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Bach E Vivaldi

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Casella, Pincherle, Engel and others have found thematic reminiscences of Vivaldi in Bach. Many are so striking that a knowledge of the source might be supposed as an absolute certainty (Ex.95). Others derive rather from a 'germ' structure belonging to the melodic style of about 1700 (Ex. Vivaldi, Antonio (1678–1741) Works. Bach, J S: Cantata BWV6 'Bleib bei uns, denn es will Abend werden' Bach, J S: Concerto for Four Keyboards in A minor (after Vivaldi), BWV1065; Bach, J S: Concerto for Three Keyboards in C major, BWV1064; Byrd: The Tennthe Pavian, Sir William Petre; Froberger: Toccata II E. The organ concertos of Johann Sebastian Bach are solo works for organ, transcribed and reworked from instrumental concertos originally composed by Antonio Vivaldi and the musically talented Prince Johann Ernst of Saxe-Weimar. Bach, Vivaldi, Tartini: Cello Concertos Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach (Composer), Giuseppe Tartini (Composer), Antonio Vivaldi (Composer), & Format: Audio CD. 4.6 out of 5 stars 5 ratings. See all 6 formats and editions Hide other formats and editions. Price New from Used from Audio CD, October 5.

Performed by Martha Goldstein (harpsichord)
Performed by Martha Goldstein (harpsichord)
Performed by Martha Goldstein (harpsichord)
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Performed by Radek Materka (piano)
Performed by Radek Materka (piano)
Performed by Radek Materka (piano)
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The Italian Concerto, BWV 971, originally titled Concerto nach Italienischen Gusto (Concerto in the Italian taste), is a three-movement concerto for two-manual harpsichord solo composed by Johann Sebastian Bach and published in 1735 as the first half of Clavier-Übung II (the second half being the French Overture). The Italian Concerto has become popular among Bach's keyboard works, and has been widely recorded both on the harpsichord and the piano.


An Italian concerto relies upon the contrasting roles of different groups of instruments in an ensemble; Bach imitates this effect by creating contrasts using the forte and pianomanuals of a two-manual harpsichord throughout the piece. In fact, along with the French Overture and some of the Goldberg Variations, this is one of the few works by Bach which specifically require a 2-manual harpsichord.

Differenza Tra Bach E Vivaldi

Bach also transcribed Italian concertos by Vivaldi and others for solo harpsichord (BWV 972–987), and for solo organ or pedal harpsichord (BWV 592–596).


The Italian Concerto consists of three movements:

The two lively F major outer movements, in ritornello style, frame a florid arioso-style movement in D minor, the relative minor.

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Bach Vivaldi Albinoni


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