Paint for Classroom, Parties, Kindergarten and Art Activities. 4.4 out of 5 stars 31. Get it as soon as Fri, Apr 23. FREE Shipping by Amazon.

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Monday, 28th October, 2019

PaintingCass Art Paint Brushes

10.00-4.00, at the Studio, Bransbury,

Step one: Using a paint brush or spray bottle, completely wet your page. Step two: While the page is still wet, start putting big strips of colour across the page in thick, wavy stripes. Begin with the lighter colours first and leave gaps in-between colours.

All our watercolour paint brushes come in a variety of sizes and styles including fan/mop brushes, round and even Hake brushes made with goat hair. Finally, we also have water brushes, these are a great alternative to paint brushes especially if you are more of a travel painter who needs more portable art equipment. System3 Brushes. You can't beat the system! Paint with acrylic! We would like to send you occasional emails about news and information about art.

£80/day, tea, coffee and biscuits provided. Please bring your own materials.

Cass art oil paint brushes

If you have been to an Oil Painting Beginners course, and it was fine on the day, but you feel rusty, have slightly lost confidence and can’t quite remember what to do…this is the course for you. A one day gallop through the basics to set you off on the oil painting path.

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Painting with oils is great fun once you get going, so come along to remind yourself that you CAN do it.

Courses are now booked via

Cass Art Paint Brushes

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For this class please bring a mix of paints, rags, brushes, solvents, your palette, palette knife and a few things to paint on (paper, boards or canvas – not too small). Whilst you are on the Hampshire Art studio site have a look at the oil painting basket of materials from CASS ART. They can supply anything you are missing with a 10% discount if you go from our site.