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Better Touch Tool Gestures

  1. The application is lightweight and straightforward: you can pick up the applications on the left side, assign the gestures on the right. Basically, BetterTouchTool acts like this: once you’ve picked up a gesture, you’ll have to choose a key command which will be activated with that gesture.
  2. Better Touch Tool (let’s call it BTT from now on) works behind the scenes, monitoring which application you’re using and what your fingers are doing on the trackpad. You can easily setup gestures.
  3. You need to enable JavaScript to run this app. If you just want to buy a license for BetterTouchTool (and agree with the license terms) you can go here: Standard.
  4. Check out Better Touch Tools for yourself: Unboxing: Channel:

Windows 10 Touch Screen Gesture

Better touch tool gestures download

BetterTouchTool provides similar features as the built-in finger gesture features found in Mac OS X. But BetterTouchTool includes over a hundred different finger gestures that can trigger both built-in BTT Mac actions and your own custom Mac actions, such as triggering.

The release notes are also always available via

Better Touch Tool Gestures Chart


Surface Touch Gestures

  • Some improvements for M1 Macs (in case the update doesn't work automatically on these, please download a fresh copy from
  • You can now make Caps Lock act as a 'Hyper Key' (a key that automatically presses all standard modifier keys for you). This allows you to define shortcuts like cmd+ctrl+opt+shift+A (which for sure won't interfere with anything) and still trigger them easily by only pressing Caps Lock + A.
    To achieve this just record the Caps Lock key as a shortcut and assign the new 'Act as Hyper Key' action to it.
  • Capturing the special & media keys on a keyboard and assigning actions to them is possible again (e.g. Play, Next, Previous, Eject).
  • The 'Open URL / Open URL with Selection' action now allows to select which Browser to use
  • BTT can now be set as Default Browser. This allows you to run BTT actions based on the URL/App, and e.g. forward specific URLs to specific Browsers. (E.g. always open Microsoft Teams in Edge. It also allows to implement custom logic using scripts to determine how a URL shall be handled.
    For more details see
  • Touch Bar buttons, script widgets and menubar items now support SF Symbol icons
  • Added a 'Find Image on Screen & Move Mouse' action, which let's you search for some pixels on your screen and move the mouse cursor to the found position (if any). It's currently pretty basic but if you combine that with some click actions it can make it easier to automate things.
  • The 'move mouse to position' action can now move relative to the corners of the main-screen or mouse-screen.
  • The operator used in the 'trigger menubar menu item' action will now also cycle between items if one of them is disabled.
  • Many little bugfixes.