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Best Paint Brush For Stencils

Have you ever stared at all the brushes wondering which one you should buy? And why are these brushes so expensive anyways? I get it! I’ve done the same thing! Lucky for you I’ve tried them all and done the research! Read on for my tips and tricks for choosing the best brush for you!

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Best Paint Brush For Stencils
Finding the best chalk paint brush will depend on the project you are using it for. ! I have tried out just about every kind of brush and system out there. I have some definite favorites. I will say with paint brushes, you get what you pay for. I tried an inexpensive set from amazon, they literally fell apart after one use.

Try to soften the paint. For water base paint best practice is to soak the stencils. For larger stencils you can roll them up and put in a drum. After 15 minutes most latex will soften and often it will peel off in sheets. You can help it with a soft nylon bristle brush. A foam paint brush is just the right tool for arts and crafts. Thick-handled styles are perfect for kids to grab onto — just keep them away from the walls.

One thing I learned early on in my DIY experience is that it’s an absolute must to use the right tool for the job. If you’re wondering how to get a smooth finish when painting, the absolute most important thing is to choose the right brush. Sometimes it’s tempting to take the easy or cheap way out, but it ends up costing you more in the long run. Specifically, I learned that if I use the cheapest, most basic paint brushes, then my paint job just wasn’t going to be as good. The coverage wasn’t as good, sometimes the job ended up requiring more coats with the cheap brushes (which translated to more time), the bristles would shed like crazy, and it truly did make a difference in my project quality. I am super picky about my paintbrushes now, and I appreciate good quality. Here are the brushes I’ve tried throughout my painting and my thoughts on each one.
BestThere are two types of bristles. Synthetic Bristle Brush - help to produce a smooth, contemporary finish and Natural Bristle Brush - produce a textured, vintage finish.
  1. Dixie Belle- Their natural bristle known as the Belle brush is of good quality and less expensive. It is also dense and thick. Its round shape provides good coverage. The tapered edge gets into every nook and cranny with one seamless stroke. The unique Belle shape allows for comfortable holding no matter how big or small the project is. The synthetic brushes are specially formulated to work with Dixie Belle paint. The nylon provides better paint release to the surface and is made of the highest quality material that provides great spring back. It helps to retain the shape of a brush. The biggest density is the fullness of these brushes that help to hold more paint and provide better paint release. It is available in lots of shapes and sizes to choose from for every project. These are my favorite brushes! You can click on the photo to order yours today!

Choosing the Right Brush for the Job

How many times have you heard that it’s important to use the right tools for the job? As a novice stenciler, I just grabbed up a variety of brushes at the local crafts store and went at it. It wasn’t until much later — once I had actually used a quality stencil brush — that I realized how much difference the proper brush can truly make. Since those early days, I’ve had the opportunity to experiment with a variety of brands, shapes, and sizes of stencil brushes. Here are the results of that research…

What are the best stencil brushes

General Tips

  • Choose good quality brushes with NATURAL bristles. Many stencil companies carry stencil brushes. If you prefer to shop locally, I also like the blue-handled Plaid Stencil Decor brushes.
  • When possible, feel the brush. Grab it around the bristles to see that they are densely packed. Swirl and pounce it on your hand and the store shelf to get a feel for the way it handles and how flexible the bristles are. Even within a brush line, there can be slight variations.

Stencil Brushes – Top Picks

Dry brush stencil paint

Overall Favorites

For general use, here are my favorite brush lines:

  • Heart of the Home Stencils

These are all good quality private label brushes. There are probably many more brands of similar quality available from other stencil designers. These happen to be the brushes I’ve used the most and have had good results with.

Round Stencil Brush

For Fabric

Whimsical Walls Stencil Brushes: The split bristles on these brushes are specially designed to hold a LOT of paint, and the domed shaped helps get in between the fibers of your fabric when you need solid, even, coverage. They are perfect for painting those canvas tote bags, aprons, etc. — I used them to stencil a multitude of black checks on a canvas room screen for a project in Debbie Mumm’s Creative Stenciling.

Shading & Shadowing

Delta Stencil Magic® Super Shader Brush: This brush has curved edges and wide flat shape that make it ideal for adding shading and creating shadows.

Dry Brush Stencil Paint

Brush Care

Stencil Brushes Set

Once you have the tools you need, try to take better care of them than I do mine, and clean them after use! When I do remember to clean my brushes, I use Murphy’s Oil Soap and a brush scrubber. This combination can even remove dried paint.

Best Paint Brush For Stencils Making

Brush scrubbers are usually available from the same Stencil Companies who offer quality brushes. Or you can just borrow one of your kids’ fuse bead pegboards, which are, as near as I can tell, simply more colorful versions of what the stencil companies sell as brush scrubbers.