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Anza Paint Brushes

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ANZA-Verimex is a result of the successful collaboration between a Belgian manufacturer of high-quality professional paint brushes and the Scandinavian market leader in professional painting tools ANZA.

The Swedish drive for innovation coupled with the local expertise both in terms of production and commercialization make us the market leader in the Benelux

These lightweight extension poles attach firmly to a variety of ANZA paint brushesand paint rollers. Extension pole connection is easily detached by pressing two buttons. A firm locking system offers tremendous improvement compared what’s on the market at this time. 620021 ANZA Super Ergnomical Handle 2 1/2 ft extending to 4 1/4 ft.

Market leader means investing heavily in:
  • Production
  • lnnovation
  • Marketing en support
  • People and know-how
  • Quality and quality conrol

ANZA products can also be ordered at our webshop by our clients.
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Anza Paint Brushes Colors

Anza Paint Brushes

Anza Paint Brushes Free


Anza Paint Brushes For Sale

  1. ANZA Elite Paint Brushes Anza Elite paint brush - very high quality, all synthetic filament gives high pickup and great coverage. ANZA Elite Felt Mini Roller Superfine felt mini roller for antifoulings, primers and undercoats.
  2. Brushes for all tasks – and all painters. Anza's broad product range offers brushes for all types of painting. Whether you are a professional painter or a do-it-yourselfer, there are intelligent, durable and easy-to-use brushes that can meet your needs and desires.
  3. ANZA Elite Brushes. The Anza Elite is a very good choice for the DIY painter who wants to achieve a really good result. Flat brushes are suitable for painting doors and woodwork. The brushes have very high paint pick-up and give great coverage.