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Anastasiy's Extension Manager For Mac


Anastasiy's Extension Manager For Mac Download

Install/Uninstall/Update/Manage all your Adobe extensions and panels easily with FREE Anastasiy’s Extension Manager 3.5! Supports all 3rd party ZXP & UXP extensions for Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Animate, Flash Pro, Premiere Pro, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, XD.


Officially recommended by Adobe!

New in v3.5:

Anastasiy's Blog - Programming, designing, painting, thinking, taking pictures and sharing tutorials. Anastasiy’s Extension Manager is an Adobe Creative Suite/Cloud extension management software application that boasts install, remove and update support. The UI is as clean as it can be since you.

Anastasiy's Extension Manager For Mac Os

  • Improved compatibility with latest Adobe Creative Cloud 2021
  • Now displays progress when downloading extension updates
  • Supports redirects when downloading extension updates
  • Better overall update support on all CC versions
  • Improved error display when Creative Cloud Desktop needs to be reinstalled
  • All made by your feedback! Please keep it coming –Anastasiy

Anastasia Extension Manager Mac


If you experience one or more of the following problems with Anastasiy’s Extension Manager in Adobe Creative Suite (2021 included):

Anastasiy Extension Manager 3.2

  • Only Photoshop is listed in the Anastasiy’s Extension Manager list (or only Adobe Illustrator)
  • Photoshop is absent on the extension list
  • Adobe extension list is empty/blank
  • Extensions don’t show up after installation on Photoshop or other Adobe Creative Cloud products (like InDesign, Illustrator or Adobe Premiere Pro)
  • Extension Manager doesn’t list your application or extension
  • ZXP extensions are not displayed in the Extension Manager after installation
  • Installation of Adobe extension failed

How Do You Use Anastasiy's Extension Manager

It’s easy to fix! First of all please make sure, you’re using the most recent version of Anastasiy’s Extension Manager – at least v3.6. Then:
1) Click File -> Reset extension list in the main menu of Anastasiy’s Extension Manager
2) That’s it! Now all Adobe products should appear and when you install new extensions (or reinstall old ones) they will re-appear on the list