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Best Paint Brush For Water Based Paint

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Minwax 2″ Polyurethane Blend Brush (427350008) 66 Reviews. Minwax 427350008.

  • There is no comparison. The Hamilton S feels like a yard brush compared to the Wooster Ultra Soft which is a fantastic little brush to lay off water-based primer without the tram lines left by Hamilton Perfection S. If you want to paint dead straight lines with.
  • Avoid Leaving the Paint Can Open. One of the easiest ways to avoid the thickening.

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I've been top coating some panel doors with Brewers Albany super gloss water-based white. The gloss effect is really good in parts but as it dries more quickly than traditional gloss it shows up brush strokes when you try to 'lay off' and especially where touching up over drips, which you don't notice until later. This is also made worse by the brush hairs clogging together so I'm having to use several brushes. Any suggestions please?

Thanks for the feedback. I've since noticed that working on small sections at a time gives a better finish too.


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Hi there firstly are you using the correct form of brush i.e. bristles. for water based paint or glosses it is recommended you use a synthetic bristle they do not absorb as much water and give a smoother finish. if at any time you find clogging happening on the bristles I suggest you rinse and clean the brush with clean water and make sure the brush is dry before continuing to make sure of a beautiful finish. I do hope this helps many thanks LH SERVICES


Answered 22nd Feb 2019

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Both above answer are correct.
There are a couple of additional things you can do to help yourself when using water-based gloss.
1. Dulux technical department recommend wiping the surface you are painting with a barely damp cloth just prior to painting, which helps with the flow of the paint.
2. Use 'Floetrol' paint conditioner made by Owatrol Coatings. Added to water-based paints, it gives them a much better flow and wet edge time and reduces brush marks. It makes the paint act more like an oil-based paint.

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Answered 23rd Feb 2019


Water based is just as durable and healthier to use so please keep at it. The main aspect is speed - you need to work fast so plan the job before you start. Work in sections and work quickly. Get the paint on and lay it off and then don't touch it again. If you see a drip, smooth it with a wet finger, don't try and brush it out. Always synthetic brush and match the brush size to the surface you are painting. Try thinning the paint a little with water and it might flow easier and give you a little more working time. And good luck - painting with oil is easy, water based paint takes more care and it is especially tricky to get a good finish with gloss. Even pro decorators mess up gloss because they try and use it like oil and that wont work.


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All these answers are correct but water based paint will never flow out as good as oil based. Also I think the water based has not got such a good sheen as as oil based but there are pros and cons to both


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Make sure you move the brush in one direction rather than going back and forth to avoid disturbing the wet paint you have just applied.
Working on small areas will return best results.
Ensure you do use a synthetic brush rather than a natural bristle brush. You can also use a Synth Laying Off Brush which is as it says designed for laying off and not application.
I hope that you get the results and finish that you are looking for.


Answered 23rd Feb 2019

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